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Created On: Aug 25, 2008
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FluchthornView down the allalin glacier
WeisshornWeisshorn and Allalin Pass

The Fluchthorn (3795m) is situated amid the splendour of the Mischabel

Group of the Pennine Alps in the beautiful Valais Region of Switzerland.

Dwarfed by the 4000+ m Strahlhorn, Rimpfischorn and Allalinhorn

summits the Fluchthorn is often ignored by climbers eager to climb its

loftier neighbours.

However, as acclimatisation peak, or training peak to hone glacier skills,

or if the weather is unfavourable on the higher peaks; the Fluchthorn

offers a pleasant relatively safe snow /ice climb.

Care, however, should be taken as there are a number of large crevasses on

the Allalin Glacier. Also, route finding in the mist can be problematic.

There are good views throughout the route with impressive glacier scenery

on the approach to the summit.

There are wonderful views of the Weisshorn, down the Allalin Glacier to

the Weissmies Group and to the distant Bernese as well the neighbouring

Strahlhorn, Rimpfischorn and the Allalinhorn.

The panorama from the summit is breathtaking.

The mountain is best approached from the Britannia Hut from Saas Fee.

Getting There

Britannia HutBritannia Hut
Saas Fee

The Saas Valley is easy to reach with good rail and Postbus links from the airports.

From the railway station at Brigg or Visp take the regular Postbus service to Saas Fee.

Britannia Hut

The Britannia Hut is normally reached by taking the cable from Saas Fee to

Felskin (2989m) and then following the marked Alpine way to the Britannia

Hut SAC (3030m) approximately 30min.

Red Tape

No Red Tape as such but some red snow.......!

FluchthornFluchthorn and a sand covered Allalin Glacier


The Britannia Hut (3030m) SAC
Tel.: (+41) 028.572288, 113 beds

View from Fluchthorn

External Links and Maps


1:50000 Swisstopo No 5006 Matterhorn Mischabel

Saas info. Weather and Live web cam



The normal route (F+/PD-) starts from the Britannia Hut and descends west

down to the Hohlaub Glacier initially following the normal route of the

Strahlhorn onto the Allalin Glacier skirting under the Hohlaubgrat of the

Allalinhorn and then toward the east wall of the Rimpfischorn.

Once the glacier flattens out beneath the Allalinpass, leave the normal

route of the Strahlhorn and head east/south east heading to the southern

most point of the rock outcrop at point 3451m.

From here either head south skirting beneath the west slopes of the

Fluchthorn to the Fluchtpass (3724m) and then on to the summit.

Alternatively from point 3451m,if conditions are favourable, ascend the

North Slopes of the Fluchthorn on snow/ice to about 40 degrees.

The Fluchthorn can also be climbed during the ascent of the North East

Ridge of the Strahlhorn (AD).

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Mauntainfreak - Jan 7, 2016 4:22 pm - Hasn't voted

Climbing with skis

This photo was taken climbing the Fluchthorn with the skis (click it to enlarge):

In the photogallery you can see the photos of the trip.

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