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Additional Information Elevation: 8083 ft / 2464 m
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Glittertind is the second highest mountain in Norway, located in the spectacular Jotunheimen area, 125 northwest of the famous ski resort Lillehammer. It rises immediately east of Norway's highest summit, Galdhöpiggen (2469m). According to the most recent official elevation it is only five meters lower than Galdhöpiggen, but its height varies depending on the depth of its summit snow and icecap. Galdhöpiggen's summit is rock so sometimes Glittertind is supposedly the higher of the two. In earlier surveys Glittertind was measured as the higher of the two mountains. The peak is one of Norway's 198 peaks over 2000 meters. A huge majority of these are located in the Jotunheimen area, including all over 2300m.

Most of the walk-in is on glaciers and in the colder seasons the way can be travelled on skis. The glacier isn's that broken up, but there are crevasses and it can be a good idea to rope up. A good starting point is from the mountain station Spiterstulen, which is a good but expensive base.

The peak was first climbed in 1841 by Hans Sletten and Harald Nicolai Storm Wergeland. Via its normal route, it's an easy walk up and no technical difficulties to encounter.

August 2003. Glittertind - on...

Getting There

The Glittertinden from...
Glittertind from Tjornholet
  • Closest international airport: Gardemoen, Oslo.
  • Distance from Gardemoen Oslo: Approx. 340km
  • Route - E6: Oslo - Hamar - Lillehammar - Vinstra - Otta. 246km. See details.
  • Route - Road 55: Otta - Lom - Spiterstulen. The last part of the way is on a tiny road. 90km.
  • There is also public transport. Bus and trains. There's an information booth on the airport and the central station in Oslo also has a tourist information counter, where you can get all the details about how to get to the Jotunheimen area.
    Tel #: 0047-23 11 78 80
    Nor-Way express buses.

    Lolli adds: One can take the train, at least as far as to Otta. NSB, the Norwegian train company.

    Hiking to the foot of the peak
    The two most common approaches are from Spiterstulen (12 km) or Glitterheim (7 km), two of the lodges/mountain stations close by the peak.

    Red Tape

    No permits, camping allowed, but not within 150 meters from the nearest building!
    See the camping section.

    When To Climb

    Arctic places
    The peak can be climbed all year round, but remember it's located far north and the days in the winter are very short. Meters of snow is the rule in the area and down to -35 C is not uncommon.  If you look for as little snow as possible, your best bet is in July.

    Camping & Lodging

    Top of Glittertind
    On the summit
    Camping is allowed. No huts.
    Some mountain hotels and stations try to enforce the "not-camping-closer-than-150 meters-rule". Spiterstulen is supposedly a hardliner and to avoid trouble and arguments, it may be a good idea to keep a good distance to the station.

    Erik S wrote the following on another mountain page:
    The current situation at Spiterstulen is that you must either camp at the campsite next to Spiterstulen and pay a fee, or camp at least 1 km away. While it's otherwise supposedly forbidden to camp within the 1 km zone, what you risk is paying a fine or fee equivalent to the camping fee at Spiterstulen.

    Use a GPS to make sure you pitch your tent more than 1 km away. The staff at Spiterstulen take "rounds" every now and then to collect fines or fees from those unfortunate enough to have camped well away from Spiterstulen, but still within the 1 km radius.

    chris.mueller adds:
    Camping near the Glitterheim lodge is possible. If you stay in a 150 m distance of the hut, it costs 60 NOK per person to stay there and use the facilities. Showering costs 5 NOK. If you stay out of those distances, you will not have to pay the 60 NOK.


    Glitterheim Lodge at 1384 meters.
    Staffed DNT lodge with 137 beds.
    Season: 18/6-19/9
    Phone: 61 23 18 33
    Photo of the lodge.

    Spiterstulen Lodge at 1106 meters.
    Staffed private lodge with 120 beds.
    Home page
    Phone: 61 21 14 80
    Fax: 61 21 19 72
    Photo of the lodge

    Mountain Conditions

    Weather forecast for:

  • Spiterstölen Mountain Station.
  • Glittertind.


  • An excellent interactive, clickable map of the area close to Glittertind.
  • A map showing how to reach both Glittertind and Galdhöpiggen from Spiterstölen.
  • A simple map of the Jotunheimen area


    Top of Glittertind
    On the summit
    The Scottish author James Baxter visits all the 2000 meter peaks in the area. Lots of route descriptions and other information in this book, filled with good color photos. No ISBN, but here you can find the book about Hurrungane. In English.

    The "bible" of Norwegian peaks in the area is Norske Fjälltopper and can be bought directly from the publishing house, which goes under the suitable name Glittertindforlag. In Norwegian.
    They can be contacted via mail:

    "Walks and Scrambles in Norway" by A. Dyer et al is an English language guidebook that covers Glittertind and several other peaks in the area. ISBN 978-1904466253

    External Links

  • A trip report about Glittertind and Galdhöpiggen. In Swedish.
  • A good guide to Jotunheimen Lots of short descriptions of trail and treks in the area.
  • The list of the highest peaks in Norway
  • A panoramic view from the summit

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"Walks and Scrambles in Norway" by A. Dyer et al is an English language guidebook that covers Glittertind and several other peaks in the area. ISBN 978-1904466253


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