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These crampons are designed for steep ice. Drop-forged horizontal and vertical front points kick in no matter how steep the terrain gets. Nickel and chromoly front points provide shear-resistance and excellent penetration. Front point orientation can be changed or made asymmetrical and worn front points can be changed. Crampon structure is totally rigid with side rail construction for a stable, vibration-free platform.



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EthanV - Mar 26, 2002 10:45 am - Voted 5/5

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I have been really happy with the Rambo's. I bought them originally for more technical stuff, but have used them much more for general mountaineering and I agree with the other guy, as long as you have anti-balling plates, these baby's are fantastic. Besides, the secondary points offer an additional bit of security when front pointing that most hinged or semi-rigib crampons don't have. These aren't the best for extended flat glacier travel as they are completely rigid and as such not the most comfortable for just walking. As indicated above, you really have to mess with the fit to your boot to get the heel piece just right. Also, plan on wearing a very stiff boot. If not adjusted perfectly, the flex of a less stiff boot caused them to pop off on me once (fortunately it was not on technical terrain). All in all, these things are fantastic!!!

Vinny - Jul 10, 2002 8:01 am - Voted 4/5

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Love these 'pons but apparently the improvement of the toe bail is rather important, must update mine one of these days which is apparently covered as a recall by Grivel.

No problem with them popping off.

I did find that by cutting the spacers in order to bring the front points siginificantly closer, performance on tech ice is superior. I haven't noticed any disadvantage (I was afraid of breaking more ice).

hmronnow - Aug 17, 2003 1:01 pm - Voted 5/5

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I find these crampons great for ice climbing with a stiff boot. Unlike a previous reviewer, I find they fit very well under my Koflach plastic boots. Note, I have the almost straight version. There exist also a more asymetric version. Bring your boots when choosing.

For glacier walking, I prefer more flexible models, but if the trip includes both water-ice and glacier I carry the Rambo.

Con: Do not let anyone in your party know that you carry equipment named after the only 80s icon that has not seen a retro-revival.

HeMa - Jan 5, 2004 4:11 am - Voted 4/5

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Thus far I have used these babies mostly on waterfall ice and added a bit of mixed / drytooling. I also have used em with dual- and mono-frontpoints, and the mono's rock.

These do ball-up very much if you don't have an antiballing plate, but a lot of ducktape does the same jobs (just it lasts only about one long trip).

For never lightweight asymmetric boots the straight frame isn't that nice, but you can make these a bit asymmetric but putting the two backbolts offset (by one hole) to create a slight curve at the back. With the modification these fit my Trango Extreme's like a glove.

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