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Object Title: G-14

Manufacturer: Grivel

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Created/Edited: Jan 14, 2003 / Jan 14, 2003

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An evolution in the species. Our G-14 crampons combine the technical performance of forged, vertical frontpoints with the low profile, collapsible frame of the G-12 to make an altogether fresh, modular, and customizable crampon suited to many climbing disciplines. Our success and experience with the Rambo crampons reinforces the validity of forged points: they penetrate hard ice better, with less vibration, and offer the opportunity to combine vertical and horizontal axis. Front points are simple to configure on the G14, allowing the user to build mono or dual point crampons and replace worn points easily. The low profile of the crampon frame places the climber's foot closer to rock or ice, and is less prone to balling up. At last, alpine climbing crampons with the technical performance of their ice and modern mixed counterparts.



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NYC007Untitled Review

Voted 5/5

these are by far the best all around crampons on the market. They have mono or dual front points with the rest the same as the classic G-12. I have used this on alpine terrain and waterfall ice and they worked great. If you can only get on crampon check this one out. they are truley SWEET. They front point great, french great and so on. check out the review in climbing which it rcvd editors choice..
Posted Feb 21, 2003 10:01 am

jeffnUntitled Review

Voted 4/5

I bought a pair and put them on for a trip up the East Ridge of Logan and didn't take them off for 12 days. They performed well on everything from Class 4 rock to blue ice with plenty of 40-60 degree snow in between. I got the Newmatic binding and was a little concerned that it wouldn't be as stable as a toe welt binding but it is. I can't tell the difference and they fit over Overboots better. One complaint is the anti-balling plate is only 2 cm wide between the heel and toe portions of the binding. This section took a beating when transitioning from Rock to Snow. I suggest re-enforcing it with duct tape prior to use. The bindings did not ball up at all with the plates in place.
Posted May 30, 2004 10:44 am

Ed FUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

These are fantastic all around crampons. They work well for both general mountaineering and vertical ice. You can turn them into a mono for vert ice.

If you can't afford two pairs of crampons for different medium, then buy these.

Posted Jun 12, 2005 12:16 pm

morceauxTop of the range

Voted 5/5

These crampons are absolutely perfect for allround use.
I use them on a rigid high mountain boot (Meindl SuperCrack). Firmly fits on the boot, thanks to its very strong binding system (Cramp-o-Matic). The semi-rigid construction allows freedom of movement on firn and glacier, perfectly holding on the steps.
Also very stable for ice climbing, the front teeth bite into ice as knife in the butter.
The antibott absolutely prevents balling up.
Posted Jan 29, 2007 10:36 pm

I like it on topExcellent

Voted 5/5

These are excellent all around crampons. Work well for mountaineering and very good for vertical ice. Antibott plates keep snow out.
Posted Oct 2, 2007 4:08 am


Hasn't voted

excellent all around crampons. easy to adjust, easy to walk in, easy to carry - even do well on steeper ice.
Posted Jan 5, 2011 9:45 am

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