Pirineos: Roncesvalles-Irati

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Pirineos: Roncesvalles-Irati
Created On: Jan 12, 2006
Last Edited On: Aug 10, 2010


The first 2000 meters of...Ory

Because the number of mountains of this area actually in SP is a few (only 3 mountains) I decided to joint this 2 very wide areas but really it's the area of Roncesvalles and the area of Irati.
For the same reason the mountains of the Basse Navarre (north, french side) as Behorlegi are linked to this area for the moment.


Ory and OrtzanzurietaOry & Ortzanzurieta
Entering the Colegiata of...Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles / Orreaga is the area around this important village. Roncesvalles has the historic pass across the Pyrenees on Ibañeta (the way of Santiago, the battle of Rolando,...) and it's an important touristic place with church (Colegiata) and monastery. All the peaks are big hills with easy walks to the summit, nice forest and very wide panoramas.

-Villages: Erro, Burguete / Auritz, Roncesvalles / Orreaga, Valcarlos / Luzaide.
(some villages has 2 names, in Spanish and Euskera, I'd writen both to evitate confusions in the roads)

-Mountains: Lindus (1220m), Laurinaga (1278m), Adartza (1250m), Munhoa (1021m), Astobizkar (1506m), Ortzanzurieta (1567m), Txangoa (1471m), Leitzarateka (1409m), Urkulu (1419m), Mendilatz (1337m), Errozate (1345m),Mendizar (1223m).


OryOry (2017m)

Peak Ory and the normal route...Ory

The great forest of river Irati is named Selva del Irati and is presided for the great Pic d'Ory, the first 2000 meters of Pyrenees from the west, a perfect watchtower for the western Pyrenees.

-Villages: Ochagavia, Jaurrieta, Escaroz.
-Mountains: Abodi Occidental (1496m), Abodi (1533m), Bizkarze (1656m), Zazpigaña (1765m), Ori (2017m).

Basse Navarre

Okabe and SaroberriOkabe
 Pic de Behorlegi in autumn...Behorlegi

In the north of Roncesvalles-Irati area in french side with the areas of Basse Navarre and Zuberoa, including Iparralde's Irati, without pages in SP:
-Villages: San Jean de Piet de Port (Donibane Garazi), Mendibe, Larrau.
-Mountains: Okabe (1466m), Mendibel (1411m), Artanolatz (1530m), Escaliers (1472m), Hauskoa (1268m), Behorlegi (1265m).