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Page Type Jun 29, 2003 / Jun 29, 2003
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Perfect for the vertical or mixed ice climber who demands cutting edge performance. The Mako's ideal Trident point spacing and optimum secondary point angle combine to produce a crampon capable of tackling the steeps whether you're a beginner or advanced climber.
Weight: 1.02 kg (2 lb 4 oz), size large. Lacerator Kit: 150 g (5.3 oz) pair


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STW - Feb 6, 2004 10:04 pm - Voted 1/5

Untitled Review
I found these to be awful crampons. It seems that BD must have found that also to be the case, since they've been discontinued and replaced by the new Bionic model. This is hard for me to say, because in general, I'm a big BD fan.

The triple point idea on the Makos blends all the disadvantages of narrowly-placed dual points (like the prior generation BD Switchblades) without the advantages of mono-points. So, they don't climb hard ice or mixed as well as a mono; but, they also don't climb soft ice or alpine as well as widely-spaced horizontal front points. In my opinion, they do nothing truly well.

So, if you see these cheap on sale somewhere, stay away. They really aren't worth it. Shell out a few more bucks for the new BD Bionic crampons; or go for the Grivel Rambos/RamboComps or even the Trango Harpoons. All of these are a lot better than these Makos.

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