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Matthew Holliman
Summit block on Mt. Clarence King

Matthew Holliman

Male, 41 years old

Union City, California, California, United States

Power = 363 (Vote Weight = 93.17%)

Occupation: Aspiring climbing bum

Website: http://www.snwburd.com/matthew/

Matthew Holliman: Peakbagging, trad climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, trail running, backpacking, stupidly long dayhikes

Partner Details: Always looking for partners for moderate technical routes in the Sierra... leading up to about 5.6 or so, following to about 5.8.

A Few Words: "Our nature hikes have become grim death marches." - Lisa Simpson

I'm always looking for partners for technical routes in the Sierra, please see my SP plans and partners page for details.

Upcoming outings (tentative):
12/8-12/9: Depends on rain/snow. Maybe North Yolla Bolly/Chanchelulla (Trinity NF); Red/Middle/Granite (Trinity Alps).

2007-2008 fall/winter/spring wishlist:
Tahoe: Pyramid/Agassiz/Price; Jacks; Rubicon/Jakes/Emerald/Phipps; Ellis/Twin; Martis; Hawkins/Pickett; Silver/Highland; Reynolds/Raymond/Reba; Sweetwater traverse/Desert Creek
Lassen NP: Lassen (NW Face)/Chaos Crags
Bay Area: Junipero Serra/Pinyon; Kandlbinder/Ventana Double Cone
Death Valley area: Stewart/Pahrump; Manly/Needle
Northern NV: Arc Dome/North Shoshone Peak/South Shoshone Peak/Desatoya Twins/Mt. Jefferson/Sherman Peak; King Lear/Star
SoCal: Cuyama/Lizard Head/Caliente; Iron-Baldy traverse
San Gabriels canyons: Bee Canyon/Laurel Canyon/Royal Gorge
Sierra: Kaiser/Givens; McGee/Aggie; Hurd
Desert: Baboquivari Peak, Weavers Needle, Castle Dome Peak, Signal Peak

Climbs on my 2008 wishlist:
Northern CA: Ycatapom Peak, Sawtooth Mtn
Sierra: North Pal-Sill traverse, Mt. Sill (Swiss Arete), Temple Crag (Venusian Blind), Mt. Whitney (East Face), Feather Peak (Feather Couloir), North Peak (North Couloir), Morgan Pass-Cox Col traverse, Matthes Crest traverse, Charlotte Dome (South Face), Cathedral Peak (SE Buttress)/Eichorn Pinnacle

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Member Since Dec 2, 2002, Last Active: Dec 9, 2017

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My Images
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My Areas & Ranges (2)
Ansel Adams Wilderness (Sierra Nevada)
John Muir Wilderness (Sierra Nevada)
My Mountains & Rocks (44)
Mount Ansel Adams (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Stanford (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Devils Crags (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Cerro Castellan (Big Bend National Park)
Pico Piloto (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Church Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Jeff Davis Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Wedding Cake (Klamath Mountains)
Graveyard Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Disappointment Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Stewart (Great Western Divide)
Eagle Scout Peak (Great Western Divide)
Finger Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Tunemah Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Foerster Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount McGee (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Pettit Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Volunteer Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Pico Blanco (California Coastal Peaks)
Broken Finger Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Gray Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Granite Peak (Gerlach, NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Davis (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Johnson (John Muir Wilderness)
Cartago Peak (Southern Sierra)
Spanish Needle (Southern Sierra)
Electra Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Deerhorn Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
North Guard (Great Western Divide)
Taylor Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Rockhouse Peak (Domeland Wilderness)
Rodgers Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Tunnabora Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Piute Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Tower Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Black Hawk Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Tenaya Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mercur Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Fletcher Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Bartlett Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Sonora Peak (California County Highpoints)
Red Lake Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
My Routes (46)
East Face (Mount Ansel Adams)
North Ridge (Sawtooth Peak)
South Ridge (Mount Stanford)
East Face (Mount Stanford)
East Face (Cerro Castellan)
Southwest Face (Mount Diller)
Northwest Arete (Church Dome)
South Face (Jeff Davis Peak)
From Canyon Creek Lakes (Wedding Cake)
From Graveyard Lakes (Graveyard Peak)
Machete Ridge traverse (Old Original) (Pinnacles, Gabilan Range)
North-South traverse (Tresidder Peak)
South Face (Mount Gayley)
NE Couloir and NW Ridge (Broken Finger Peak)
West Ridge (Gray Peak)
Southwest Side (Granite Peak (Gerlach, NV))
East Slopes from Cartago (Cartago Peak)
North Ridge (Spanish Needle)
Northeast side (Electra Peak)
Northeast Ridge (Florence Peak)
Southwest Slopes (Florence Peak)
Northeast Buttress (Deerhorn Mountain)
Starr's Route (Mount Goddard)
Northeast Ridge/Face (Merriam Peak)
West Ridge (Taylor Dome)
East Face (Rockhouse Peak)
NE Chute/Ridge (Rodgers Peak)
SE Ridge (Rodgers Peak)
West Slope from Bishop Pass (Mount Agassiz)
NE Ridge from Seavey Pass (Piute Mountain)
NW Chute (Tower Peak)
South Ridge (Virginia Peak)
North Slopes (Black Hawk Mountain)
SE Ridge from Mosquito Pass trail (Black Hawk Mountain)
East Slope (Bartlett Peak)
West Slope (Bartlett Peak)
Four Summits (Mount Diablo)
Southwest Ridge (Red Lake Peak)
East Slope (Lembert Dome)
Southwest Chute number 1 (Thunderbolt Peak)
My Trailheads (4)
Devils Postpile (Clyde Minaret)
Agnew Meadows (Mount Ritter)
Rush Creek (Rodgers Peak)
Isberg Pass (Isberg Peak)
My Logistical Centers (1)
Eastern Sierra (Ansel Adams Wilderness)

My Gear Reviews (1)
Orinoco Water Purifier (Water Treatment)

My Plans
Eastern Sierra - moderate technical routes (Bishop -- After Jun 01, 2006)
Climber's Logs I've Signed (373)
Areas & Ranges (1)
Mountains & Rocks (370)
Mount Stanford (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Wittenberg (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Devils Crags (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Charybdis (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Black Giant (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Jordan (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mitchell Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Cotter (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Gardiner (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount McDuffie (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Old Man Mountain (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Diving Board (Yosemite National Park)
Red Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Griffith Peak (Spring Mountains)
Charleston Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Lee Peak (Spring Mountains)
Mummy Mountain (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Fletcher Peak (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Aries Butte (Zion National Park)
Junction Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Barnard (John Muir Wilderness)
Thor Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Cerro Castellan (Big Bend National Park)
Emory Peak (Big Bend National Park)
Toll Mountain (Big Bend National Park)
Lost Mine Peak (Big Bend National Park)
Casa Grande (Big Bend National Park)
Mount Bradley (California's Highest 100 Peaks)
Granite Peak (Klamath Mountains)
Round Top (San Gabriel Mountains)
Folly Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Miller Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Muah Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Mount Elwell (Sierra Nevada)
Echo Ridge (Yosemite National Park)
Skinner Peak (Southern Sierra)
Pico Piloto (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Burnt Peak (Transverse Ranges)
Avawatz Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
New York Mountains (California Desert Peaks)
Kingston Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Waterhouse Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Iron Mountain #2 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Sunset Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Signal Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Anderson Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Donner Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Snow Valley Peak (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Davidson (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Long Ridge (California County Highpoints)
Nevado de Colima (Zapotepetl) (Mexican Volcanoes)
Andesite Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Church Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Jordan Peak (Great Western Divide)
North Maggie Mountain (Southern Sierra)
La Calle (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Pico Cuauhtémoc (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Copete de las Aguilas (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Cabeza de Sapo (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Triple Divide Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Lion Rock (Great Western Divide)
Echo Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Blacksmith Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Parsons Peak (California County Highpoints)
Windy Peak (Red Rock Climbing)
McFarland Peak (Spring Mountains)
Bonanza Peak (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Hiram Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Folger Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Black Kaweah (Great Western Divide)
Needham Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Sawtooth Peak (Great Western Divide)
Pico Perico (Mountains of Nuevo León)
Arrow Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Powell (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Piute Mountain (Inyo-White Mountains)
Sheep Mountain (White Mtns) (Inyo-White Mountains)
Mount Darwin (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Dozier Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Schofield Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Haystack Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Mercur Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
North Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Norman Clyde Peak (Palisades)
Mount Morgan (N) (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Gabb (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Thielsen (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Bachelor (Cascade Volcanoes)
Three Fingered Jack (Cascade Volcanoes)
South Sister (Cascade Volcanoes)
Fox Mountain #2 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Black Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Black Mountain (Inyo-White Mountains)
Colosseum Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Rabbit Peak #1 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Granite Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
San Gabriel Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mt. Disappointment (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Lowe (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Markham (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Wilson (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mt. Lawlor (San Gabriel Mountains)
Sunday Peak (Southern Sierra)
Smith Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Adams Peak (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Shields Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Little Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lamont Peak (Southern Sierra)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Matterhorn Peak (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Mount Lamarck (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Hoffmann (Yosemite National Park)
Clouds Rest (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Dana (Yosemite National Park)
Cathedral Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Emerson (John Muir Wilderness)
Condor Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Timber Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mescalito (Red Rock Climbing)
Sawtooth Peak (Southern Sierra)
Morris Peak (Southern Sierra)
Mount Davidson (California County Highpoints)
Three Sisters (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Marion Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Scodie Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Rogers & Bennett (California Desert Peaks)
Castle Dome (Castle Crags)
Markleeville Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Jeff Davis Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Josephine Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Jubilee Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Nopah Point (California Desert Peaks)
Pyramid Peak (Death Valley) (California Desert Peaks)
Umpah Point (California Desert Peaks)
Edgar Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Fountain Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Tollhouse Rock (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Pine Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Wedding Cake (Klamath Mountains)
Graveyard Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Disappointment Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Clark Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Turtlehead Peak (Spring Mountains)
Lady Mountain (Zion National Park)
North Guardian Angel (Zion National Park)
Angels Landing (Zion National Park)
Moapa Peak (Southern Nevada)
Muddy Peak (Southern Nevada)
Frenchman Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Lone Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Black Velvet Peak (Red Rock Climbing)
North Peak (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Bridge Mountain (Red Rock Climbing)
Homers Nose (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Lowrey (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Kern Peak (Southern Sierra)
Keynot Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Mount Inyo (Inyo-White Mountains)
Chocolate Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Stewart (Great Western Divide)
Echo Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Eagle Scout Peak (Great Western Divide)
Finger Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Tunemah Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Seven Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
Isberg Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Foerster Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Madera Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Panamint Butte (California Desert Peaks)
Jobs Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Jobs Sister (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Clarence King (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Columbia Finger (Yosemite National Park)
Mount McGee (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
North Palisade (California County Highpoints)
Starlight Peak (California 14ers)
Thunderbolt Peak (California 14ers)
Mount Starr (John Muir Wilderness)
Pettit Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Volunteer Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Hilgard (John Muir Wilderness)
Midway Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Milestone Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Mount Ritter (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Middle Palisade (California 14ers)
Mount Gayley (Palisades)
Temple Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Columbine Peak (Palisades)
Isosceles Peak (Palisades)
Clyde Spires (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Spire Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Tuolumne Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Thompson Peak (Klamath Mountains)
Mount Hubris (The Ogre) (Castle Crags)
Drury Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Pico Blanco (California Coastal Peaks)
Mount Gibbs (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Corcoran (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount LeConte (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Harrington (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mammoth Rock (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Crystal Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount McAdie (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Irvine (John Muir Wilderness)
Black Mountain (Virginia Lakes Trailhead)
Montgomery Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Boundary Peak (Nevada) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Wheeler Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lone Pine Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Telescope Peak (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Kennedy Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Molo Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Relief Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Snow Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Mount Shasta (California County Highpoints)
Mount McLoughlin (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mokelumne Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Smith Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Starr King (Yosemite National Park)
Gray Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Pinchot (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Devils Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Dade (John Muir Wilderness)
Stevens Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Skyline Slabs (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Job Peak (NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Tule Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Granite Peak (Gerlach, NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Cardinal Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
White Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Ryan Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
San Jacinto Peak (California County Highpoints)
Cornell Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Strawberry Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Eagle Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Four Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
LeConte Point (Yosemite National Park)
North Chalone Peak (Pinnacles, Gabilan Range)
Butterbredt Peak (Southern Sierra)
Mount Davis (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Five Fingers (Southern Sierra)
Tohakum Peak (Lake Range (Nevada))
Pyramid (Lake Range (Nevada))
Mount Johnson (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Vaca (California County Highpoints)
Mount Wallace (John Muir Wilderness)
Cucamonga Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Mallory (John Muir Wilderness)
Cirque Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Langley (California 14ers)
Goodale Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Koip Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Tom (John Muir Wilderness)
Laurel Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Florence Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Ragged Peak (Yosemite National Park)
San Bernardino Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Bernardino East Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Anderson Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Jepson Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Gorgonio (California County Highpoints)
Mount Russell (California 14ers)
Mount Carillon (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Ralston Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Flagpole Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Goddard (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
San Joaquin Mountain (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Brewer (Great Western Divide)
Alta Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Abbot (John Muir Wilderness)
Dragon Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Palisade Crest (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Winchell (Palisades)
Mount Haeckel (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Goethe (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Mills (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Maclure (Yosemite National Park)
Bloody Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Independence Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Wynne (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Split Mountain (California 14ers)
University Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Highland Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Mount Julius Caesar (John Muir Wilderness)
Merriam Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Kearsarge Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Sill (California 14ers)
Mount Goode (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
North Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Cloudripper (John Muir Wilderness)
Black Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Conness (Yosemite National Park)
Red and White Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Granite Chief (California County Highpoints)
Trojan Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Cartago Peak (Southern Sierra)
Tunnabora Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Spanish Needle (Southern Sierra)
Electra Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Deerhorn Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
North Guard (Great Western Divide)
Taylor Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Rockhouse Peak (Domeland Wilderness)
Basin Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Twin Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Dunderberg Peak (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Mount Lola (California County Highpoints)
Mount Gilbert (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Olancha Peak (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Excelsior Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Basin Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Morgan (S) (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Morrison (John Muir Wilderness)
Castle Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Freel Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Rose (Nevada) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Tallac (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Dicks Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Mount Tamalpais (California County Highpoints)
South Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Fin Dome (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Rodgers Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Leavitt Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Disaster Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Merced Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Humphreys (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Gould (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Agassiz (Palisades)
Piute Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Tower Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Stanislaus Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Whorl Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Virginia Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Stanton Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Black Hawk Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Mount Silliman (Lodgepole)
Tenaya Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Muir (California 14ers)
Mount Tyndall (California 14ers)
White Mountain Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Thompson (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Bear Creek Spire (John Muir Wilderness)
Banner Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Fletcher Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Vogelsang Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Lyell (California County Highpoints)
Unicorn Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Bartlett Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Pyramid Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Mount Saint Helena (California County Highpoints)
Mount Manuel (California Coastal Peaks)
Rose Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mission Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Sonora Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Diablo (California County Highpoints)
Cone Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Junipero Serra Peak (California County Highpoints)
Red Lake Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Ventana Double Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Round Top (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Red Slate Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Routes (1)
Observation Point (Zion National Park)
Logistical Centers (1)
Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center (Yosemite National Park)

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