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Location Lat/Lon: 49.22843°N / 20.04934°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7070 ft / 2155 m
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Woloszyn, Volosin 2155 One of the wildest High Tatra massifs, the forgotten, closed part of Orla Perc (Eagles’ Path) route (non-marked for many years).
Buczynowe and Woloszyn ridge - Polish TatrasBuczynowe and Woloszyn ridges
Long and prominent ridge spreading from Krzyzne pass(2113) to Polana Pod Woloszynem(ca.1300) separating Dolina Roztoki (Roztoki valley) from Dolina Waksmundzka (Waksmundzka valley). Woloszyn massif is a real wilderness and nowadays the whole area stays protected in borders of strict natural reservation of Polish Tatra National Park where any tourist activity is forbidden. In old times Woloszyn was the favourite area of poaching activity. The name of the peak and the whole ridge comes most probably from Valachian sheperds (XIV – XVII century, valachian migrations in Carpathians, one, specific type of sheperd’s culture widespread along Carpathians). First documented ascent(besides earlier probable ascents of poachers and sheperds): 16.08.1867 – Eugeniusz Janota, Maksymilian Nowicki and Maciej Sieczka(guide) First winter ascent: 25.01.1908 – Mieczyslaw Karlowicz and Roman Kordys


Woloszyn(2155) from Five Polish LakesWoloszyn above Roztoki valley - morning view from Five Polish Lakes
From among several summits of the ridge, two highest ones are situated in the closest neighbourhood of popular Krzyzne pass ,these are, the main summit of the whole ridge (eastern one) Wielki Woloszyn(2155) and lower (western one) closer to the pass - Maly Woloszyn(2145). Looking from Krzyzne Pass – Woloszyn ridge goes shortly to the east ,culminating in the summit of Wielki Woloszyn and then turns a bit north (north-east direction all the time) . Summits of Woloszyn ridge (from west to east): Krzyzne Pass(2113) Maly Woloszyn(2145) Woloszynska Szczerbina pass(2135) Wielki Woloszyn(2155) Wyznia Woloszynska Przelecz pass(2061) (Pol:Przelecz = Eng:Pass) Posredni Woloszyn(2117) Niznia Woloszynska pass(2036) Skrajny Woloszyn(2092) Zagonny Wierch(2039) Karbik pass(1989) Turnia nad Dziadem(1902) Towards Roztoki Valley the long massif sends numerous rocky ribs (among others SE, lateral ridge of Zagonny Wierch peak ending in impressive crag of Turnia nad Szczotami(1741) seen well from the road to Morskie Oko lake at the height of Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls.

Getting There

First of all You have to get to Zakopane town on Polish side of Tatra Mountains – very good bus and train connections with Cracow City, where the nearest international airport is located. Cracow Airport PKS Cracow – Zakopane bus departures PKP - Polish Railways connection search PKS Zakopane - buses Then, when planning climbing peak of Wielki Woloszyn your target is to reach the saddle of Krzyzne Pass(2113) – there are 2 ways of getting there by marked routes. First one is yellow marked route from Hala Gasienicowa through beautiful Panszczyca Valley, the second variant leads from Five Polish Lakes’ valley.
  • Zakopane – Kuznice Numerous bus connections (1/2 h on foot from railway station)
  • Zakopane – Palenica Bialczanska (the road to Morskie Oko lake) Numerous bus and minibus connections (25 km)
  • Kuznice(1010) – Dolina Jaworzynka - Hala Gasienicowa(1500) Yellow Marks ,5 km ,1 ½ h ,550 meters of height difference
  • Kuznice – Boczan – Hala Gasienicowa Blue marks ,5 km ,1 ½ h ,550 m of HD
  • Hala Gasienicowa – Dubrawiska – Panszczyca Valley – Krzyzne Pass(2113) Yellow Marks ,6 km ,2 ½ h ,over 700 m of HD
  • Palenica Bialczanska(990) – Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls(1100) Road ,3 km ,3/4 h
  • Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls – Roztoki Valley – Five Polish Lakes’ mountain chalet(1671) Green marks ,6,5 km ,2 ½ h ,640 m of HD
  • Five Polish Lakes’ chalet – route crossing at Czerwona Mlaczka – Buczynowa Valley(threshold) – Krzyzne Pass Blue and yellow marks ,3,5 km ,3 h ,ca.700 m of HD After reaching Krzyzne Pass You must only walk up a bit east to the top of the ridge above and there is only about 15 minutes of hiking to well seen double-summit of Wielki Woloszyn Peak(2155).
    Last ,bloody red sunset rays... At sunset at Krzyzne pass

    Red Tape

    It is Tatra National Park (TPN) area, watch out for alpine climbing and hiking restrictions. Hiking is allowed only on marked routes. Stay always respectful to mountain nature !
    Tiny rock flowers on Wielki...Primula minima tiny flowers in the rocks of Wielki Woloszyn summit

    When To Climb

    You can climb/hike all year round. Theoretically the best weather conditions: late August – October June/July frequent t-storms. In winter usually serious avalanche danger (check : TOPR – Daily Avalanche Forecast )

    Mountain Conditions

    Severe and changeable high mountain climate, be always prepared for sudden weather breakdowns. TOPR – Tatra Mountain Volunteer Rescue(Poland) Rescue Phone Number: (+48) 601 100 300 TOPR – Daily Avalanche Forecast


    Mountain chalets in the area: Murowaniec Chalet Mountain Chalet in Five Polish Lakes’ valley Stara Roztoka Chalet All these mountain chalets are open all year round. Camping in Tatra National Park is strictly forbidden.

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