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Location Lat/Lon: 42.51486°N / 19.77756°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 7251 ft / 2210 m
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Maja VojusitVojusa (Vojusit, 2210 m)

When you enter into beautiful Grbaja Valley, in the heart of Montenegrin PROKLETIJE, your attention will attrack one impressive peak on the right side. That's Vojusa-Vojusit (2210 m). This peak is placed at the and of Grbaja Valley, on the W from Volusnica (1879 m), on the E from Presto-Maja Kaprishtit (2554 m) and Maja Shkurt (2499 m), on the N from Forca (2340 m), on the NW from Karanfili (2460 m, 2490 m, 2441 m), Karanfili Ljuljasevica (2290 m) and Ocnjak (2185 m), on the S from Popadija (2057 m). Most impressive side of Vojusa (Vojusit) is its E/SE side which proudly dominates above Grbaja Valley.

Summit View

Vojusa (Vojusit)Vojusa (Vojusit) from Volusnica (1879 m)

The summit of Vojusa (Vojusit, 2210 m) offer many beautifully and impressive views. For sure, the most impressive are views to Karanfili (2490 m) and to Presto-Maja Kaprishtit (2554 m). Also, you can enjoy in wonderful scenery of long Grbaja Valley.

W: Presto-Maja Kaprishtit (2554 m), Maja Shkurt (2499 m)

E: Volusnica (1879 m)

S: Forca (2340 m)

N: Popadija (2057 m)

SE: Karanfili (2460 m, 2490 m, 2441 m), Karanfili Ljuljasevica (2290 m), Ocnjak (2185 m)

Getting There

Prokletije peaks above Grbaja ValleyProkletije peaks above Grbaja Valley

Gateway to Prokletije and Karanfili peaks are Plav town and Gusinje town and Grbaja Valley. Information how to get there:

By Plane
~To Beograd (Belgrade, Serbian capital) airport. Than with plane to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, or with bus or car to Plav town.
~To Podgorica airport. Than with bus or car to Plav town and after to Gusinje town.

Information about flights find on the sites of JAT Airways, a former Yugoslav airlines, or on Montenegro Airlines.

Vojusa from Grbaja ValleyVojusa (Vojusit) from Grbaja Valley

By Bus
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Plav

Vojusa from Grbaja ValleyFrom Grbaja Valley

By train
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Bijelo Polje. Than with bus or with car (rent a car) to Plav and Gusinje.

By car
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Kraljevo-Novi Pazar-Plav-Gusinje.

Gusinje town and Plav town (in Montenegro) are the main destinations you would head first. In Gusinje you can buy everything (food, shampoo, soap, clothes,... and many other things), all what you need for few days of trekking and climbing in heart of Prokletije massif.

From Gusinje town you can go deeper in Prokletije massif through two valleys - Grbaja & Ropojana. Distance Gusinje - Grbaja valley: 7,5 km, (2 h of walking with big rucksack (backpack).

Routes Info

In Grbaja ValleyIn Grbaja Valley

ROUTE: Grbaja Hut - second meadow of Grbaja Valley - Vojusa meadow (1600 m) - Vojusa (Vojusit, 2210 m): 3h

The path start from the mountain hut in Grbaja Valley, from where it continue to the end of second meadow (1185 m) of the valley. From there path leads to the right into the the forest, continue belowe the wall of Volusnica (1879 m) and than to the left below the cliffs in another forest. When you come out from the forest you'll stay on Vojusa Meadow (1600 m) which is mostly Albanian. Here is border zone between Montenegro and Albania and you must have permission for enter to Albania. Finally, the path leads to Vojusa (Vojusit, 2210 m) summit rigde which is the border line between Montenegro and Albania.


Mountain hut in Grbaja...Hut in Grbaja Valley

Optimal place for stay and camping in the Montenegrin part of Prokletije range are "Branko Kotlajic" Hut and "Karanfili" Hut, both placed in Grbaja Valley. The owner of "Branko Kotlajic" Hut is "Radnicki" Mountain Club from Belgrade/Serbia). Exist possibility for getting a key of that hut and stay there. Information: e-mail:, . The owner of "Karanfili" Hut is "Karanfili" Mountain Club from Gusinje town.

Also, you can rent rooms in Plav and Gusinje towns and stay there. For orientation - from Gusinje till Grbaja valley is 7 km distance. By car - 10 minutes on asphalt road, by walk with big rucksack - 2 hours.

In Grbaja valley, in Montenegrin part of Prokletije, exist mountain hut (owner of this hut is "Radnicki" Mountain Club from Belgrade/Serbia). Exist possibility for getting a key of this hut and stay there. Information: e-mail: vodic@beotel.yu One member of Radnicki Mountain Club living in Gusinje town and he have also a key of this hut.

Red Tape

East face of Vojusa (Vojusit)E side of Vojusa (Vojusit) from Grbaja Valley

You're in border country and will have to ask for military permission to visit border area of Prokletije where is placed Vojusa (Vojusit, 2210 m) peak. The military permission you can get in Gusinje town and in Plav town.



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