Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 45.58340°N / 6.98040°E
Elevation: 10754 ft / 3278 m


Mont Ormelune (also known as Archèboc, should be french name), is not properly a single edge, unless it is seen from NW, but a long chain of three different summits: East (3.252 mt), Central (3.231 mt) and, the highest, West summit, 3.278 mt.

Ormelune NE classic route, seen from Mont de l'Arp Vieille summit.

The Ormelune is a magic mountain, with huge slopes, sometimes sweet, sometimes very hard, where every curve, descending, is pure emotion, expecially when skiing on Ormelune Glacier.

This ski-randonnée has an alpinistic final, with an iced ridge. In very few years snow helps to cover hard ice, for an easiest ascent to the top. For last 50 meters, to get to the top, crampons and ice-axe are a must.

Due to NE exposion, snow remains acceptable until half june. Perfect assested snow is required, expecially for the first steep gully, accessing to higher plateau.
This ski-mountaineering hike is recommended from half May to half June, when road to Bonne-Surier-Usellieres is opened. See further sections for more details.

Getting There

Valgrisenche Valley.
Common begin: Arvier village.
  • From Turin/Milan. Motorway A5, exit in Aosta Ovest. Follow Courmayeur direction, until Arvier is reached. Follow for Valgrisenche direction.
  • From Switzerland, Martigny (Grand St. Bernard Tunnel/Pass). Drive to Aosta, then follow Courmayeur direction on SS.26. Once reached Arvier, turn to Valgrisenche direction.
  • From France (Mont Blanc Tunnel or Petit St. Bernard Pass). Do not enter in motorway A5, drive through SS.26 Aosta direction. Before arriving in Arvier, turn right for Valgrisenche.

    Red Tape

    No fees or permits are required.

    When To Climb

    From *beginning of May, until half June.

    *It depends on when road Bonne-Surier is opened.

    Map & Books section

    My favourite map for Ormelune is:
    IGC F 102, scale 1:25.000, Valsavarenche, Val di Rhêmes, Valgrisenche.

    Valgrisenche Hotels

    Hotels accomodations in Valgrisenche.

    In Bonne:
    1) Hotel Perret
    11010 Valgrisenche (AO) - 2, loc. Bonne
    tel: 39.0165 97107 - fax:39. 0165 97220

    In Valgrisenche:
    2) Albergo Grande Sassiere
    11010 Valgrisenche (AO) - 1, LOCALITA' GERBELLE
    tel: 39.0165 97113

    3) Hotel Des Mirtilles Di Putzu Fabrizio
    11010 Valgrisenche (AO) - 7, LOCALITA' CHEZ CARRAL
    tel: 39.0165 97118

    Talk about Mont de l'Ormelune?

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