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Created On: May 30, 2013
Last Edited On: Feb 19, 2016


Huarapasca is a rarely climbed 17,757 ft/ 5420m high mountain.  What makes it an attractive objective is that it can be climbed with a very short approach from the car.  The two principle routes are a more technical one from the south and an easier from the southeast.  The mountain can be climbed all year.

Getting There

From Huaraz the mountain is approximately 2 h car ride away.  Go south on the main road (3N) approximately 45 km, then turn east onto the dirt road of Carretera a Pastoruri for another 26 km, at the fork go left for another 7 km if you are planning on the southeast route.


The southeast route starts from the sharp bend in the road.  The bottom of the glacier is approximately 1km scramble up the gully on the rocky terrain.  Head up towards the rock face, the glacier on its left will be visible from a bit higher up.  Bellow the glacier the route traverses briefly is an approximately 20% angle snow field. First there are about 5 pitches of steeper terrain, then the glacier flattens out, followed by 2 more steeper pitches to the summit.  From the summit great views of the Cordillera Huayhuash.

When we climbed there was well consolidated snow on the whole route, all we needed was a few pickets for pro, and two tools to climb.

Unnamed Image
The route, red lines are the steeper sections
Google street view from where we parked
Google street view from where we parked

Start of the hike from the road
Unnamed Image
The road bellow from the gully
Unnamed Image
The glacier is on the left of this
crampon point
Unnamed Image
Lower part of the glacier
Unnamed Image
The lower part gets steeper soon
Unnamed Image
Nacho, myself and Nelson at the first belay
Unnamed Image
On top of the lower steeper section
Unnamed Image
Alisha is pointing the summit out from the flats
Unnamed Image
The Cordillera Huayhuash from the summit
Unnamed Image
Nacho on the summit

Note: please help with the page!

I climbed Huarapasca with Skyline Adventures.  Before the trip I researched the mountain all I could but found hardly anything.  Now I know one hair more than nothing about the mountain, but figured that sharing this very little is still more than the previous zero.  Please let me know if you could contribute to making this into a better page.  Thanks, Charlie 
PS. Thank you Buz Groshong for contributing!


If you climb from the west, plenty of camping around the lake Allpaqucha.

External Links  Skyline is an excellent climbing company, they use Huarapasca as a shakedown climb before Alpamayo climbs   Great writing about a trip in the region with a section on Huarapasca  
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