Peak 13510 ft (Red Mtn Pass)

Peak 13510 ft (Red Mtn Pass)

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 37.91770°N / 107.73805°W
Additional Information County: Ouray
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 13510 ft / 4118 m
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Not to be confused with the other nearby Peak 13510 ft.
Note: This peak is officially unnamed.
Rank: Peak 13510 ft is Colorado’s 249th highest ranked peak.

Northeastast face of Peak 13510 ft

Peak 13510 ft belongs to a long line of 13ers that rise to the west of Route 550 in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado between the towns of Ouray and Silverton. To the north, Peak 13510 ft is connected to the 13509 ft Telluride Peak and to the south, it connects to the 13321 ft Trico Peak. The eastern slopes of Peak 13510 ft are mostly grassy and go down to Route 550 just north of the 11018 ft Red Mountain Pass. To the west, steep scree/rocky slopes drop more than 1500 ft into Ingram Basin where the infamous Black Bear Pass Jeep Road runs.

The 12939 ft Ptarmigan Lake sits to the northeast of Peak 13510 ft at the base of Telluride Peak. Many maps show trails that go from Route 550 to Ptarmigan Lake or Ingram Basin. If such trails ever existed, they have now likely faded away. You can, however, start at Red Mountain Pass and hike through the sparse forest and the grassy slopes to reach the summit of Peak 13510 ft. Please beware that Peak 13510 ft is not visible from Route 550 and will first come to view after hiking 1000 vertical feet above the road. Carry a map and be familiar with the topography of the area. From the summit of Peak 13510, the town of Telluride and some of its ski slopes will be visible to the west.

A much easier way to reach Peak 13510 ft is to drive the Imogene Pass Jeep Road to the 13114 ft Imogene Pass, hike to the top of Point 13365 ft and then Telluride Peak before reaching Peak 13510 ft. Such an approach will obviously involve much four wheel driving and less hiking.

East face of Peak 13510 ft

Getting There

Directions to Red Mountain Pass:

From Ouray, drive 11 miles south (or 12 miles north of Silverton) on Route 550 to Red Mountain Pass. There are plenty of dirt pull-offs where you could park.

West FaceWest face of Peak 13510 ft as seen from the town of Telluride

Route, from Red Mountain Pass, no trail


I did not see any trails in this area. This is the description of the route that I took.
All distances are per my GPS.

Red Mountain Pass
11018 ft
zero miles
13510 ft
2.20 miles

I went to the west side of Route 550. Near the “Red Mountain Pass” sign, I found a path that went into the forest. This path faded away after only a few hundred feet. The forest was thin. I headed west through the forest and over the meadows until I reached this pond.

Pond near Red Mtn Pass

What looked like a peak was visible to the west. This turned out to be not a peak but just a spot on the eastern ridgeline of Trico Peak.

East ridge of Trico Peak
East ridge of Trico Peak

Point 13268 ft was visible to the northeast. I knew this was not Peak 13510 ft but thought it could easily be confused.

Point 13268 ft
Point 13268 ft

Continued up the grassy slopes.

Grassy slopes above Red Mountain Pass

Grassy slopes above Red Mountain Pass

Grassy slopes above Red Mountain Pass

Behind me, McMillan Peak & Red Mountain #3 were visible to the east.

McMillan Peak
McMillan Peak

Red Mountain #3
Red Mtn #3

I then reached a very steep grassy slope. An abandoned mine and a faded old road could be seen. Went directly up the steep slope veering northeast.

Steep grassy slope

Looking back from the slope, Route 550 was visible.

From the steep grassy slope

At around 12000 ft, the slopes became gentle and Peak 13510 ft came to view. Point 13106 ft was also visible in front of the peak.

First view of Peak 13510 ft
First view of Peak 13510 ft & Point 13106 ft

Up the grassy slopes.

Point 13268 ft
Point 13268 ft

East ridgeline of Trico Peak
Trico Peak Ridgeline

Trico Peak appeared from behind its eastern ridgeline. I had thought of going to the saddle between Trico & Peak 13510 ft but the slopes below the saddle seemed to be covered with nasty scree. Hiking toward Point 13106 ft seemed to be much more pleasant.

Trico Peak & Saddle
Trico Peak & saddle

Crossed the stream that drained the valley between Trico & 13510.

Trico Peak
Trico & stream

Hiking toward Point 13106 ft.

Point 13106 ft

The rocky/scree covered northeastern ridgeline of Trico Peak was now in full view.

Trico Peak, NE face
Trico Peak

Point 13106 ft.

Point 13106 ft
Point 13106 ft

Went up the grassy slopes of Point 13106 ft. Looking down the slopes.

Looking down the slopes of Point 13106 ft
Looking down

The double summit of Peak 13477 ft (T10) also came to view.

Trico Peak & Peak 13477 ft (T10)
(L) Trico, (R) 13477

Above Point 13106 ft, there were only snow fields and gentle slopes covered by crushed rock. An easy hike took me to the summit.


Views from the summit: (I was on the summit at 8:20 a.m., everything to the east had the sun behind it so I did not take pictures in that direction).

Looking north/Sneffels
Mt. Sneffels

Ingram Basin
Ingram Basin

Town of Telluride
Town of Telluride

Dallas Peak/Mt. Sneffels

Telluride Peak
Telluride Peak

Zoomed view of the Wilsons
Zoomed view of the Wilsons

Ingram Lake 12001 ft
Ingram Lake

Hike to Ptarmigan Lake

Heading northeast, a 0.75 mile hike down easy slopes will take you from the summit of Peak 13510 ft to the 12939 ft Ptarmigan Lake. You will find many other small Lakes/ponds in that area.

The northeastern face of Peak 13510 ft.

Northeast face of Peak 13510 ft
Peak 13510 ft

Ptarmigan Lake & Peak 13359 ft (T7).

Ptarmigan Lake & Peak 13359 ft (T7)
Ptarmigan Lake & T7

Another pond with Point 13064 ft behind it.

Pond and 13064 ft horn
Pond & 13064 ft horn

Point 13064 ft. This impressive horn is visible from Route 550 at the S curves south of Ironton Park.

13064 ft horn
13064 ft horn

Peak 13510 & Telluride Peak from a pond near Ptarmigan Lake.

Peak 13510 ft & Telluride Peak 13509 ft
Peak 13510 ft (L) & Telluride Peak (R)

Yet another pond.

Another pond

Red Tape

Day hikes do not require any fees or permits.

Weather Forecast

See the forecast for the near by town of Silverton.