Provence ranges

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Location Lat/Lon: 43.52890°N / 5.44540°E
Additional Information Elevation: 6263 ft / 1909 m
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Zone not considered to be part of the Alps, delimited at the West by Rhone River, North and east by the Alps.

You won't find very high summits there -all are less than 2000m High- but they are lots of possibilities for Mountainers like climbing, hiking and biking.
Climate is one of the best you can find in Europe, It is hot and dry in summer but not to cold in Winter, There are only 80 raining days per year.
Main raining period is essentially in October-november and march when bad wheather comes from SE. In summer the FIRE RISK is high and some places are not access-allowed.
Some of the places are quite and without inhabitants but big towns and coast proximity can give classical violence against tourists cars or stuff.

Getting There

Ventoux Lure range

From West to east

Dentelles de Montmirail 732m Coord: 5.07843 , 44.13208
Mont Ventoux 1909m Coord: 5.2858 , 44.17654
Montagne d'Albion 1414m
Lure - Sommet de Larran 1379m
Lure - Le Tréboux 1535m
Lure - Sommet de l'Homme 1637m
Lure - Sommet de Lure 1826m Coord: 5.77812 , 44.12308

Climbing sites:
Saint léger du Ventoux

Luberon range

From West to east

Petit Luberon - Tête des Buisses 619m
Petit Luberon - Hautes Plaines 719m Coord: 5.17799 , 43.80356
Petit Luberon - Rocher des 11 heures 629m
Petit Luberon - Pré de Roustan 714m
Grand Luberon - Sommet du Mourre Nègre 1125m Coord: 5.42072 , 43.81694
Grand Luberon - La Groupatassière 782m
Signal de Villemus 779m Coord: 5.71632, 43.8526
Pétavigne 666m Coord: 5.76988, 43.84864
Les Espels 663m Coord: 5.78327, 43.85211
Pimayon 730m Coord: 5.80799, 43.86102
Montagne de Volx - Bellevue 791m Coord: 5.8128, 43.87934
Notre Dame de la Roche 584m Coord: 5.84541, 43.89616

Climbing sites:
Buoux . Coord: 5.36716, 43.82388

La Montagnette

Le Rocher Troué 162m Coord: 4.73923, 43.86696

Alpilles range

Alpille range From West to east

Mont Valence 235m
Sommet des Baux 268m
Sommet de Glanum 313m
La Caume 389m Coord: 4.85115, 43.75894
Les Opies 365m


Aix en Provence Mountains

La Trévaresse 501m Coord: 5.39669, 43.61073
Montagne des Ubacs 699m Coord: 5.61401, 43.5784

Sainte Victoire summits : Coord: 5.64457, 43.5376
Montagne Sainte Victoire - Croix de Provence 948m
Montagne Sainte Victoire - pic de Saint Antonin 973m
Montagne Sainte Victoire - Sommet central 1010m
Montagne Sainte Victoire - Pic des Mouches 1011m
Montagne Sainte Victoire - Oratoire de Mallvert 778m

8b level climbing at Sainte Victoire

La Citadelle 723m
Barre du Cengle 480m Coord: 5.56732, 43.50299

Le Regagnas 715m
Mont Aurélien 776m Coord: 5.76508, 43.44943
Mont Olympe 619m


Marseille Mountains

Chaine de l'Estaque 245m Coord: 5.20718, 43.36762

Chaine de l'Etoile Chaine de l'Etoile - Grande Etoile 590m
Chaine de l'Etoile - Pilon du Roi 670m Coord: 5.45437, 43.4058

Garlaban 730m

Chaine de Saint Cyr- Mont Saint Cyr 609m
Chaine de Saint Cyr- Mont Carpiagne 646m Coord: 5.4681, 43.25971

Marseilleveyre 432m Coord: 5.36819, 43.22294
Massif de Puget les Calanques 564m Or this link
Cap Canaille 362m Coord: 5.56114, 43.19366
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Tête de Roussargue 749m
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Roque Forcade 932m
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Pic de Bertagne 1041m
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Saint pilon 994m
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Joux de l'Aigle 1116m
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Sommet 1147m Coord: 5.79906, 43.33192
Massif de la Sainte Baume - Le Mourre d'Agnis 1147m

Climbing sites:
Les Calanques Coord: 5.43961, 43.21493

Accomodation arround Aubagne
Camping arround Aubagne

Accomodation arround Sainte Baume
Camping arround Sainte Baume

Accomodation arround Mediteranean coast
Camping arround Mediteranean coast

Toulon Mountains

Le Gros Cerveau 429m
Cap Sicié 358m Coord: 5.84644, 43.05258
Mont Caume 801m Coord: 5.89005, 43.16036
Baou de 4 Oures 576m
Le Croupatier 534m
Mont Faron 584m Coord: 5.9285, 43.14859
Grand Cap 783m
Barre de Cuers 570m Coord: 5.0339, 43.26546

Hauts plateaux

Plateau de Vaucluse 750m-1000m Coord: 5.45815, 44.06193
Plateau de Puimichel 750m-950m Coord: 6.0363, 43.97058
Plateau de Valensole 500m-750m Coord: 6.01707, 43.81818
Plan de Canjuers 900m-1100m Coord: 6.32263, 43.69866
Plateau de Saint Julien 500m-600m Coord: 6.07475, 43.58835

Haut Var Mountains

Gros Bessillon 813m
Puy de la Sigue 809m
Le Grand Blé 691m Coord: 5.96901, 43.65595
Le Grand Bois 690m Coord: 6.05003, 43.61421
beaumort 622m Coord: 5.80353, 43.53561
Séouve 606m
Mont Major 587m

Massif des Maures

South part: Coord: 6.35353, 43.2327
North part: Coord: 6.51077, 43.34915

Notre Dame des Anges 781m
La Sauvette 779m
Cros de Mourons 673m
Sommet de la Verne 648m
Roches Blanches 636m
Colle Dure 537m
Peigros 531m
Les Pradels 528m
Sommet de Saint Martin 510m
Saint Preire 416m
Castel Diol 355m
Cabasse 352m

Massif de L'estérel

Coord: 6.8026, 43.51519

Mont Vinaigre 618m
Le Marsaou 548m
Le Tanneron 519m
Pic de L'Ours 496m

Basse provence lakes

Lac de Sainte Croix (Verdon) Coord: 6.18908, 43.7701
Lac de Quinson (Verdon) Coord: 6.08231, 43.72025
Lac d'Esparron (Verdon) Coord: 5.94292, 43.73737
Lac de Carcès
Lac de Saint Cassien Coord: 6.80964, 43.58549

Red Tape

Fire is forbiden in summer.
Access to some mountains or forests are forbiden when fire risk is to big.
Mostly climbing not allowed during summer period due to fire risks

Camping hotels restaurants chambres d'hotes

Nice villages

Mountain Conditions


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