Hochschrutte (Plattberg)

Hochschrutte (Plattberg)

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.44498°N / 10.84196°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7372 ft / 2247 m
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Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Hochschrutte (right) and the northern rockfaces as seen from Kramerspitz ascent

Daniel , the highest Ammergau Alps peak, is the eastern culimation point of a 7 km long, west - east running ridge, the southernmost ridge of the Ammergau Alps. In the center of this ridge is Plattberg, also called Hochschrutte, a broad and high peak, the second highest of Ammergau Alps, the south side of the summit zone built up with broad and huge rock slabs - they gave the name Plattberg - the north side instead a nearly perpenicular rockface, dropping down dramatically to Pitzen valley.

As Daniel attracts most of the hikers in this southern Ammergau chain the other summits of this ridge like Hochschrutte tend to be less crowded. Most trails to the top are not very well maintained and marked. Plattberg and the neighbouring summits still are a sort of insider tip as is the complete traverse of the chain from Zinggerstein / Kohlbergspitze to Daniel - an epic but beautiful.

In early springtime with good snow condition Plattberg is an interesting ski tour. If there is enough snow in february and with some sunny days you get excellent corn snow slopes down from Plattberg.

Most of the south slopes of Hochschrutte are free of snow in april or may. So Plattberg is an interesting hike from springtime to November / December, depending on the amount of early winter snow.

But to my opinion the clear and still warm autumn days are best for summiting. Plattberg is an excellent lookout and there are nice meadows near the summit for a long nap in the warm autumn sun while the dry gras around you whispers good bye to the last summer ........................

Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Plattberg summit
Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Plattberg west ridge scramble
Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Plattberg east ridge scramble

Getting There

Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Hochschrutte as seen from Pitzenegg

Main trailheads are

  • Lermoos

  • Lähn

  • Wengle and

  • Bichlbach,

  • all located in the valley south of the Daniel chain alongside road number 179 of Austria.

    You reach these villages

    from Munich

  • by using highway A 95 and road number B 2 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, then

  • road number B 23 to the German - Austrian border and road number 187 to Lermoos,

  • start at Lermoos or contiunue on road number 179 to the other trailheads.

  • from Innsbruck / Sankt Anton

  • by using highway A 12 (toll sticker) to the exit Stams / Haiming, then

  • road number 189 to Nassereith and 179 to Fernpass, Lermoos or the other trailheads.

  • from Reutte / Lechtal / Füssen

  • by using road number 198 (Lechtal) or 179 (from Füssen) to Reutte, continuing on

  • road number 179 to the trailheads.

  • By railway

    The “Außerfernbahn” links Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Reutte with railway stations at each trailhead village.

    Check the railway schedule here

    Main Routes Overview

    Southern ascents:

  • Lähn - Bichlbacher Alm - Hebertaljoch - Hochschrutte

  • Lähn - Bichlbacher Alm - Col south of Hochschrutte - summit

  • Lähn or Wengle - Alpenrosensteig - Wiesjoch - Hochschrutte.

  • Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Hochschrutte summit view
    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Hochschrutte east ridge view
    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)South ascent to Hochschrutte east ridge


  • Hebertaljoch - Hochschrutte - Wiesjoch or vice versa; from Wiesjoch go on to Pitzenegg, Zahn and Kohlbergspitze; from Hebertaljoch go on to Grüne Ups or Upsspitze and Daniel.

  • Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Summit panorama to the south

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Hochschrutte as seen from Geierköpfe ascent
    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Bleispitze as seen from Hochschrutte ascent

    There are no special regulations as far as I know.

    You find accommodation at:

  • Ehrwald

  • Lermoos

  • Lähn

  • Reutte

  • Mountain huts:

  • Bichlbacher Alm offers food and drinks in summer and autumn (no overnight stay)

  • Gear & Mountain Condition

    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Plattberg ( Hochschrutte)

    Plattberg is an all seasons summit.

    In winter and early spring, Hochschrutte is a frequented ski tour. Due to the southern exposition of the main routes the snow conditions can be difficult (e.g. huge avalanches). The village name Lähn, a regional dialect word for avalanche, is telling .......

    You need full ski hike gear and avalange gear. Plattberg is a beginners ski tour, accompanied by an advanced, though steep in some parts.

    Check the Tirol avalanche bulletin here.

    In spring, summer and autumn, Plattberg is a lonely and simple hike. Full hiking gear is needed. Despite of some easy rock scrambling on the west and east ridge there are no special difficulties. The trails and foot tracks are sometimes steep and baldy marked.

    Current Weather:

    Maps & Guide Book

    Hochschrutte (Plattberg)Plattberg as seen from Lähn trailhead


  • Alpenvereinskarte 1 : 25.000, Wetterstein- und Mieminger Gebirge, West, Number 4/1, Deutscher Alpenverein

  • Topographische Karte 1 : 50.000, Karwendelgebirge, Werdenfelser Land, UK L 5, Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt München

  • Topographische Karte 1 : 50.000, Füssen und Umgebung, Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt München

  • Guide Book

    Alpenvereinsführer alpin
    Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen
    Bergverlag Rother, München, 2008