Croda Negra / Punta Gallina

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Croda Negra / Punta Gallina
Created On: Aug 29, 2011
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Croda Negra / Punta Gallina
Croda Negra / Punta Gallina

Croda Negra or Punta Gallina is the more westerner of the mountains of the massif of Averau. It's a matter of a small ridge that offers a short walk since the Paso Falzarego that can be combined with the ascent to Nuvolau or Averau because the routes goes across Forcella Averau (2,435m), the col between Croda Negra and Averau. The views pans are very interesting and it possesses a path well indicated to the top for which is also ideal for a more rested day in our holidays in Dolomites after climbing other big summits and you want to climb some peak with less people than Nuvolau.

Two routes to the summit:

-from passo Falzarego (2,117m): across path #441 turning to South (path #422) and after to East to climb it. The path #422 follows to Forcella Averau across the East side and for this reason is most advisable for the descent.

-from col Gallina (2,054m): across path #419 to forcella Averau (2,435m) turning to path #422 to the East side of the peak.

If you don't want to follow to other summits is evident that's better to climb across the first option returning across the path #441.

Getting There

Passo Falzarego (2,117m) is at West of Cortina d'Ampezzo with good signals in the road. You reach a first pass call Col Gallina (2,054m) where's near the refugi col Gallina but it's better to follow to the true pass, the Passo Falzarego (2,117m) where's the refugi Falzarego.

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Red Tape

The parking is busy in summer but generally you don't have any problems to park. The mountaineers can climb the peak even after a little of rain but it's not advisable for hikers in wet conditions because the path is exposed.


-Mountains huts:
Rifugio Col Gallina, 2,054m.
Rigugio Valparola, 2,168m.
Rifugio Lagazuoi, 2,752m

You have a lot of campings in the area, you can find some in the links:

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Cortina d'Ampezzo

Croda Negra / Punta Gallina

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