Nevada County Highpoints

Nevada, United States, North America
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Boundry Peak on 4/30/05,...

The Nevada state highpoint, Boundary Peak

All of the counties have SP pages so please use the handy links below to find the SP page for the county you need.

Really good information can be found at by going to the map and clicking on Nevada. It comes with trip reports, topozone links and
useful information. I will not try to re-invent the wheel here but use this page as a resource to get people pointed in the right direction if they have an interest in doing the Nevada's 17 county highpoints. I myself have done 16 of the 17 and I hope to finish the last one off next year. We'll see. Mt. Grant is the biggest obstacle to getting a completion since the military isn't allowing anyone to visit the highpoint.

Nevada is an amazing state, a state that most people think of as one big
desert. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Nevada has its share of desert country but it is really a state of mountain range after mountain range. To do the 17 county highpoints will take the adventure minded traveler on a tour to all parts of this great state. From Charleston Peak just outside Las Vegas to lofty Wheeler Peak in the Great Basin National Park.

I will continue to develop this page and hopefully you will get a feel for Nevada and how it can get so you want to return again and again. Fortunately, I discovered county highpointing and began a quest to visit each of them.

The toughest Nevada cohp at the moment is Mineral county's Grant, since it is on a military base. The easiest cohp's are Douglas county's East Peak and Storey county's Mt. Davidson. There are no drive ups as all require hiking efforts.

My favorites are:
Elko's Ruby Dome
White Pine's Wheeler Peak
Esmerelda's Boundary Peak
and Clark's Charleston Peak.

Cohp peaks over 11,000 feet
Nevada county map

1. Boundary Peak 13,143
2. Wheeler Peak 13,063
3. S. Jefferson 11,941
4. Charleston Peak 11,918
5. Bunker Hill 11,474
6. Ruby Dome 11,387
7. Mt. Grant 11,280

Nevada's counties

Carson City County Snow Valley Peak 9204 feet
Churchill County Desatoya Peak 9973 feet
Clark County Charleston Peak 11,918 feet
Douglas County East Peak 9591 feet
Elko County Ruby Dome 11,387 feet
Esmerelda County Boundary Peak 13,143 feet State highpoint
Eureka County Diamond Peak 10,614 feet
Humboldt County Granite Peak 9732 feet
Lander County Bunker Hill 11,474 feet
Lincoln County Mt. Grafton liner 10,640 feet
Lyon County Middle Sister liner 10,570 feet
Mineral County Mt. Grant 11,280 feet
Nye County So Jefferson 11,941 feet
Pershing County Star Peak 9836 feet
Storey County Mt. Davidson 7864 feet
Washoe County Mt. Rose 10,776 feet
White Pine County Wheeler Peak 13,063 feet


Two great resources for Nevada county highpoints can be found here:
Scott Surgent's Nevada Cohp page

Douglas county highpoint East Peak is found within the confines of the Heavenly Valley ski area. For some information on East Peak, see this LINK

An additional aid to getting East Peak can be found in this TRIP REPORT
Wheeler Peak from the west on...Wheeler Peak

About a mile up the trail,...Ruby Dome area in autumn colors

Nevada State Completers (thanks to

Nevada (28 overall but 26 shown here)
highpointer final county date
Guy Cloutier Lander 09-18-1998
Andy Martin Lander 09-18-1998
Bob Packard Pershing 06-22-1999
Barb Lilley Lincoln 08-09-2000
Gordon MacLeod Lincoln 08-09-2000
John Vitz Douglas 08-17-2000
Bob Martin White Pine 09-04-2000
Mike Coltrin Elko 09-28-2001
Bill Hartman Lander 10-18-2001
Rex Reed Humboldt 10-26-2001
Bill Schuler Eureka 04-13-2002
Adam Helman Elko 08-25-2002
Jobe Wymore Elko 08-25-2002
Edward Earl Elko 09-02-2002
Tyson Reed Humboldt 09-28-2002
Richard Carey Lincoln 07-04-2003
Gail Hanna Lincoln 07-04-2003
Dennis Sanders Clark 06-15-2004
Dennis Poulin Mineral 10-09-2004
Scott Casterlin Lyon 6-22-2006
Scott Surgent Elko 8-13-2006
Charlie Winger Lincoln 10-22-2006
Dean Molen Mineral 06-22-2008
Greg Juhl Clark 09-26-2008
Gerry Roach
Jennifer Roach Mineral 10-28-2009

More than one in a day?

The distance in Nevada can be daunting so most counties will require the better part of a day to get a county and then move on to the next. Ruby Dome is a full day. However, there are a few counties that can be grouped together in the same day and these are in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area.
I believe you could get 5 in two days if you started plan something like this
First day:
Tahoe area 3some
Mt. Rose
Snow Valley Peak
East Peak

Second day:
Davidson Peak
Lyon county's Middle Sister.

You might also be able to get two in one day:
Camp at Great Basin National Park and get Wheeler Peak in the morning
and Mt. Grafton in the afternoon (maybe best to reverse this one since
there isn't a trail to the HP on the side of Grafton)

These are just ideas but it is within the realm of possibility if well planned and weather conditions permitted.

Dennis Poulin and I did a trip (04) where we got a peak a day like this:
day 1 - Desatoya Peak
day 2 - Bunker Hill
day 3 - Diamond Peak
day 4 - Ruby Dome
day 5 - Wheeler Peak
day 6 - Mt. Grafton's liner
day 7 - So. Jefferson (Dennis only)

I had to bail after doing day 6 (Grafton) when I tore something up in my knee and Dennis went on to do two more and finish up the state. That was a great week and a stellar one for Dennis. It was great seeing all those areas we traveled to and we each traveled in our own vehicle so we had a backup if one of the vehicles developed a problem.



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