Pizzo di Vogorno

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.23949°N / 8.89386°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8012 ft / 2442 m
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Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Vogorno in Autumn
Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Vogorno in Winter
Pizzo di Vogorno
Vogorno in Summer

Pizzo di Vogorno is a beautiful Pyramid shaped mountain located in the Italian part of Switzerland: Ticino. It is often called the 'Home mountain' of Locarno. Vogorno towers high above this famous city since the altitude difference between summit and city is over 2200 meters.

From Locarno the views towards Vogorno are impressive, the pyramid shaped summit can't be missed. Vogorno is the southernmost peak of the Leventina West- Ridge and is located between the Leventina valley (east) and the Verzasca valley (west). Vogorno is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the Verzasca region. The peak is named after the 'Vogorno' village located west of the 'Pizzo' in the Verzasca valley. Verzasca's big barrier lake also carries the same name: Lago di Vogorno.

The two main routes up Vogorno are graded T3/T4. The first route starts from the west in the Vogorno village. The second one starts from the east in Mornera. The route from this side includes the beautiful traverse of Cima dell' Uomo and Madone before reaching the summit of Vogorno.

Views from the summit are very worthwile. Towards the south you will see a large part of the immense Lago Maggiore curving its way into Italy. Towards the west you will see Cima dell Uomo, Madone, Pizzo di Molinera and Pizzo di Claro. Towards the east the Monte Rosa chain and other Walliser '4000ers' are visible.

Pizzo di Vogorno 2442mVogorno North-West face from the Vogorno Route (by Cyrill)

Vogorno Route

Normal route from Vogorno
On the Vogorno Route (2)
Normal route from Vogorno
On the Vogorno Route: Alpe Bardughe

The first route starts in the village of Vogorno (492m), located in the Val Verzasca. From here a marked trail leads up (at the east-end of the village) to Alp Bardughe.

At this point is a mountain hut with possibilities to spend the night.(Reservations are necessary though: 091 745 48 15 is the number to make reservations). Furthermore, the ascend from Vogorno village to Pizzo di Vogorno includes an altitude gain of almost 2000 vertical meters and is therefore quite severe. It is possible to shorten the ascend by a cablecar the starts at S.Bartolomeo (490m). For this cablecar a reservation is needed as well.( 091 745 48 15 )

From Alpe Bardughe the road leads on and via the west flank you will reach the summit of Vogorno. Here you will enjoy the views over the majestic Walliser 4000ers and the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Descend is the same way back.
-->Route is graded T4


Pizzo di Vogorno from the S
Pizzo Vogorno & Lago Maggiore


Mornera Route

Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Getting close to the summit
Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Vogorno summit at 2442m
North-West Face
North-West Face Close-Up

Vogorno & Madone

The Mornera Route is a great route that includes the traverse of another major Ticino mountain: Cima Dell'Uomo (2392m). The route starts at the
top of the Mornera cableway station. This cableway enables you to gain 1100m from the starting point in Monte Carasso, which lies close to Ticino's capital Bellinzona.

Mornera is located at an altitude of 1345m and this is the starting point for this route. From here a white-blue-white marked trail leads up to the summit of Cima dell Uomo (2392m). During this route you will pass by 'Capanna Albagno', a mountain hut that is hosted during the summer months and offers great possibilities of staying overnight if desired. Just below the summit of Cima dell'Uomo is a small, straightforward and easy scrambling part rated I,T3/T4.

From the summit the route goes on in the direction of Bochette Cazane. The route gets less clear from here but the summit of Pizzo di Vogorno is always in sight. It is as easy as walking towards the summit. Doing this you will constantly be in the 'shadow' of another peak called Madone (3995m), which separates the Cima dell Uomo and Pizzo di Vogorno mountains.

When you get close to Vogorno the routes becomes clear again. A marked path leads directly to the summit of Pizzo di Vogorno. No scrambling involved here, some hiking experience is enough to do the job. On the summit, views are amazing and make the effort of ascending Vogorno very worthwile with amazing views over the immense Lago Maggiore.
There are two options to choose from for the descent. The first is going the exact same way back. The other option is to descend back to the village of Vogorno (as described in the 'Vogorno Route' above. From here a bus line leads straight to Locorano and Bellinzona.

Route overview:
1)Mornera cableway station (1347m) – Capanna Albagno – Bocchetta d’ Erbea – Bocchetta della Cima dell’Uomo – Cima dell’Uomo (2392m).
2)Cima dell’Uomo (2392m) – P. 2222 – Pizzo di Vorgorno (2442m).
--> The route is graded T3 with some T4 parts.

Summit of Pizzo di Vogorno 2442mSummit view towards the south: Great views over the Lago Maggiore (by Cyrill)

Practical Information

Landscape by the Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Typical Swiss houses along the way
Landscape by the Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
In the forest on the way up

Climbing Pizzo di Vogorno does not involve any serious climbing and therefore is a great hikers destination. The climb is graded T3/T4

-->Good mountain boots are sufficient. No ropes etc needed.

The altitude difference from the valley floor (staring point) until the summit is quite large. The climb includes an elevation gain of over 2000 vertical meters. Therefore, a good physical condition is advised.

-->To shorten the climb there is the possibility to use S.Bartolomeo (490m). For this cablecar a reservation is needed--> ( 091 745 48 15 )

Getting There

Vogorno village

Lago & Pizzo
Lago & Pizzo di Vogorno Summer

Pizzo di Vogorno group
Vogorno Group from NW

Pizzo di Vogorno 2442m
Lago & Pizzo di Vogorno Autumn


For Mornera Route:

Coming from Gotthard (north) or Italy (south), drive towards Bellinzona over the A1 highway and go off at 'Bellinzona-Nord'
From there follow the signs Bellinzona, you cross the Ticino River and follow the signs: Mornera (cableway)

This is the official Mornera cableway internet site

For Normal Route:

Take on the A1 highway exit: Locarno, from here head towards west and follow the signs 'Val Verzasca' Driving into this valley you will automatically pass the village of Vogorno, where the route starts...

Camping/ Hotel

Camping Al Censo, Claro.
A beautiful campsite on less than half an hour drive from Verzasca.
For more info:
camping Al Censo

The nearest Hotel is in Vogorno and is named after the mountain:
Hotel Pizzo Vogorno

Local Weather

This link leads to the weather in the pizzo de Vogorno area:
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