Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.06014°N / 7.93796°E
Additional Information County: Saas Fee
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 10072 ft / 3070 m
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Rimpfischhorn and Allalinhorn Rimpfischhorn and Allalinhorn

Klein Allalin is a small summit next to Britannia hut (3.030 m). You have a great view to the Mischabel group (Dürrenhorn, Nadelhorn, Lenzspitze, Dom, Täschhorn). Strahlhorn, Rimpfischhorn and Allalinhorn is vis-à-vis. You can see the ascend route to Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn (normal route) and to Allalinhorn via Hohllaub ridge. You also have a great view to storage lake Mattmark, to Monte Moro pass and to Stelihorn. On the other side of the valley you have a great view to Weissmies and its complete ascent via SSE-ridge, to Lagginhorn, Fletschhorn and Jegihorn. Far away you see the Bernese Alps.  

View to Weissmies, Lagginhorn, Fletschhorn, Jegihorn Weissmies, Lagginhorn, Fletschorn, Jegihorn

Getting There

Britannia hut On the way to Britannia hut and Klein Allalin

From Britannia hut in 10 minutes to the summit (from 3.030 m to 3.070 m) Route to Britannia hut: Route 1 Saas Fee - Felskinn - Egginerjoch - Chessjengletscher (45' from Felskinn) Route 2 Saas Fee - Plattjen - Wandflue - Heidenfriedhof - Chessjengletscher (2 h from Plattjen) Route 3 Saas Almagell - Zer Meiggeru - Mälliegge (4 h from Saas Almagell) To Saas Fee you get by car from the north: via Lötschberg and Visp the south: via Furka or Simplon and Visp Distances to Saas Fee: Basel 210 km Bern 112 km Brig 38 km Zürich 246 km Milano 250 km Frankfurt 550 km Munich 650 km Saas Fee is free of cars. There is a big parking store at the beginning of the village where you have to leave your car. By public transport you reach Saas Fee: by train from Zürich to Brig in 3 hours from Frankfurt to Brig in 6.15 hours from Milano to Brig in 1.45 hours by bus from Brig and Visp (1 time per hour)


Britannia hut Britannia hut

You can sleep at Britannia hut with 134 sleeping places. The hut is one of the most modern huts in the Alps, renovated a few years ago. The meal is very good and it is a great place to stay - with a great view around!

Other great summits around:

You can combine climbing Klein Allalin with some other great tours, f.e. 1. Egginer 3366 m Difficulties starting with III Time: 2 - 4 1/2 h 2. Strahlhorn 4190 m Technical easy alpine tour. Time to the summit: ca. 5 h 3. Fluchthorn 3790 m It lays before the Strahlhorn and is a great Ski tour. Time to the summit: ca. 3 1/2 h. 4. Rimpfischhorn 4198 m A great combined alpine tour (PD+ or via North ridge AD) Time to the summit: ca. 6 1/2 h 5. Allalinhorn 4027 via Hohllaub ridge (PD+) Time to the summit: ca. 3 1/2 h 6. Alphubel 4206 m After reaching the summit of Allalinhorn via Hohllaub ridge (PD+) Time to the summit: ca. 7 h

Reaching Klein Allalin

There are 2 possibilities: 1. Across the West flank by hiking on steep trails. You can take the way which you think is best. From the sattle where Britannia hut is you need about 15 minutes to the top. 2. Across the east or south-east flank: The east flank is difficult rock with a lot of grass and is not recommendable. The south-east flank is of better quality but there is also grass in the flank. So it is quite dangerous when it is wet. Rock difficulty: starting with IV. But there are some other nice climbing routes in this area (f.e. Egginer) with rock of good quality which should be preferred. So I recommend Klein Allalin as hut summit when you accomodate at Britannia hut or when you make the hiking tour from Felskinn to Plattjen.