Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 38.97569°N / 106.33255°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 13292 ft / 4051 m
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Waverly MountainTaken from gully on the north side of Waverly mountain between Oxford and Waverly durring retreat from thunderstorms 7-18-06


Waverly From North
Approx 13Mi round trip from Missouri TH

(will make this more accurate as I get info, GPS died en route)
Waverly mountain is an Extra Credit mountain usually done after Mount Belford & Mount Oxford.

Is it a broken peak of tire size to small car sized boulders with no real solid summit involved. If attempting this mountain be sure you will have enough time from thunderstorms to get back to Belford for a decent, When I did this mountain I was chased off early due to building thunderclouds and ended up with an almost epic by having to retreat via the gully between Waverly & Oxford (not wise!).

A fun mountain to add to your resume if Missouri is just too much to handle in one day or if (in my case) thunderstorms are looming, but your not ready to call it a day yet!.

very easy scramble to make it to, this is a neat mountain because of the eastern views of Oxford you attain.

Getting There

From the summit of Mount Oxford scramble down the east flank of Oxford over a fairly worn path past the 2 false summits of Oxford to the summit of Waverly. A very strait forward hike with no major obsacles in your way.

The ridge line is very broad and open and the false summits can be veared around so you do not need to scramble the tops of these, Class 2 at best climbing, it's the return trip over Oxford and Belford that would be the thigh burners.

Hiking time approx 20 minutes from the summit of Oxford to Waverly's choppy summit

Red Tape

Death Gully
if you must decend via the gully of Oxford and Waverly be prepared for a nasty log and boulder filled gully, it looks (pretty) on the way down... HAHA until you get there!. be carefull as myself and my partners had a few instances where a broken ankle could have easily happened due to slippery conditions

also make sure the river is not flowing hard at the base of the mountain because you must cross it to get back to the road. which leaves you a 1.9mile hike back to you vehicle from this point. In bad weather count on 4 hours to return to your car

There are no fee's to climb Waverly, Belford, Oxford, just sign the trail register at the base and as with any climbing outting leave someone your itinerary just in case


Missouri Gulch Trail Head offers primative and FS service camp sites. rings and picnic benches
(not sure of costs as when I went I just crashed in the truck in the Missouri Gulch parking lot)
Missouri Gulch also offers some beautiful camping sites that are flat and broad. some I guess about 11k of Elevation


If anyone has a better photo of Waverly I would greatly appreciate it to add as a "Main Photo" in the caption.. or any other information I would be very thankfull