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Evening in the Berchtesgaden Alps

Above Klafferkessel

Sunset at Croda da Lago

Eastern Puezspitze from east,...

Cima Dieci

Forca di Riobianco

Picco di Carnizza

Grosser Hundstod (2593m) and Watzmann (2713m)

Ripples and reflections

View from the summit of Kahlersberg...

Cima Bagni

Steinernes Meer group and Königssee

The view on Kruckelkopf...

Looking back north towards the Jenner (1874m) from the St. Bartholomä peninsula

Inside the "Ice Chapel" at the foot of the Watzmann

Surrreal lighting conditions...


Pale di San Martino

Fischunkelalm pasture and Lake Obersee

Mangart from Travnik.

Punta del Mus ( the donkey peak )

Schareck (3105m) seen from the summit of Silberpfennig (2600m)

Toblinger Knoten

View from Forcella de Ciampei...

Mossy footpath

Monte Canin

The southern precipices of Hohes Brett and Grosser Archenkopf

Cima Rosina

Hoher Göll in the evening

At the end of canyon Kamačnik

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Viewing: 18961-18990 of 22152