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Tlaxcala, Mexico, North America

Date Climbed/Hiked: Jul 1, 2018 Parents: La Malinche
William Marler William Marler
Score: 81.84% Views: 14148

Mendoza, Argentina, South America

Elevation: 18044 ft / 5500 m
Parents: Aconcagua Group
pacojgarza pacojgarza
Score: 73.56% Views: 10419

Nuevo León / Coahuila, Mexico, North America

Elevation: 12132 ft / 3698 m
Parents: Mountains of Coahuila
tiziana tiziana
Score: 87.76% Views: 10575

Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, Europe

Elevation: 5702 ft / 1738 m
Parents: Prealpi Venete e Trentine
Silvia Mazzani Silvia Mazzani
Score: 90.48% Views: 5066

Corsica, France, Europe

Difficulty: TD, French 6a
Parents: Punta di l'Acellu
GRAF Christophe GRAF Christophe
Score: 72.08% Views: 478

Image Type(s): Hiking, Wildlife, Flora, Scenery
om om
Score: 89.39% Views: 51300

Dauphiné, France, Europe

Elevation: 13068 ft / 3983 m
Parents: High Dauphiné Massif des Ecrins
Gangolf Haub Gangolf Haub
Score: 83.69% Views: 6623

La Gomera, Spain, Africa, Europe

Elevation: 2805 ft / 855 m
Parents: La Gomera
Sarah Simon Sarah Simon
Score: 86.85% Views: 4801

Costilla, Colorado, United States, North America

Elevation: 8295 ft / 2528 m
chugach mtn boy chugach mtn boy
Score: 89.01% Views: 26488

Martinique, France, Other

Elevation: 4577 ft / 1395 m
Parents: Caribbean Island Peaks
hgrapid hgrapid
Score: 75.81% Views: 2516

Cibola, New Mexico, United States, North America

Elevation: 11036 ft / 3364 m
pacojgarza pacojgarza
Score: 73.06% Views: 8827

Nuevo León., Mexico, North America

Elevation: 6167 ft / 1880 m
Parents: Mountains of Nuevo León
Rafa Bartolome Rafa Bartolome
Score: 84.82% Views: 20206

Htes.Pyrenees / Huesca, France/Spain, Europe

Elevation: 10282 ft / 3134 m
Parents: European Contiental Divide 3000'ers of the Pyrenees Pyrénées: Bigorre
Score: 77.76% Views: 10245

Massif du Mont-Blanc, France, Europe

Elevation: 10958 ft / 3340 m
Parents: Mont Blanc GROUP
pacojgarza pacojgarza
Score: 0% Views: 2410

Coahuila, Mexico, North America

Difficulty: Walk - up.
Parents: Las Nieves
mmcguigan mmcguigan
Score: 71.06% Views: 3691

Guatemala, North America

Elevation: 9000 ft / 2743 m
Parents: Cerro Quemado
Gangolf Haub Gangolf Haub
Score: 72.08% Views: 3629

Sicilia, Italy, Europe

Difficulty: Tough Scramble
Parents: Monte dei Cervi
Gangolf Haub Gangolf Haub
Score: 87.31% Views: 33257

Islas Canarias, Spain, Africa, Europe

Elevation: 7959 ft / 2426 m
Parents: Islas Canarias
Score: 81.84% Views: 2763

Image Type(s): Scenery, Panorama, Humor
Gangolf Haub Gangolf Haub
Score: 75.81% Views: 1815

Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain, Europe

Elevation: 6378 ft / 1944 m
Parents: Sierra de Guadarrama
Brett A
Score: 71.06% Views: 2994

Chalatenango, El Salvador, North America

Difficulty: The crux is the terrifying log bridge crossing to reach the rock
Parents: Cerro El Pital - El Salvador
metal4lyf metal4lyf
Score: 75.81% Views: 2755

Image Type(s): Hiking, Wildlife, Topo/Diagram, Informational, Scenery, Panorama, Water
Parents: La Plata Peak
Sent Sent
Score: 75.81% Views: 4372
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Colorado, United States, North America

Date Climbed/Hiked: Nov 30, 2022 Parents: La Plata Peak
shanahan96 shanahan96
Score: 71.06% Views: 7870
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Colorado, United States, North America

Date Climbed/Hiked: Feb 10, 2007 Parents: La Plata Peak