Velicky Stit

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Location Lat/Lon: 49.17407°N / 20.13588°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7605 ft / 2318 m
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Velicky Stit /Slov/- Wielicki Szczyt /Pol/- Feler Spitze /Ger/- Felkai- csucs /Hun/.
Velicky Stit is located in the main ridge of the Tatras between Litvorovy Stit /2413 m/ and Vychodna Vysoka /2428 m/. It is considered as a part of Gerlachovsky Stit Massif.

Velicky Stit has three ridges:
  • east- to Pol’sky Hreben- main

  • west- to Velicke Sedlo- main

  • north- a short secondary ridge

Východná VysokáVelicky Stit and surrounding peaks

The piramidal shaped peak rises above three valleys:
  • Litvorova Dolina

  • Svistova Dolina

  • Velicka Kotlina

The first two valleys are a upper part of Belovodska Dolina, the latter a part of Velicka Dolina.

First known ascent: August Otto and Pavel Csizak /guide/ in 1897.
First winter ascent: K. Fodor and L. K. Horn in 1909.

The view from the top is very interesting. Because of the fact that it’s the lowest peak in this area of main ridge of the Tatras higher peaks look really majestic.
Niznie Rysy among dancin  cloudsNiznie Rysy
Vychodna Vysoka(2428) - High TatrasVychodna Vysoka
Mlynar from Velicky StitMlynar


Velicky Stit might be called a ‘peak for nobody’. The normal routes are too difficult and forbidden for normal tourists. On the other hand Velicky Stit holds no routes for serious climbing. You can find some climbing routes above Litvorova Dolina but they are rather unpopular. Much more interesting routes is established on nearby Rumanov Stit, Ganok, Diva Veza or Gerlachovsky Stit.

Two normal routes leading to the summit of Velicky Stit are a part of famous Martinovka.

From Pol’sky Hreben
The more popular and easier options is to take the ridge from Pol’sky Hreben. Acces to the pass is easy and leads on marked paths. Approach from the south is shorter and goes through Velicka Dolina.
In Velicka ValleyIn Velicka Dolina- Velicky Stit in the background

It takes 4 hours from Tatranska Polianka. Overnight possibility at Sliezsky Dom /1671 m/. Approach from the north is longer and there’s no huts but Belovodska Dolina is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatras. From Lysa Pol’ana: 4,5- 5 h.
Ridge of Velicky StitOn the ridge
Martin s RouteDiagonal crack
Ridge of Velicky StitOn the ridge

From Pol’sky Hreben follow the description of Martinovka.
It’s an easy scrambling, graded 0+/I depending on the variant you take.
From the pass turn west. Follow the right side of the narrow ridge on loose scree and when the ridge becomes wider stay on it. The first rocky step climb up trying to stay on the egde, not bypassing on the left, grassy side /dangerous/. After that part take diagonal crack on the smooth slab on the right side of the ridge and then follow it to the next rocky step: climb up staying a little to the left. From the top of the step easy to the summit of Velicky Stit.

From Litvorove Sedlo
Approach is the same as for Pol’sky Hreben via Velicka Dolina.
Leave the marked path above Dlhe Pleso. Go through the scree slopes passing little lakes called Horne Velicke Plieska. Enter a shallow couloir and follow reaching the pass. From there you may tak an easy hike to nearby Litvorovy Stit /2413 m/, 10 minutes. 2,5 h from Sliezsky Dom, without difficulties /0/.
Belovodska Valley from the...View from Kacacia Valley

Another option to reach Litvorove Sedlo is to go via Kacacia Dolina. Go by the trail through Belovodska Dolina and leave the marked path in the point where the trail crosses the Litvorovy Stream, above the threshold of Litvorova and Kacacia Dolina. Go through the bushy bottom of Kacacia Dolina passing the beautiful Zelene Pleso. Go round the lake /east/ and then up on the scree bottom of Kaciaca Dolina. In the upper part of the valley enter the very crumbly Litvorovy Zlab.
On Litvorove SedloOn Litvorove Sedlo
Descent from Velicky StitDescent from Velicky Stit
Martin s RouteRappel from the summit

Follow it to the Litvorove Sedlo /often snow, even in summer/. 6-7 h from Lysa Pol’ana, easy /0+/.
From Litvorove Sedlo follow the description of Martinovka /in opposite direction/.
The first part is easy, the difficulties begin at the last part. Choose the direct variant, more strict to the ridge /II/ or with some bypasses /I/. Serious exposition. Rope is recommended, espcecially while descending by this route /rappel possibility/.
Martin s RouteThe ridge between Litvorovy and Velicky Stit

Getting there

Two starting points are Tatranska Polianka /or nearby cities and villages/ or Lysa Pol’ana.

From Slovakian side
Nearest airport is in Poprad: flights from Bratislava, Prague or Vienna. From Poprad by bus/train or car to Tatranska Polianka. About 10 km. To Lysa Pol’ana is a little bit further /about 30 km/ and you can go there by bus or car using a beautiful road called Cesta Slobody /Freedom Road/.
Buses and trains.
A good site showing the timetable and connections by buses and trains.

From Poland
Nearest airport is in Cracow. From there by car/bus/train to Zakopane: about 100 km.
Train- english. HERE
Buses: HERE

From Zakopane into the direction of Morskie Oko by bus or car.
Buses timetable.
In high season there’s a lot of private buses. To Lysa Pol’ana: about 25 km. Here starts the approach from the north. To reach Tatranska Polianka take a bus or drive your car further- onto the direction of Strbske Pleso: 40 km from Lysa Pol’ana, 65 km from Zakopane.

Accommodation/ camping

Sliezsky Dom
The nearest hut is Sliezsky Dom.It’s rather a mountain hotel with prices aprropriate to the standard...

adres: Chalet Sliezsky dom, 059 82 Tatranská Polianka, Slovak Republic, EU
telephone: ++421-52-4425261
fax: ++421-52-4425202

There is several possibilities to reach the hut:
  • Tatranská Polianka – green-marked trail, 2,5 h- the shortest and most logical approach

  • Tatranské Zruby - blue/yellow/green marked trails, 2,5 h

  • Starý Smokovec – yellow/green marked trails, 3 h- a variant of the first one

  • Hrebienok – red-marked trail, 2 h- using Tatranska Magistrala

  • Chata Popradské Pleso – red-marked trail, 4 h- using Tatranska Magistrala

Zbojnicka Chata
Other possibility is to get to Zbojnicka Chata situated in upper part of Vel’ká Studená Valley. From there go through the Prielom Pass /2288 m/ and reach Pol’sky Hreben. The hut is opened all year round.

adres: Zbojnícka chata, 062 01 Starý Smokovec, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia
telephone: ++421 903 638 000 or +421 903 619 000

Few possibilities to reach the hut:
  • Starý Smokovec – green/red/blue-marked trail, 4 h- the shortest and most logical approach

  • Hrebienok – red/blue-marked trail, 3 h- using Tatranska Magistrala

  • Teryho Chata – yellow-marked trail, 3h- through Priecne Sedlo /2352 m/

  • Lysa Pol’ana – blue-marked trail , 6 h- through Belovodska Dolina and Prielom Pass /2288 m/

Camping is strictly forbidden.
Plenty of overnight possibilities either in Tatranska Polianka and nearby Stary Smokovec and Strbske Plieso or Lysa Pol’ana. Some options you may find here.

Red tape

Velicky Stit is located in TANAP- National Park. You must obey the rules.
In the Slovakian part of Tatras tourists may use only the marked trails so they must hire a licensed guide to climb Velicky Stit. Members of Alpine Clubs may go offtrails but you have to use an ascending route of minimum UIAA III grade.
There’s a strange situation with Velicky Stit: according to the rules of TANAP you are not alowed to climb it from Pol’ky Hreben as a target itself but using Martinovka and climbing Velicky Stit as a part of the route do not collide with the restrictions...
Be sure to have valid identity card from your Alpine Club.
Litvorove Pleso lake from Velicky StitLitvorove Pleso from Velicky Stit

Detailed inf you may find at Gerlachovsky Stit main page and Furkotsky Stit.


Gerlach massif from northVelicky Stit and and Gerlachovsky Stit Massif

Pol sky HrebenRidge from Pol'sky Hreben

On Slovakian side: HZS
Starý Smokovec 23, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry
phone: 052/4422820,
fax: 052/4422855,
mobil: 0903624869

On Polish side: TOPR

ul.Piłsudskiego 63a
34-500 Zakopane
phone.: (+48) 18 2014731
fax : (+48) 18 2015560
Emergency number (+48) 601-100-300

When to climb

The best time to visit Tatras is summer. Marked trails in Slovakian Part during the wintertime /November, 1 to June, 15/ above the huts /exception: Chata pod Rysmi which is closed in winter/. In winter be preapred for a serious alpine conditions and high avalanche danger.

Mountain conditions:
Current weather: Stary Smokovec
Weather forecast for High Tatras: HERE
Avalanche situation in Slovakia: HERE
Avalanche situation in Poland: HERE

Note Despite the fact that Velicky Stit is located completely in Slovakia have a look at situation in Polish part of Tatras when you choose the north side of Velicky Stit.

Additional info

For other info about the area see tha main page of Vysoke Tatry.



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