Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 45.82466°N / 114.46007°W
County: Ravalli
Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Elevation: 9355 ft / 2851 m


Getting There

Area Restrictions (Red tape)

The first 3.5 miles of this route are through National Forest before it enters the official Wilderness Area. Rules appropriate to both areas apply respectively.


There is plenty of space at the trailhead for camping. The Watchtower Creek Trail is a stock-accessible trail, so the trailhead has a good sized area dedicated to stock (unloading, grazing,…). There is also an outhouse. The creek is close so water is available.


One of the few places along the climbers' route
where there is an actual trail

South Ridge Route
This route to the summit is long and strenuous. It climbs steadily (and sometimes steeply) through some very dense woods. Portions of the woods are filled with deadfall, fortunately, most of it in places where the going is over mostly level ground.

Once above treeline, the route passes over talus boulders and a few gendarmes. With good route finding, it's possible to stay at or below Clas 3 climbing. But, Class 4 climbing is there if you want it.

Cliff Bands Traverse
Still long and strenuous, this route bypasses most of the very dense woods and all of the deadfall. It adds a great Class 3 traverse up a series of cliffs and some great views of the Watchtower Drainage you can't get anywhere else.