Cima del tiglio

Cima del tiglio

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 45.89359°N / 8.01968°E
County: Piedmont
Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 8353 ft / 2546 m


Cima del Tiglio(2546m) belongs to the watershed between the valley of Carcoforo (Val D'Egua) and the one of Rima San giuseppe (Val Sermenza). It overtops at North Colle del Termo, an important pass crossed by the GTA route.
Despite its modest prominence in respect to the one of the more notable Pizzo Montevecchio(2789m) and Cima Lampone(2584m), Cima del Tiglio is probably the most frequented summit of this small dorsal. The small distance from Termo pass, the easy and pleasant trail and the nice view from the top make this pinnacle a good meta for a day of hiking.
The trail to Termo pass is frequented during all the seasons, it's in fact one of the classic ski mountaineering routes of the valley of Carcoforo, while the ascent from Rima during winter can be dangerous.
Tiglio is the italian for Linden tree.

Hiking to Cima del TiglioAlong the trail from Rima

Getting There

From the exit of Romagnano Sesia of the A26, the Milano-Genova highway, follow the ss299 till the small village of Balmuccia. There leave the statal road of Valsesia and take the provincial road of Valsermenza. Drive till the Rimasco village, located near the homonymous lovely impound. From here the road split in two, heading West you get to Rima (1411m), heading East you reach instead Carcoforo (1305m).

Cima Lampone and ValsermenzaCima Lampone and Valsermenza from the summit

Raching the summit

To reach the summit usually requires about 2.5 and 3 hours both from Carcoforo and Rima, with an elevation gain of 1100/1200 meters.

From Rima(1411m)
Enter the lovely Walser village at the feet of Mount Tagliaferro and reach the church. Take the small alley on the left of the church. At the end of the paved alley you find the trailhead to Colle del Termo. Follow the narrow path, smartly carved on the steep flank of the mountains, gaining pleasantly altitude till the end of the wood. The trail climbs now the steep meadows with several hairpins and finally reaches Termo pass. From the pass a steep but easy route gain the summit in 30 minutes.

From Carcoforo(1305m).
Park the car right below the village. Walk on the small asphalted road directed toward West. Before the end of the paved ground you find the crossroad for Colle del Termo. Follow the trail to the pass, first in a sparse wood of larches, then between low alders till the highest mountain settlement of Alpe del Termo(2046m). The trail reaches then Termo pass crossing the lovely meadows with nice views over the entire valley of Carcoforo. From the pass gain the summit by the easy and well marked path.


Several possibilities, for all the budgets, exist in Valsesia and in Valsermenza. A camping is located near Carcoforo.

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