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Location Lat/Lon: 47.51050°N / 10.91630°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7677 ft / 2340 m
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The Ammergau Alps

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Geograpical Classification

European Alps > Eastern Alps > Ammergau Alps

Mountain group of the Ammergau Alps

Introduction of the mountain group and intend of this page

The area of the Ammergau Alps is one of the largest nature preserve in Germany and are a very remote mountain range. Limited access by car and mechanical transportation systems like lifts and cable cars are limiting the easy access for tourists. On Summitpost are quite a few individual pages about mountains in that beautiful area. The idea is to create some kind of index and overview page.

The Ammergau Alps are a front range group in the Bavarian Alps. Often an underestimated area because of the lack of a concentration of difficult climbing routes. The region is more a insider tip for nature enthusiasts looking for a quiet place to hike, climb and bike. In the winter month the Ammergau Alps bear a huge selection of gnarly backcountry skiing routes and offer some of the best ice climbing in the area. Winter access for backcountry skiing is made easy by the Plansee road. An other reason for not being "overrun" by thousands of people is the limited access by public roads and highways as well as mechanical transportation like lifts and cable cars. The Ammergau Alps are a huge nature preserve and are surrounded by mayor highways. Only one road is going through it's heart, the Plansee road between Oberammergau and Reutte. The Tegelbergbahn near Füssen, and a couple of lifts in the Oberammergau region are the only recreational developments providing transportation into higher elevations. But there is a well developed net of forest roads especially north of the line Saulgrub - Füssen which is a mountain biking paradise combined with ascending summits and peaks. South of that line peaks like Hochplatte, Klammsppitze, Kreuzspitze and Schellschlicht are waiting with gnarly and sometimes very exposed ridge trails and climbs for the very experienced hiker. Some of the trails are equipped with a fixed steel cable to provide some belay options. The Geiselstein, Falkenwand, Frauenwasserl and by insiders known as Oberammergau Dolomites, the southern exposure of vertical rock faces of the Laber are offering tough rock climbs with the most difficult grades only for the experienced and adrenalin-kick searching rock climber. Across the monastery in Ettal at the Ettaler Mühle a 600 feet vertical cascading stream freezes over in the winter time. About 2 pitch long steps are providing excellent waterfall ice climbing conditions. The ski mountaineer will find lot's of treasures right on the road between Ettal and the Plansee. Easy accessible ski touring terrain from the road near the old border patrol station in Linderhof are the Scheinberg and Hochplatte. Further towards Reutte at the Hotel Ammerwald are the trailheads for Krähe, Ochsenälple Kopf and Klammspitze. Spectacular skiing is also found near Bichelbach on the Austrian side. The Plattberg and it's southern slopes are steep and almost treeless and further to the east the summit of the Daniel is waiting with a classic ski touring route.

The Ammergau Alps have much more of the above mentioned hikes, climbs and skiing routes to offer, just venture in the heart of the mountains and valleys, find them, enjoy them and keep the secrets for yourself.

Structure of the Ammergau Alps

Coordinates:  Latitude 47.43°N; Longitude to 10.86°E -- Benchmark for highest point, the DANIEL with 2340 m / 7677 ft

Sub groups:

Regional Areas


  • Upper Bavaria
  • Werdenfelser Land
  • Allgäu


  • Tyrol / Ausserfern


Road/Highway (car)

  • Saulgrub - Oberammergau - Linderhof - Plansee - Reutte
  • Eschenlohe - Oberau - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Griesen - Ehrwald
  • Ehrwald - Bichelbach - Reutte
  • Reutte - Füssen - Schwangau - Trauchgau

Train -- major train stations

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Oberau
  • Oberammergau
  • Ehrwald / Leermoos
  • Reutte
  • Füssen

Forest road (closed for motorized traffic) -- (bike/foot only)

  • Altenau - Unternogg - Trauchgau
  • Ammerwald - Schwangau
  • Griessen - Rotmoos - Graswang
  • Griessen - Plansee
  • Trauchgau - Kenzenhütte (scheduled bus connection, private)

Lifts and cable cars

Closest Airport

  • München (Munich) International


Huts & Lodges (Alpine Club / DAV)


Bed and Breakfast & Hotels

  • Find them in all villages and towns in the greater area. Watch out for sign "Zimmer Frei" (vacancy)

Emergency contacts and weather (in german only)

Notes (red rape) and other information

Nature Preserve - no camping, only at privately owned and operated campgrounds

Winter road closure between old border patrol posts in Linderhof and Ammerwald, due to avalanche danger. Only on days with above average snow fall.

The King of Bavaria, Ludwig II (König Ludwig II) built 2 famous castles in this mountain area. More information here: Schloss Linderhof and Schloss Neuschwanstein

Summits - Peaks - Mountains

The little iron cross at the peak of Teufelstättkopf

Index of the most popular mountains & links to the ones on SP -- click on name to get to specific SP page or picture to view a picture of the mountain

Mountain Name & Link to SP page & picture Country Trailhead Most popular route / trail
Daniel (2340m)- picture AUT Intersection B23 and rail road bridge in Ehrwald, parking lot Highway B 23. Trail on southern slopes, over Duftl Alm and west ridge.
Kreuzspitze (2185m) - picture AUT Parking lot at border line Germany - Austria, Plansee road. Steep trail over Hochgriess and west ridge to peak.
Geierköpfe (2143m) - picture AUT Parking lot at border line Germany - Austria, Plansee road. Follow the Neualpbach (stream) to Neualpe and turn onto the southern slopes of Geierkopf. Trail leads onto the ridge and to the peak.
Hochplatte (2082m) - picture GER Parking lot at restaurant Ammerwald Alm, Plansee road. Follow trail into Roggental, continue to Weitalpjoch and turn onto east ridge.
Schellschlicht (2053m) - picture GER Parking lot at Ochsenhütte, Highway B 23. Hike into the Friedergriess, at the end where the little river breaks through the little canyon an old trail starts towards the summit.
Friederspitz aka Frieder (2049m) - picture GER Parking lot at Ochsenhütte, Highway B 23. Forest road to Rotmoosalm, steep trail to Friederalm and further to peak of Friederspitz.
Klammspitze (1924m) - picture GER Parking lot at the Castle in Linderhof. Take trail to Brunnenkopf hut, and continue on trail towards west until you climb the summit of Klammspitze. (exposed trail)
Kramer (1985m) - picture GER Restaurant Schöne Aussicht, Garmisch-Part., Kramerplateau trail. Trail to St. Martin hut and further up the steep trail to ridge, turn west on ridge and follow to peak.
Notkarspitze (1889m) - picture GER Parking lot at Restaurant Ettaler Mühle, Ettal, Plansee road. Trailhead is across the restaurant. Steep trail with lots of switchbacks to the bottom of the Notkar (big bowl), from here to north ridge and further to peak.
Teufelstättkopf and Laubeneck (1758m)- picture GER Parking lot at restaurant Schleifmühle, Unterammergau. Follow forest road to Pürschlinghaus, reach the peak of Teufestättkopf over east ridge and continue on trail to Laubeneck.
Ettaler Mandl (1633m) - picture GER Parking lot behind the monastery in Ettal, of HWY B 23. Hike first on forest road and later on trail into the Tiefental, continue on steep trail and turn right on fork to reach the peak.
Säuling GER    
Hörnle (1584m) - picture  GER Parking lot at Hörnle Chairlift in the little town of Bad Kohlgrub Hike first on trail following the Chairlift. The trail will hide in the woods after about 15 minutes but stay close to the line of the lift. The middle section of the hiking trail is very steep and it will top out of the woods at the Tannerbankerl skilift close to the top of the Hörnle and the hut at the peak.
Mountain Name & Link to SP page & picture Country Trailhead Most popular route / trail
Hochplatte GER Big parking lot just 1KM behind the old border patrol station in Linderhof. The first section into the Sägerbachtal and Lösertal are the same as the ski approach to the Scheinberg just continue all the way to the Loesertaljoch. Descent from here about 300 vertical feet and traverse over to the Weitalpjoch. From there the track follows the east ridge to the peak.
Scheinberg - picture GER Parking lot 1 KM behind old border patrol post in Linderhof. Follow forest road into Sägerbachtal and turn left into Lösertal. From treeline take the north slope. NOTE: very popular ski touring place.
Frieder (lot's of tree skiing) GER Parking lot at Ochsenhütte, Highway B 23. Follow forest road to Rotmoosalm. At sign "Friederspitz" turn left and find best way through steep and wooded section untill you reach the wide open bowl below the summit of Friederspitz. Approach the peak over the saddle to the left.
Krähe GER Parking lot at hotel Ammerwald, Plansee road. Skin up the Schützensteig to Jägeralm. Turn right into the valley between Hoblasse and Krähe, approach the peak over the east ridge.
Ochsenälplekopf GER Parking lot at hotel Ammerwald, Plansee road. Skin up the Schützensteig to Jägeralm. Turn left and continue between the trees until you reach the summit.
Hörnle (1584m) (groomed/resort) - picture GER Bad Kohlgrub, Sonnen or parking lot Hörnle chairlift Skin up the ski slope to the Hörnle hut. From there follow the mellow back to the east. The Hörnle has 3 different peaks. The lower Hörnle is about 15 min from the hut, the "Mittlere Hörnle" about 30 min and the "Hintere Hörnle" a 1 hour approach.
Zahn (lower part groomed run/resort) GER Kolben chairlift and Kolbenalm, Oberammergau. Skin up the ski slope until you reach the Kolbensattelalm (restaurant). Continue on steep slope to the left and further through steep and wooded sections until you reach the ridge. This is a very steep approach and only for expert skiers.
Laber (freeride/resort) GER Laber Bergbahn, cable car. The Laber ski area is a freeride ski resort. The slopes below the cable car are steep and not maintained. For expert skiers only.
Plattberg AUT Village of Lähn, Highway 314 Leermoos - Reutte. From the parking lot at the south side of town follow the shoulder coming down from the treeless south slopes of Plattberg. The entire approach is visible from town.
Climbing (Summer/Winter)
Mountain Name & Link to SP page & picture Country Trailhead Most popular route / trail
Geiselstein - picture GER Kenzenhütte (shuttle bus).  
Falkenwand & Frauenwasserl GER Parking lot at pump station Frauenwasserl, rual road between Oberammergau and Rahm. At the Frauenwasserl climbing area are many routes. Just watch out for cemented anchor bolts. To get to the Falkenwand, walk about 200m towards Graswang on the road and a trail will start to the right.
Laber (Oberammergau Dolomites) GER Either from HWY B23 parking lot (sculpture) or the top of Laber cable car station.  
Waterfall @ Ettaler Mühle (Ice climbing) - picture GER Restaurant Ettaler Mühle. Visible from highway B23 - there are different little streams in that area with different pitches and grades.

When to climb, hike and ski

The Ammergau Alps are accessible year round. The best hiking or climbing season is late spring and the fall. In October many people come for the clear and crisp days with cold night temperatures and mild days. Count on severe thunderstorms in the mid summer month like July and August. It can be humid as well at that time of the year. Snow is coming in November in higher elevations and the alpine club huts are closed till spring. The ski touring season starts sometimes as early as late November and snow will be ski-able as late as April/May in northern exposed slopes.

Climbing and Hiking guide books

Note: there is not much published material available for rock climbing in the Ammergau Alps. The most comprehensive guide book with route sketches might be the older guidebook "Ammergauer Alpen" but it is not available any more. This guide book describes some climbing routes for the Geiselstein. The climbing area around Oberammergau is some kind of an insider tip. Try to hook up with locals to find out about the climbs. The Fraunwasserl area is a 60 meter rock slab and training area with anchored bolts - routes from grade III-VII (UIAA scale). The Falkenwand is about a 1 hour approach above the Frauenwasserl site and has 2 or 3 routes in grade V-VI (UIAA scale).

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Awesome page. I think climbing around Ammergau is less of an "insider tip" now because of the Panico Ammergau guidebook. It has topos to all the walls in the area and might be a good mention on your page.

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