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Location Lat/Lon: 48.78348°N / 121.17195°W
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Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6728 ft / 2051 m
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Wind Blown Snow Slope
Wind Blown Snow Slope
I consider this one to be a jem of the North Cascades, this place is very accessible even in the heart of winter. While traveling on the high points of the ridge you are met with amazing 360 views of the Picket Range, Snowfield Peak, Diablo Lake, Jack Mountain and many more! The Summit is located inside the North Cascades National Park near the small city of Diablo. The way up to Stetattle Ridge is a lovely hike starting out in the woods but eventually getting up above giving one the feeling like they are in the middle of the North Cascades. There is a deal of elevation gain in going up Stetattle Ridge which offers a decent one day work out, or for the back packers a beautiful overnight trip. Even though there is a town near by, trust me your are still a ways from home.

Stetattle Ridge Panorama
Stetattle Ridge Panorama : Taken Feb 18, 2010

Snowfield Peak during Evening
Snowfield Peak
The Crux during Summer
Crux during Summer
Winter on Stettatle Ridge
Stetattle in Winter
Looking East towards Diablo Lake
Looking East
Excited to be Outside!
Excited to be Out

Getting There

The Morning Sky
View from the Trailhead
Here is some easy directions from Google which all you have to do is place in your address.

Coming in from Seattle:
Drive North to Seattle until you get to Darrington which you get off at exit 208 to Arlington. Take a right onto highway 530 which goes into Arlington. From Arlington take a left briefly onto highway 9 which in a few seconds you'll then turn right back onto highway 530 (don't ask me why they have the road set up this way). Then continue heading East for 27 miles until you get to Darrington. In Darrington you'll see a shell gas station which you take a left (north) which continues highway 530 (to the right is the Mountain Loop Highway). Eventually you'll end up in Rockport which you should take a right onto highway 20. From here you'll pass through Marblemount, Newhalem, and then Diablo. Before crossing the bridge that goes over Gorge Lake you'll see a road called "Diablo Street" which you go down until you pass a little gate booth which you'll see a little area to park the car. There's a trail sign which the hike starts off going behind a house and then goes up.

Route Information

So you start off on a decently paved trail (although can have a lot of fallen over trees in early season) which has a few switch backs, but mostly traverses the mountain. For a few thousand feet your in the woods, eventually you want to leave the trail and enter onto the ridge.

The Summit of Mount Davis
Mount Davis from the Trail

Pyramid Peak from Diablo
Snowfield Peak
Looking towards Diablo Lake
Looking Towards Diablo Lake
The Trail Starting out
The Trail Starting Out
Michael Leading the Way
Plowing through Snow

In order to find the ridge in the first place you will notice that the trail stopped switch backing and will cross over onto the north Side of the mountain. Once your on the ridge keep following it which eventually it will go back down. Once you go back up in winter time this is considered to be the crux of the trip.

After the crux it's pretty basic to get to Stetattle ridge, you then follow along the ridge, you'll see a point where you can go two ways. On your right is the ridge that goes off to Sourdough Mountain, but go left if you want to go up Stetattle Ridge. The views as you go further in just get better and better, you keep hitting high points, it's point 6495 that is considered the true summit.

Wind Blown Slopes Panorama
Wind Blown Slabs : Taken Feb 18, 2010

Stetattle Ridge Panorama
The View of Stetattle Ridge before the Crux

Topographic Maps

Here is a google maps view of the route which I drew up:

Lower Stetattle Ridge Topo
Lower Stetattle Ridge
Upper Stetattle Ridge Topo Map
Upper Stetattle Ridge

If you want the map all on one page here is a decent Topographic Map of the route.

When to Climb

The road is open all year round, and the ridge can be climbed most of the year. When avalanche danger gets very high it can be dangerous on the crux of the climb which I've set off snow slides and it might be a cornice depending when you go. In summer time it's a nice walk in the park.

Mountain Conditions

For Weather information check in with the Noaa Forecast.

For Avalanche forecast's check in with the North West Avalanche Center.

Be sure to check with Washington State Department of Transportation for road conditions, or NPS for additional road conditions.

Webcam View from the Visitor's Center, Newhalem,WA (yes it's constantly updated for the current conditions)


There are quite a few camping area's on the upper section of Stetattle Ridge. There are a few in the upper woods, and many spots along the ridge.

Michael setting up Camp
Camping on a flat part of the Ridge

Gear for the Hike

Feeling Good
Using Trekking Polls
Michael Cooking
Melting Snow with the Stove
Hiking through Wind Blow Snown
Snowshoeing though Snow
Mandatory Gear for the Climb:
  • Shell Jacket

  • 2-3 Liters of Water Per Person

  • First Aid Kit

  • Map and Compass

Winter Gear:
  • Ice Axe

  • Crampons

  • Sunglasses/Glacier Goggles

  • Nylon Shell Pants

  • Plenty of Warm Clothes

Overnight Gear:
  • Tent/Bivy

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Ground Pad

  • Water Filter/Tablets

  • Stove, Fuel, Pot, and utensils (for cooking)

Optional Gear:
  • Sun Screen

  • Camera

  • Trekking Polls

  • GPS

Red Tape

A Northwest Forest Pass is needed at the trail head, and if your camping high up you should get a North Cascades Backpacking permit which is free. In later season there are many tarns up on Stetattle Ridge which is nice for filtering water.

Wildlife and Flora

A Beautiful Tiger Lily
Tiger Lillie
Wild Red Plants
Wild Red Plants
Puple Flower
Purple Flower
Orange Flower
Orange Flower

Ptarmigan on Stetattle Ridge
Ptarmigan in the Woods
Toad Laying Down
Toad on the Ridge
Pink-Purple Flower
Pink-Purple Flower

White Flowers with Snowfield Peak
White Flower with Snowfield Peak in the Background

Sunsets and Sunrises

Sunrise with Trees
Sunrise with Trees
Sunset over West McMillan Spire
West McMillan Spire
The Morning Sky
The Morning Sky
Sunset Glow over Mount Davis
Sunset over Mount Davis
Alpenglow on Sourdough Mountain
Alpenglow on Sourdough
Sunset over Pyramid Peak
Snowfield Peak during Sunset
The Sun Rising Up
The Sun Rising
Sunrise Colors over Sourdough Mountain
Sunrise over Sourdough Mtn

Camp View Panorama
Sunset Panorama from the lower part of the Ridge

Golden Light on the Pickets
Golden Light on the Picket Range

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