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Location Lat/Lon: 42.64816°N / 0.42666°E
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Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 10932 ft / 3332 m
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Ridge Pavots-EspadasRidge South
PosetsRidge East (Posets)
Espadas is the second most important mountain of the massif of Posets. The peak is at west of the main summit joined by a spectacular ridge. Both peaks are not very far but the ridge is not easy because has some rock-climbing of II+ and a very sharp and narrow step-crossing. Another route is possible from collado Pavots across the south ridge also with a wall of rock-climbing of grade II or II+. Both routes are P.D. and the peak doesn’t have any easy route. For this reason the most advisable route for people with experience is climbing across South ridge passing to Posets and descending following the normal route of this peak passing Canal Fonda (it’s the most classical of Espadas-Posets ridge).You have two posibilities to reach the ridge of Espadas: Refugio Viados or Refugio Angel Orús but the last is the most advisable because the entry to the normal route is easier. If you come from Viados across Col of Eriste you must traverse two difficult and exposed rock-climbings (III) before the ridge of Pavots.The Espadas-Posets ridge: it's one of the most beautiful routes of medium difficulty (P.D.) of the Pyrenees. The ridge is very exposed with great fall but it's not very difficult because in some places even yo can walk in the edge but it's not for people with fear. The most famous past is a very short section of 10 meters named "paso del funambulista" (tightrope walker's pass) in the East ridge between Espadas and Tuca de Llardaneta.

The other three-thousands of Espadas-Posets

Diente Royo (3,010m)Diente Royo
Pico PavotsPavots
Tuca de Llardaneta and PosetsTuca de Llardaneta
Posets and Tuqueta RoyaTuqueta Roya
The full ridge of Espadas-Posets includes 6 peaks of official list of 3.000 m of Pyrenees. From SW to NE:-Diente Royo (3.010m): easy normal route across South face (Angel Orús-Ibón de Llardaneta)-Pico Pavots or Tucón Royo (3.121m): main peak with an easy normal route from col de Pavots (its North col). I'll write someday a page about this peak because not all the people can climb the full ridge and it's very interesting for all kind of mountaineers.-Espadas (3.332m): of course.-Tuca de Llardaneta (3.311m): it's a main peak in the East ridge but the routes go from Espadas (II+) or from Posets (II-) and probably I don't will write a page because you need climb in first time the other main peaks.-Tuqueta Roya (3.273m): small peak with interesting views and without difficulties.-Posets (3.370m): the second highest peak of Pyrenees. If you reach this peak across Espadas-Posets ridge your satisfaction will be very great but it's also a nice and big peak that you can enjoy across its normal route (Canal Roya).

Getting There

The trailhead of Refugio Angel Orús is reached from the village of Eriste (at South of Benasque) following a forest track of 7km to Cascada de la Espigantosa.See bigger map

Red Tape

For people without experience is very advisable the use of the rope with harness and helmet.
Very important: on summer in the last years you must park in the village of Eriste taking  a bus to trailhead in casada de Espigantosa.  


Campings: -camping Aneto-camping Senarta (free, you must pay only a little tax)-camping Ixeia-camping Borda d'ArnaldetMountain Huts:*Angel Orús (or Forcaus): at 2095 m.(974/344044). 96 beds. (42º 36.27 N / 00º 29.46 E 2119 meters high, info of coordinates add by eza)*Estós: at 1890 m.(974/551483). 115 beds.*Biadós: (974/506082). In Sobrarbe. 70 beds.All the huts have electric light, showers, hot water, ordinary restaurant, bunk beds,...(very comfortables).Night at mountain hut is advisable (reserves are required to spend the night in the huts).

External Links

-Posets-Maladeta Park-Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo.



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