Trascau Mountains

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Trascau Mountains
Created On: Oct 21, 2005
Last Edited On: May 6, 2007


Cheiile Manastirii
Trascau Mountains are situated in the south eastern part of Apuseni Mountains. Even though their height is no more than 1400m, seen from the Mures Valley they have in some parts an altitude difference of 1000m.

We can distinguish several areas : Turzii Gorges, Remetea-Coltesti and Rameti.

Maximum altitude: Dambau Peak, 1369m

Ramet Area

Ramet area is a protected area, there are 8 natural reservations here: Ramet Gorges, Manastirii Gorges, Tecsesti Gorges, Geogel Gorges, Piatra Baltii Gorges, Pravului Gorges, Piatra Cetii, Poiana Narciselor. More information about each of these reservations you can find at Cheile rametului

Getting There

Rock in Cheile Rameti
Ramet Gorges


There are 4 ways for the access in the area:

From the center of Teius, at 80 km from Cluj Napoca we follow for 18 km the road along the Geoagiu River which goes to Ramet monastery. From here we reach Manastirii Gorges in 5 minutes, and then, 300m ahead is the Ramet Cottage.

From Aiud we follow for 3km the road to Aiud Gorges - Buru, and then we take the road to Sloboda Cottage (8 km) and Ramet Village (23km from Aiud city). In the Ramet Village starts a marked route to Ramet Gorges.

On the road from Teius to Alba Iulia, after 4 km, we have to turn right on the Galda Valley. After we cross Galda Gorges and Intregalde Gorges we reach the area called Intregalde, where we can follow one of the marked routes described below.

Another point of access in the area is on the road Cluj-Turda-Campeni. From the village of Salciua (at 45km from Turda) it starts a marked trail to the cave Huda lui Papara and which continues to the village Cheia, near Ramet Gorges.

Lodging: Ramet Cottage


1. Ramet Cottage - Ramet Gorges - Cheia - Bradesti - the cave Huda lui Papara - Morilor Valley – Salciua.

Marking sign: blue cross. Time: 6-8 h. Difficult trekking route, only recommended to trained tourists.

2. Cottage Ramet - Ramet Gorges - Cheia - Modolesti - Cottage Intregalde.

Marking sign: blue triangle. Time: 6 h.

3. Cottage Rimet – village Valea Uzei – village Olteni- village Rimetea

Marking sign: red strip. Time: 8 h.

4. Cottage Rimet – village Raicani - Piatra Craivii - Ciumerna Plateau

Marking sign: red strip. Time: 12-13 h.

5. Cottage Rimet – village Rimet- Cottage Sloboda.

Marking sign: red point. Time: 4 h.

6. Cottage Rimet – village Tecsesti - Gorges Intregalde - Cottage Intregalde.

Marking sign: yellow cross. Time: 6 ore.

Remetea Area

In this area the number of tourists is increasing every year as more and more people are becoming interested in the natural attractions offered by this area: Trascau Peak, Ardascheia, the ruins from Coltesti.

Access: on the road Cluj-Turda-Campeni (DN75), near the viilage of Buru, you have to take the road DJ107M to Aiud.

Lodging: agrotourism in Remetea


1.east water spring in Remetea - Trascau Peak
Marking sign: red point Time: 5h (for the entire circuit of the plateau)

Turzii Gorges Area

Turzii Gorges represent a natural protected area since 1938, and is now the main climbing area near Cluj (over 100 marked trails)


By car: on the road Cluj-Turda, in the village Mihai Viteazul there is a secondary road through the village of Cheia, going to Turzii Gorges

By foot: you can go to Turda by bus, from here starts a marked trail to the gorges (2 hours)

Lodging: Cottage Gorges Turzii (tel. 0264-314113)


1. Cottage Gorges Turzii - La Moara - Cottage Muntele Baisorii
Marking sign: red cross Time: 10-12h

2. Cottage Gorges Turzii - Fantanele - Sandulesti Hill - Alexandru Macedon water spring - Tureni village

Marking sign: blue strip Time:4-5h

Red Tape

Hard day
no permit required for getting in the mountains

When To Climb

any time of ear, in summer is easier


house in Trascau mountains
camping allowed in this area without any permit

Mountain Conditions

Remetea from the air

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