Vorderer Felderkopf

Vorderer Felderkopf

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.53094°N / 11.02869°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6325 ft / 1928 m
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Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfVorderer Felderkopf as seen from Kieneckspitze

Vorderer Felderkopf is a summit within the Notkarspitze – subgroup of Ammergau Alps.

This subrange, located in the eastern part of Ammergau Alps, is, with the exception of Notkarspitze itself – which is a quite popular hike from Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Ettal, a rather lonely and remote region.

The highest point of this subgroup is not Notkarspitze but Kienjoch (1953 m) in the western part of the subrange.

Especially in spring and early summer the region is full of innumerable wildflowers and a paradise for those who love them.

Vorderer Felderkopf is a nice summit with lush meadows on the south side and a rugged northern slope. It is known mostly to local people and can be summited during a more extended traverse over several other summits. The summit is located between Großer Zunterkopf in the east and the broad meadow summit of Felderkopf. There is only one trail traversing the summit.

Getting There

Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfSummit view from Vorderer Felderkopf

There are two main trailheads in the valleys:

Graswang in the Graswang / Ammer valley

Use highway A 95 from Munich to its end and follow the road B 2 to Oberau. At Oberau take B 23 to Ettal. After Ettal follow road St 2060 direction Graswang / Linderhof until you reach the eastern part of the little village of Graswang.

There is a little chapel on the right. On the left there is a small parking area in front of the bridge over the creek Linder.
This is the trailhead. Leave your car there.
If the parking area is complete cross the village and follow the signposts to "Wanderparkplatz" (hikers parking area) at the opposite end of the villages (parking fee required). Walk back to the trailhead.

Pflegersee / Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Use highway A 95 from Munich to its end and follow the road B 2 / 23 to Garmisch. It is the right hand road branching off after the Farchant road tunnel.
After the eye-catching Grandhotel Sonnenbichl at the entrance of Garmisch turn right (Thomas-Knorr-Straße) and then right again (Pflegerseestraße). Pflegersee should be signposted. Follow Pflegerseestraße up to the parking area at Pflegersee.

Daphne striataDaphne striata
Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfPrimula auricula
Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfBlossom meadow

Route & Trail Overview

Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfSummit view from Vorderer Felderkopf to Kreuzspitze

Summit route from Graswang

For Hikers

  • Graswang trailhead - forester´s lodge “Dickelschwaig” - Kühalpenbachtal - Kuhalm Diensthütte

  • For Mountain Bikers

  • Graswang Trailhead – forest road to Kuhalm Diensthütte. Leave your bike here.

  • Western ascent

  • go on: Kuhalm Diensthütte - right trail (signposts Kienjoch) - col between Geißsprüngkopf and Windstierlkopf - left trail to Windstierlkopf

  • go on: col between Windstierlkopf and Felderkopf - Felderkopf meadows and Felderkopf

  • go on: eastern end of the summit meadow - Vorderer Felderkopf

  • Eastern ascent

  • Kuhalm Diensthütte – forest road and trail with signposts Notkarspitze – western limitation of northern cirque below Brünstelkopf – off trail and unmarked trail to col between Brünstelkopf and Großer Zunderkopf – Großer Zunderkopf

  • go on: west ridge of Großer Zunderkopf - col - Vorderer Felderkopf

  • Summit Route from Pflegersee

  • Pflegersee - forest road - Lahnenwiesgraben - Enning Alm - meadows of Felderkopf. Continue as described in the Graswang trail section, western ascent.

  • Pflegersee - forest road - Lahnenwiesgraben - Rechberg south slopes - east ridge of Brünstelkopf - Brünstelkopf - col between Brünstelkopf and Großer Zunderkopf. Continue as described in the Graswang trail section, eastern ascent.

  • Red Tape

    The German part of Ammergau Alps is a protected area (Naturschutzgebiet Ammergauer Alpen). I did not find an official web site of this NP. If you know one, let me know about it.

    There are no entrance fees or permissions required.

    It is forbidden

  • to disturb animals

  • to collect plants or parts of them

  • to leave the trails

  • open fire

  • overnight camping

  • Ammergau Alps contain many rare plant species, please respect them. Take nice pictures and let them grow.

    Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfDacylorhiza maculata
    Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfCypripedium calceola
    Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfAquileia vulgaris

    External Links & Accomodations

    Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfVorderer Felderkopf north slopes

    To find accommodations, try the following homepages:

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    Ammergauer Alpen

    Check the current weather conditions here

    Maps & Guide Books

    Ammergau Alps - Vorderer FelderkopfHidden memories in Kuhbachtal canyon


    The most detailed maps are:

  • Alpenvereinskarte Bayerische Alpen, 1 : 25.000, number BY 7, Ammergebirge Ost, Pürschling, Hörnle, München, 2009

  • Topographische Karte 1 : 50.000, UK 50-50
    Werdenfelser Land, Ammergebirge
    Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation, München

  • Useful hiking map:

  • Kompass Wanderkarte 05, 1 : 35.000
    Oberammergau und Ammertal

  • Guide Book

  • Dieter Seibert
    Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen
    Rudolf Rother Verlag, München