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Location Lat/Lon: 46.40890°N / 14.73816°E
Additional Information Elevation: 6765 ft / 2062 m
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Velika (big) Raduha belongs to The Alps of Kamnik and Savinja. Raduha is the highest mountain of eastern part of Alps of Kamnik and Savinja. Ground composition of Raduha: trias limestone.
Raduha is one of the peaks with magnificient views all around.
Southwest view: great panorama on many peaks of Kamnik and Savinja alps ( Ojstrica, Rinke, Skuta).
West - northwest view:: 1.400 meters down below Solcava willage can be seen. Above Solcava other peaks of Slovenia and Austria can be recognized (Olseva with Potocka zijalka cave Potocka zijalka , Ojstrc-Hochobir etc ).
North view: a giant Peca mountain closes our view.
East view: a long ridge Smrekovsko pogorje (Smrekovec ridge) with nice hills Travnik (Meadow), Komen, Krnes is relaxing our eye and soul.
East to Southeast view is leading us from one wonderfull mountain to another ridge or hill. Just to mention some of them: Urslja gora (Ursula mountain), Golte-skiing centre, Mrtvi menih (Dead monk).

Raduha ridge is a long ridge that goes from SW direction NE. On SE side Raduha is covered with spruce forests with some meadows to cca.1600 m above sea level. Above that there are grassy slopes and pinetrees. On almost all meadows from both sides you can still see animals on pasture.
And the other side: NW wall is dark, cold, rocky wall with 400-500m fall. Some climbing directions exists in the wall. Really mountain with two faces. So,everybody can find his own aproach: easy or harder (climbing) one .

Besides that Raduha is covered with forests roads and paths with magnificient views: kingdom for mountain biking with easy and hard biking routes.
When there is enough snow SE slopes of Raduha are very suitable for skiing.

Getting There

Roads to starting places:
1.From Austria:folow the road from Zelezna kapla (Eisenkappel) to the Pavlicevo sedlo-saddle (closed during winter season, other seasons opened only during day time).
2.From east: drive to Mozirje, Ljubno and to Luce or Solcava.
3.From Ljubljana: drive to Kamnik, turn left. At Stahovica willage turn right to Crnivec (saddle) and Gornji grad. In Radmirje turn left to Ljubno and continue like by point 2.
4.There are some roads leading almost to the Koca na Loki (hut). You can take before or after Luce willage a road with mark Snezna jama (Snow cave) or Koca na Loki (hut) .

Routes owerview

You can start ascent from many different starting places:
North-west aproaches (harder).
You should reach Koca v Grohatu (hut) first. Two possibilities:
Koca v Grohatu 1: Two kilometers from Pavlicevo sedlo (saddle) take a Panorama road to Bukovnik-highest farm in Slovenia(1327m). Panorama street offers you a 10km journey (mostly macadam road) with magnificient views on Kamnik and Savinja alps. At Bukovnik you leave the car at park place and take the marked routh to Koca v Grohatu (30 min).
Koca v Grohatu 2: From Solcava foot path to Bukovnik and Koca v Grohatu (3h).

From Koca v Grohatu two main paths leading to the summit:
Route 1: From Koca v Grohatu you can take easiest (but not easy) path to the summit of Raduha. You leave the forest and pass some meadows.At crossing turn left to Durce (Small doors). You are under the Raduha NW wall. You must pass some crumble, with wire and wedges secured places. You came to the Durce (Small doors) and to the summit ridge of Raduha. Turn right and soon you are on the top (ca.1h 45min.).
Remark: during my last visit of Raduha I saw that path is modificated. Because I went in another direction I can not describe or estimate a new path. From far it looks easier than before. Old path is closed, a new descent start is few 100 meters away, in direction Lanez. October 2011
Route 2:From Koca v Grohatu you can take ferrata (more than #1) to the summit of Raduha.You leave the forest and pass some meadows.At crossing turn right. Soon you are under the wall of Raduha. Path is secured with wires and wedges, but on some places you need to use your power. You came out from wall almost at the top (ca. 1h 30min.).

South-east aproaches (easier).
You should reach Koca na Loki (hut) first. Three possibilities:
Koca na Loki 1: From Dom na Smrekovcu via Krnes, Komen and Travnik.Wonderfull path on the ridge of Smrekovec.Path is leading you through forest and on meadows. Easy and peacefull walk with great surroundings (5-6h).
Koca na Loki 2: From Luce through forests to Koca na Loki . Easy walk (2,5h).
Koca na Loki 3: From Luce With car + 10 min. to Koca na Loki.Easy walk.

From Koca na Loki three paths are leading to the summit:
Route 1: From Koca na Loki take right path through pinetrees to open slopes. You came to Durce (Small doors) and to the NE part of the ridge of Raduha. Soon you are on the top (1,5h).
Route 2: From Koca na Loki take centre path through pinetrees to open slopes. You will came to the summit at the end of path.Path is full of biger stones. During rainy day or at high humidity path can be very slipy - take care. To the top 1,5h.
Route 3: From Koca na Loki take left path. Over meadow Arta (close to Snezna jama - Snow cave) you will reach most SW edge of Raduha ridge. Path is now leading you almost all the time on ridge to the summit (2h).

Red Tape

No limitation. Raduha is not in any national park, but you must take care about nature.

When To Climb

Raduha is accessible (specially from SE) at every time of the year.


Not realy needed, huts are not far from summit. But, I guess that there is no problem to pass the night in the tent somewhere on a grassland. Of course you should take care about nature (waste, fire etc).

Mountain huts:
Koca na Loki (hut): 1534m. Tel:++386 (0)41/593-889, ++386 (0)41/968-022
Koca v Grohatu (hut): 1460m. Tel:++386 (0)41/417-951

Mountain Conditions

For weather see here.

Maps: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe (Kamnik and Savinja Alps);Planinska zveza Slovenije 1:50.000

Snezna jama - Snow cave

Need to be seen: If you are at Raduha you need to visit Snezna jama (Snow cave). Snezna jama it`s ca.30 minutes of comfortable walk away from Koca na Loki.

It`s a cave with temperatures +2 to -2°C all the time. Many interesting things : malgonit (cave milk), ice sculptures, special personal ilumination. Visits are arranged with local guide every two hours from 9 to 17.

The shortest approach is by the road, which passes Koca na Loki, and then from the parking place 10min uphills.

For more Information look Snezna jama - Snow cave

Miscellaneous Info

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Vid Pogachnik

Vid Pogachnik - Aug 20, 2006 12:49 pm - Voted 10/10


Hi, Rok! After many years I finally went again on Raduha. And I'd have a few suggestions: 1. I would put the chapter of Snezna jama as a separate chapter, not just 'Miscellaneous Info' chapter. I found it a real attraction, which deserves some more description and stress. The shortest approach is by the road, which passes Koca na Loki, and then from the parking place 10min uphills. 2. Your times for the two ascents from Grohat are quite short. I know, they are the same in Ficko's guide book. But on the other hand, at Grohat hut the inscription for the route over Durce says 1h 45min and for the direct route over the N face 1h 30min. As from the hut you have 600m to the top, and also by the direct route you don't go only directly up, I think 1h 45min and 1h 30min are good estimates for an average mountaineer. We were late and were walking fast, but still needed 1h 30min from Bukovnik farm. 3. Snezna jama (Snow Cave) is not only a few minutes away from Koca na Loki. It's a 30min comfortable walk. Perhaps I'll remember something more. Cheers! Vid


rokaj - Jan 1, 2007 9:15 pm - Hasn't voted


Hi, Vid. Soory to say. Only today (already year 2007)I noticed you remark. And honestly said, I was many times on Raduha, but never in Snezna jama. So, I will use your recommendations I considered your remarks, even it took me less time. But we went quite fast. An average time is as you mentioned. Thanks and sorry again for last response. p.s. I must visit Snezna jama once. :-(

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