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2011 Numbers

Featured below is a list of the mountains, peaks, and canyons I climbed in 2011

Total distance hiked: Unknown (I didn't add it up for 2011)

Total elevation gain: About 215,000 feet

Total unique summits: 57

Total ranked summits (300P): 51

Total canyons: 8

2011 Trip Log

DateImagePeak/Canyon NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)Location and Range
March 12
Upper Chute Canyon
Upper Chute CanyonnanaSan Rafael Swell, Utah
March 13
Quandary Canyon
Quandary CanyonnanaSan Rafael Swell, Utah
March 13
Ramp Canyon
Ramp CanyonnanaSan Rafael Swell, Utah
March 14
Little Wild Horse Canyon
Little Wild Horse/Bell CanyonsnanaSan Rafael Swell, Utah
March 15
Happy Canyon Narrows
Happy Canyon NarrowsnanaRobbers Roost Country, Utah
March 31
Sinbad Country
San Rafael Knob7,9211,981San Rafael Swell, Utah
May 4
James Peak
James Peak13,294714Front Range, Colorado
May 5
Belford summit block
Mount Belford14,1971,337Sawatch Range, Colorado
May 21
Leprechaun Canyon
Leprechaun CanyonnanaRobbers Roost Country, Utah
May 22
Shenanigans CanyonnanaRobbers Roost Country, Utah
May 29
Mt. Silverheels
Mount Silverheels13,8222,280Front Range, Colorado
May 31
Antero and Princeton
Calumet Mountain9,724184Mosquito Range, Colorado
June 4
Early morning
Ellingwood Point14,042342Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
June 4
Blanca Peak
Blanca Peak14,3455,326Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
June 5
Mt Shavano
Mount Shavano14,2291,619Sawatch Range, Colorado
June 5
Tabeguache Peak
Tabeguache Peak14,155455Sawatch Range, Colorado
June 12
Challenger Point
Challenger Point14,081301Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
June 13
Mt Sneffels
Mount Sneffels14,1503,050San Juan Range, Colorado
June 25
Uncompahgre Peak
Uncompahgre Peak14,3144,242San Juan Range, Colorado
June 25
Matterhorn Peak
Matterhorn Peak13,590570San Juan Range, Colorado
June 26
Redcloud Peak
Redcloud Peak14,0371,436San Juan Range, Colorado
June 26
Sunshine Peak
Sunshine Peak14,001501San Juan Range, Colorado
June 27
San Luis
San Luis Peak14,0143,114San Juan Range, Colorado
June 28
Handies Peak
Handies Peak14,0481,908San Juan Range, Colorado
June 28
Point 13,535
Point 13,53513,535515San Juan Range, Colorado
June 29
Sunrise on Antero
Mount Antero14,2692,503Sawatch Range, Colorado
June 29
Cronin Peak
Cronin Peak13,8701,050Sawatch Range, Colorado
June 30
Twining Peak reflection,...
Point 13,50013,500360Sawatch Range, Colorado
June 30
Twining Peak
Twining Peak13,7111,251Sawatch Range, Colorado
July 7
Point 8202
Point 8,202 8,202150Chelan-Sawtooth Range, Washington
July 9
Star Peak
Star Peak8,6901,190Chelan-Sawtooth Range, Washington
July 9
Oval Peak
Courtney Peak8,392812Chelan-Sawtooth Range, Washington
July 10
Tuckaway Lake...
Grey Peak8,082422Chelan-Sawtooth Range, Washington
July 10
Battle Mountain
Battle Mountain7,710450Chelan-Sawtooth Range, Washington
July 17
Colchuck Peak8,705685Stuart Range, Washington
July 24
Vesper Peak
Vesper Peak6,2141,594Mountain Loop Highway Peaks, Washington
July 29
Cannon Mountain
Cannon Mountain8,638858Stuart Range, Washington
July 29
Enchantment Peak
Enchantment Peak HP8,540520Stuart Range, Washington
July 31
Mt. Stuart
Mount Stuart9,4155,359Stuart Range, Washington
August 16
Downs and Northwest Peaks
Downs Mountain13,3491,569Wind River Range, Wyoming
August 16
Last alpenglow...
Point 13,06213,062442Wind River Range, Wyoming
August 17
Looking back...
Yukon Peak12,825525Wind River Range, Wyoming
August 17
Pedastal Peak summit
Pedestal Peak13,340280Wind River Range, Wyoming
August 27
Grays Peak...
Grays Peak14,2702,770Front Range, Colorado
August 27
Torreys Peak
Torreys Peak14,269560Front Range, Colorado
September 3
Mt. Adams summit
Mount Adams13,931871Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
September 15
 Clark Peak towers above Hang...
Clark Peak12,9512,771Medicine Bow Range, Colorado
September 17
Mt. Massive
Mount Massive14,4211,961Sawatch Range, Colorado
September 18
Castle Peak
Castle Peak14,2652,365Elk Range, Colorado
September 18
Conundrum Peak
Conundrum Peak14,060240Elk Range, Colorado
September 20
Crystal Lake
Crystal Peak13,852632Tenmile Range, Colorado
September 20
Crystal and Quandary
Peak 1013,633373Tenmile Range, Colorado
September 25
Vermilion Peak
Vermilion Peak13,8942,105San Juan Range, Colorado
September 25
Fuller Peak13,761261San Juan Range, Colorado
September 29
Fletcher summit...
Fletcher Mountain13,951611Tenmile Range, Colorado
October 2
Casco Peak
Casco Peak13,908648Sawatch Range, Colorado
October 16
Mt. Democrat
Mount Democrat14,148768Mosquito Range, Colorado
October 20
Mount Edwards
Mount Edwards13,850470Front Range, Colorado
October 23
Snowmass Lake Sunrise
Snowmass Mountain14,0921,152Elk Range, Colorado
November 27
Clinton Peak
Mount Cameron14,238138Mosquito Range, Colorado
November 27
Mt. Lincoln
Mount Lincoln14,2863,862Mosquito Range, Colorado
November 27
Mt Bross as seen from the...
Mount Bross14,172312Mosquito Range, Colorado
December 11
Huron Peak
Huron Peak14,0031,423Sawatch Range, Colorado
December 25
Mt. Elbert
Mount Elbert14,4339,093Sawatch Range, Colorado