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Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 7438 ft / 2267 m
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Grand summit veiw towards Rheinwaldhorn and the Leventina valley
summit view towards Rheinwaldhorn and the Leventina valley

Cima Gaggio (2267m) as seen from the trail to Albagno
Cima Gaggio (2267m) as seen from the trail to Albagno

Cima del Gaggio is located in the Italian part of Switzerland (Tessin/Ticino) and is mostly referred to as just  ‘Gaggio’. Gaggio is located on the southern tip of the Valle Leventina West Ridge. Because of the location at the border of this mountain ridge, Gaggio offers fantastic and free views towards the north, east and south.

Gaggio is mostly climbed from the south, where the Mornera cableway shortens the ascent and enables people to ascent Gaggio in a single day. From Mornera (at 1347 meters) a well-marked trail starts which heads to the small mountain hut named 
Capanna Albagno (1867m). From this mountain hut the trail leads further to the summit of Gaggio. The route is graded T3 and therefore a great destination for the (somewhat) experienced hiker. There are many variations to the standard ascent. It is possible to spend the night in the Capanna Albagno or one of the other huts in the area and climb other peaks on a multiple day outing. It is very popular to climb Cima dell Uomo (2390m), Modone di Vogorno and Pizzo di Vogorno(2442m) in one or two extra days and descent into the Valle Verzasca to the beautiful village of Vogorno, where the cold, clear green water of the Verzasca river awaits.

The large summit Cross at 2267 meters
The large summit Cross at 2267 meters

View into the valley towards Roveredo
View into the valley towards Roveredo

The small lake just above Mornera
The small lake just above Mornera

Views from the summit of Gaggio are extraordinary. Deep down in the valley (2000 meters below) you can see the capital of Ticino, Bellinzona with its famous castles. You can see the whole Leventina valley with the highest peaks of Ticino (including the highest: Rheinwaldhorn/Adula (3404m)) rising above it. Towards the south the grand lake Lago Maggiore is visible as well. Towards the east you can see the pyramid shaped Pizzo di Claro (2727m) dominating the view. Towards the west you can see Gaggio’s higher neigbours Cima dell Uomo and Cima d’Erbea.

Gaggio is a popular objective for tourists as well as locals. This is very understandable, since Gaggio offers one of the finest views of all mountains I climbed in the area.  Another  advantage is the small Mornera cableway and the opportunity to use it in the evening hours (it is works automatic outside ‘’office hours’’). We were able to enjoy the evening sun on the summit and still get down in the valley before dark using the cableway down; very recommended!

Views of Gaggio:

GAGGIO from Cima Erbea E
Gaggio from West

Gaggio from North

The summit of Gaggio in the evening Sun
Gaggio from South

Gaggio (2267m, E-face) as seen from Claro (250m)
Gaggio from East

Getting There

Overview Map Gaggio A2 Highway
Overview Map Gaggio A2 Highway

Coming from Gotthard (north) or Italy (south), drive towards Bellinzona over the A1 highway and go off
at 'Bellinzona-Nord' (see map at right)

From this point on see the Google-Map above. It shows the
directions from the Bellinzona-North exit to the Mornera Cableway station.


On our way down on the trail below Albagno
On our way down on the trail below Albagno
Summit view towards the SE with the Leventina Valley
Summit view towards the SE with the Leventina Valley

The normal route starts at the end of the Mornera cableway at 1347meters above sea level. A big yellow signpost  marks the start of the trail. The sign says: ‘’Capanna Albagno’’. It takes about an hour and a half to get there on well-marked
trails (T3). 10 Minutes from the start you’ll pass a small, but beautiful lake, which is created to take water from by helicopters in case of (forest) fires in the mountainous area.

From the capanna it is another hour and a half to the summit of Gaggio, again on well-marked trails (T3). Descent is the same way and this will take about 2-2,5 hours back to Mornera.  Gaggio is a great tour for a single-day outingSee the two maps below for the routes. Note that the essential route parts are marked in red. Click on the maps to enlarge the view!

Gaggio Route Map 1
Gaggio Route Map 1: Monte Carasso - Mornera

Gaggio Route map 2
Gaggio Route map 2: Mornera - Albagno - Gaggio

Mornera Cableway

Mornera Cableway
Mornera Cableway

Follow this link for the official page of the Mornera cableway. The Mornera cableway starts in the small village of Monte Carasso, which is located just outside the city of Bellinzona.  As mentioned above, the cableway is opened every day in the summer months between 08:00 and 17:00. The cableway runs automatically between 06:00 and 08:00 and between 17:00 and 21:30. For the exact operating hours click here.

Adress & Telephone:

I Fracc 1

CH - 6513 Monte Carasso

+41 91 825 81 88

Capanna Albagno (1870m)

Capanna Albagno UTOE (1870m)
Capanna Albagno UTOE (1870m)


View towards Cima Dell Uomo (2390m) with capanna Albagno
Cima Dell Uomo (2390m) with cap. Albagno



Telephone: +4179274 22 50

Coordinates: 717.100/120.140

Capacity: 28 beds

Opened: Only closed from 01.12 until 31.03

Website: Click Here


When to Climb

Pizzo di Claro (2727, W-Face) as seen from the trail to Albagno (1880m)
Pizzo di Claro as seen from the trail to Albagno
A visitor along the route
A visitor along the route

Gaggio can be climbed in summer as well as autumn and spring. Winter ascents can be done, but with snow present the difficulty level will quickly exceed the original T3 grading. Most people climb Gaggio in the summer months, so it's most likely to encounter other hikers on the mountain in this period. 


Hotel & Camping

Hidden Falls
Waterfall near Al Censo Camping
Bellinzona fortifications
Bellinzona & Castelgrande by Vid Pogachnik

Campings in Ticino can be found on: Camping search

Personal Favourite: Camping Al Censo, Claro
Camping Al Censo

For hotels and other places to stay:Visit the Major cities: Bellinzona, Lugano or Locarno

Maps and Books

Kompass 110 Valle Verzasca Valle Maggia

Bundes Landkarte (BLT) 276: Verzasca-Locarno-Bellinzona
Bundes Landkarte (BLT) 276: Verzasca-Locarno-Bellinzona

Kompass Map WK110  Valle Maggia ValVerzasca

ISBN13: 9783854913368

Bundes Landkarte (BLT) 276




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