Germer Peak

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Germer Peak
Created On: May 3, 2006
Last Edited On: May 7, 2006


Germer Peak is located in the Boulder Mountains of central Idaho.

Germer Peak is furthest north peak in the Boulder Mountains. It is located just south of Challis and across the mighty Salmon River from the massive Bald Mountain in the Salmon River Mountains. It towers over the entrance to a very rugged portion of the state- the infamously dangerous Highway 75 between Challis and Stanley.

The dominant type of terrain in the area is rounded, forested peaks and gentle rolling hills. Germer Peak is the outlier with a very steep, barren appearence. Its incredibly rocky slopes and almost desert-like feel makes for an interesting scramble.

At its steepest, Germer Peak's west slopes drop a dizzying 2,500', or about 1/2 of a mile, in less than 3/4 of a mile.

Because of its location downwind of extensive mountain ranges and its proximity to the prominent Bald Mountain, Germer Peak recieves very little precipitation. The valleys below recieve about 8-10 inches of snow and rain annually, the least in the state, the summit probably recieves little more. While Bald Mountain recieves copious amounts of snow on a consistent basis.

Although not proven, striped rock formations, at the mouth of Germer Basin are very reminescent of a Fault Block Range such as the Lost River Range nearby. It may be possible that this area may be starting to stretch and uplift due to an underground fault.

The Germer Basin and Germer Peak, even though located near a highway, are not easily accessed. In fact, few know of this special little place guarenteeing isolation and solitude if visiting.

Getting There

For the most direct access from Challis, Idaho, drive south on US-93 until shortly reaching the junction with Idaho-75.

Take Idaho-75 roughly 8 miles until reaching the turnoff for the Bayhorse Creek Road. Park here.

Red Tape

For the direct route provided on this page, a short section of trespassing is required. This is Idaho and trespassing on private property is not recommended. Enter at your own risk.

If approaching from Stanley region, be prepared for numerous rockfall along the highway in the presence of any precipitation.


There is plentiful room for camping along the Bayhorse Road nearby.

There are also three designated campgrounds along Idaho-75 from Challis to Stanley.

External Links

For local conditions on Germer Peak check out these following sites.

For a great 7-day forecast head to the NOAA Poinpoint forecast

If inquiring for local information try the helpful Idaho Outdoors Forum

And for avalanche conditions during winter, the Sawtooth Avalanche Center will provide the most detailed descriptions of anywhere.

Germer Peak

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