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Location Lat/Lon: 42.50575°N / 19.77578°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 7185 ft / 2190 m
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If you ask some good knower of Montenegrin PROKLETIJE range, "Which peak offer the most beautiful view to Montenegrin Prokletije?", he will tell you for sure - "Trojan!". Montenegrin Prokletije has two peaks which offers amazing summit panoramas and really incredible views. That are Rosni Vrh (Maja Rosit, 2524 m) and Trojan (2190 m). Maja Rosit offer impressive view to central (Albanian) part of Prokletije range, while Trojan is the the best viewpoint-peak of Montenegrin Prokletije and peaks above Grbaja Valley area.

TrojanThe large massif of Trojan (2190 m)

The large massif of Trojan's ridge stretches in direction N-S and is situated on the Montenegrin-Albanian border. Trojan is placed on the W from Gusinje town. Trojan's massif has three peaks: Mali Trojan (1922 m), Trojan (Veliki Vrh, 2190 m) and Poboden Kamen (Guri Kul, 2120 m). Trojan got its name from the word "Trojstvo" which means "Unity of the three peaks, three summits".

Summit View

The summit of Trojan (2190 m) offer many breathtakingly summit views and panoramas. On one side, you can enjoy in beautiful view to KOMOVI range, while on the other side you can admire to impressive Karanfili Group which dominate behind the green Volusnicka Dolina valley, which make a fantastic contrast between the greeny meadows and high rocks of Karanfili peaks.

Trojan summit viewPROKLETIJE range from the summit of Trojan

NW: KOMOVI range (2487 m), DURMITOR range (2523 m), MORACKE PLANINE range (2226 m), BIOC range (2397 m), Maglic (2388 m)

W: KUCKA KRAJINA range (2184 m)

E: Bogdas (Marijas, 2533 m), Bogicevica (2366 m)

NE: Hajla (2403 m), Visitor (2211 m), Zeletin (2112 m), KOPAONIK range (2017 m)

S: Maja Shnikut (2554 m), Maja Koprishtit (2475 m), Maja Lagojvet (2466 m), Maja Shkurt (2499 m), Vojusa (2210 m)

SE: Karanfili (2460, 2490, 2441 m), Karanfili Ljuljasevica (2290 m), Forca (Maja Fortit, 2340 m), Ocnjak (2185 m)

Karanfili from TrojanImpressive Karanfili (2460, 2490, 2441) from Trojan

Routes Overview

Route: Dom Grbaja (Grbaja Hut, 1160 m) - Volusnica katun (1680 m) - Chafa Pass (1870 m) - Trojan (2190 m): 5h

Height difference: 1030 m
Duration: 5h
Trail: Marked

ACCESS: 12 km on the road from Plav to Gusinje, and than 7 km more to Grbaja Valley. This mountain valley is a former glacial riverbed, surrounded by the peaks of Vezirova Brada, Podgoja, Ocnjak, Karanfili, Volusnica and Karaula.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: The marked trail starts at the "Dom Grbaja" (1160 m, Grbaja Hut), near the military watchtower and then through a beech wood to the plateau and Volusnica Katun (1680 m)(shepherd hut). It is a glacial cirque and the katun is rich with water. The Volusnica Brook is formed from melting snow and a waterfall, and flows to Grbaja Valley. Near the Volusnica katun markers goes in two directions, one to the left to Volusnica (1879 m) peak and one straightaway to the Popadija (2057 m) peak. Continue your path to Popadija peak, walking on path on steep slopes on right side of Volusnica Valley, going on left side by waterfall, active during spring and summer.

Volusnicka Dolina valleyIn the Volusnicka Dolina valley

Qafa e Pejes passQafa pass

After that go to Chafa Pass (1870 m) from where you should descend to the bottom (1500 m) of Popadija. After that, go left entering the forest. After going out from the forest you'll entry in the next forest. After forest's exit the path slowly goes up on the left side of Bistracica and then again entry in one more forest, through which you can walk about 10 minutes. After that you'll reach roundly valley, from where the path goes down through the beautifully pine trees.

From here you can use a two choices - to go left on the rocky path through the famous Trojanska Vrata (Trojan's Door, 1950 m)(Suplja Vrata), or to go right to the old parts of Karaula building.

First way go through Trojanska Vrata natural window, to the left away from pine trees. After 10 minutes the path leads on the open place without any trees and then reach the summit of Trojan (2190 m).

Second way going from the old parts of Karaula building to the west, away from pine trees on the left side. After that the path crossing two-three roundly up-down places coming on vasty plateau and then goes on the border ridge. Try to walk on the left side of the border ridge. Soon you'll reach the summit of Trojan (2190 m).

This tour is tipical hiking tour and is used as preparation for other, more difficult tours in this part of the Prokletije mountain range.

Getting There

View to TrojanLarge massif of Trojan from the slopes of Volusnica

Gateway to PROKLETIJE and Trojan (2190 m) peak are Plav and Gusinje towns and Grbaja Valley. Information how to get there:

By Plane
~To Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro capital) airport. Than with plane to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, or with bus or car to Plav town.
~To Podgorica airport. Than with bus or car to Plav town and after to Gusinje town.

Information about flights find on the sites of JAT Airways, a former Yugoslav airlines, or on Montenegro Airlines.

By Bus
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Plav

By train
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Bijelo Polje. Than with bus or with car (rent a car) to Plav and Gusinje.

By car
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Kraljevo-Novi Pazar-Plav-Gusinje.

Gusinje town and Plav town (in Montenegro) are the main destinations you would head first. In Gusinje you can buy everything (food, shampoo, soap, clothes,... and many other things), all what you need for a few days of trekking and climbing inside of Prokletije massif.

Gusinje - Grbaja Hut (Grbaja Valley): 7 km
15 min by car, 90 min by walk


Grbaja HutGrbaja Hut

The best options for camping before/after the climbing of Trojan (2190 m) peak are two mountain huts:

1. Planinarski Dom "Branko Kotlajic" (also known as "Dom Grbaja", ownership by PD "Radnicki" Mountain Club from Beograd/Belgrade, Serbia,

2. Planinarski Dom "Karanfil" (ownership by PSD "Karanfil" Mountain Club from Gusinje)

Also, you can rent a rooms in Plav and Gusinje towns and stay there. For the orientation - Gusinje Grbaja valley - 7 km distance. By car - 15 minutes, by walk with big rucksack - 1.30h.

Red Tape

You're in border country and you can ask for military permits to visit certain (Albanian) parts of the range, where is placed Trojan (2190 m) peak. In the police station you can get information about the permits, but Trojan peak can be also reached without any permits.

Weather Conditions

4 times daily METEO INFO for PROKLETIJE range - Plav town on VREME YUBC NET.



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