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Kammspitze from Stoderzinken

Stoderzinken summit

Dachstein massif from Stoderzinken

Hochgolling from Stoderzinken

Totes Gebirge from Stoderzinken

On Stoderzinken W ridge




Stoderzinken S face

The view along Enns valley

Niedere Tauern from Stoderzinken

Stoderzinken and Kammspitze

Early sunshine

Dachstein group from the south in winter

Happy holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone on SummitPost!

Looking towards Bischofsmütze ("Bishop's mitra")

Hintere and Vordere Türlspitze (2648m and 2541m) and Scheichenspitze (2667m)

Torstein (2948m) & Mitterspitz (2926m)

Scheichenspitze (2667 m)

Hochwildstelle in winter

The very rugged west ridge of Scheichenspitze (2667m)

The rugged west ridge of Scheichenspitze (2667m) in the Dachstein group


The Koppenkarstein (2865m)

Koppenkarstein from Dachstein

Dachstein north

In the valley of Riesachbach

The Dachstein plateau in mid-winter

Looking from the Dachstein group to the Hochkönig (2941 m)

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Viewing: 1-30 of 20295