Pico de Paderna

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Location Lat/Lon: 42.66881°N / 0.63171°E
Additional Information County: Spain
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8766 ft / 2672 m
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Pico de Paderna is a isolated, relatively ´low´ peak of 2.672 m in the area of La Maladeta, in the Aneto-Maladeta Nature Park, Benasque. This point of rock and grass is about 1,5 km west of La Renclusa Mountain Hut, just around 2,5 km northwest of La Maladeta, and 1,5 km northeast of Pico del Alba, both well-known ´threethousanders´ of the area.

The fact that Maladeta, Pico del Alba and Aneto mountains (all of them 3.000ers) are so close to this peak keeps this top away from the thousands of mountaineers who, each season, visit this region of the Spanish Pyrenees.

Pico de Paderna has no glaciers, and the route to the top, over grassy slopes, is relatively easy (at least in the spring, summer and autum). This makes the mountain much less interesting than the neighbouring summits. Nevertheless, the Pico de Paderna can be interesting for mountaineering:
Pico de Paderna in the morningPico de Paderna

- It is a relatively ´easy´ top (except in winter), close to La Renclusa Mountain hut, which can be used as training place for beginners, or just like a half day trip for those who have some time free in the area.

- It gives a very nice views over the Maladeta Glacier, with its 3.000ers peaks. Also the views over the upper Benasque valley are great. From the top one can clearly see as far as La Forcanada, but also Perdiguero. Salvaguardia peak appears just in front, to the north. The Tuca Blanca de Paderna is very impressive from here too.

Routes overview

There is only a known route to the top of this peak and, therefore, this is the ´normal´ route. After the short approach from the hut of La Renclusa the line follows the southwest ridge.

It is a F -class itinerary.

It involves walking over paths (sometimes not very evident), grassy terrein, loose rock terrein (before reaching the Collado de Paderna, on the ride, and near the top) and a small big boulders field. It is not very difficult and is advisable for beginners.

The route takes about two hours to the top.

Sketch over the Alpina map for Pico de Paderna

Getting there

The closest village to this mountain is Benasque, in Huesca province.

Benasque can be reached with car from Huesca, over a mountain road.

There are some bus services which connect Benasque with the rest of the province.

To get to the mountain area from Benasque there is a service of ´shuttle´ busses (public transport) which connects the village center with the LLanos del Hospital and, then, to the end of the asfalt road at La Besurta (1.900 m).

The mountain area can be reached with private car too. A road goes further deep in the Benasque valley till the LLanos del Hospital (where there is a parking lot) and beyond up till La Besurta. Nevertheless, at the Llanos del Hospital (where there is a mountain resort (hotel)too)the access for private cars is restricted.

Visitors will have to park their car there (or at the parking of the Hotel de los Llanos del Hospital, 500 m further, if you are staying at this hotel), and you can walk to La Besurta and further to La Renclusa, or take the shuttle-bus (one bus each 35 minutes, about € 4,5 pp for double way). The section between the parking at Llanos del Hospital and La Besurta is closed for non authorized vehicles.

From mid september till mid june you can drive all the way to La Besurta, at least during the months the snow is not covering this road!

Huts and Camping

Refugio de La Renclusa, at about 1,5 km away from the top, is the closest accomodation infrastructure in the area of this mountain.

Next to the mountain hut there are some other options to camp/pass the night in the area:

- bivouak: camping is strictly forbidden in Spain, except in areas specially designed for it. On the other hand, bivouak is allowed in Spain above the 2.000 meters, setting the tent one hour before sunset and breaking down the bivouak one hour after sunrise. Where there are guarded mountain huts, you will have to take a distance of, at least, 500 m from the hut. Where La Renclusa hut is there is an area where, so far, bivouak is being allowed by the authorities responsible of the Natural Park.

- small mountain huts: there are some non-guarded huts (very small) at the area of La Renclusa, Aigüalluts,...which can be used for the night.
- Cabaña de Plan d´Estan (1.850 m) next to the road from Llanos del Hospital to La Besurta.
- Nameless hut (2.290 m) just above the La Renclusa hut, some meters north of Collado de la Renclusa.

- Hotel Llanos del Hospital: this is a real mountain hotel, with all kind of luxes and facilities.

External Links

www.jonsanz.com Mountain Guiding in the Aneto, Posets and Maladeta area.



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