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We’re all completely psyched on leashless climbing. It’s easier, more fun, much more fluid and, most of all, it’s put the fun back in to pillar climbing. Our Madame Hook and Headless Hook were the first tools of the kind which allow you to switch out grips, straight for scaredy-cats and alpine climbers, and leashless for the masses. Leashless has evolved into two very distinct disciplines however: pillar cruisin’ like we all love, and the steep, overhanging mixed climbing that’s so loved by the climbers with sponsorship contracts.

The Mantis is a no-hold-barred, full-blown, over-the-top mixed climbing machine. On those steep climbs, when you’re just hanging on by the tip of your picks, even the slightest change in the angle of pull can cause the placement to blow resulting in the loss of your sponsorship contract. The solution is the Zero-Degree grip featured on Mantis. By extending the upper grip out in front of the shaft, there is little or no change in the angle of pull when you change your hand position so your pick will stay put while you climb the shaft.

The Zero-Degree grip is also the first grip manufactured using urethane handhold technology. By molding the material around an aluminum core we’ve obtained a durable, grippy and warm handle to hang on to. The leading edge of the lower grip is shaped with a slightly rounded sharp edge to make it easier to hang on to with an open hand, and the upper shaft has a patch of grip-tape right where you need it. The Mantis carries on with the tradition established by the ‘Hooks by allowing you to change grips: The Mantis with the Straight Grip is one of the lightest tools on the planet. Of course, there is complete interchangeability between all of the Trango tools.

Complete set includes both grips and a Clutch Leash.


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