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Location Lat/Lon: 44.96992°N / 6.74785°E
Additional Information Elevation: 10272 ft / 3131 m
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The Mount Chaberton presents at the top the so called "Batteria Chaberton" or Chaberton Battery, a militar forstress built there by the Italian Army at the end of the XIX-beginning XX century for take control on the Brianconne region. It is structurated as 8 towers built in stone and concrate whixh holded on the top a 149/35 gun protected by a steel cappot. Also there were several rooms, chambers and corridor created in the body of the mountain for the garrison lovated there. A long service road for carriage and veichles was also built from Fenlis. It was the higest fortress of the Europe, maybe a suggestion for the "Bastiani Forstress" described by Dino Buzzati in his novel "The Tartarian Desert" (il Desterto dei Tartrari). The project at its time was very ambitious since it was tought that no gun from the France could be able to fire at this hight with such slope. But the evolution of the weapon systems demonstrated that this "theorema" it was wrong. During the II WW, in the May-June of 1940 it was bombed by the French artillery and destroyed within one day. The French Army used guns with parabolic traiectory that were able to reach such hight. At that service time it was close to the italian border with France, but after the Peace treat of 1947 the border it pass exactly at the top of the mountain . The complex of fortification built and left there merit a visit. It is by each approach a quite easy walking up, possible even biking. Wonderful panorama, take with you a good light source and a helmet if you wish to visit the inner of the fortification Large panoramic point from the Alpi Cozie (Monte Viso, Pic Rochebrunne, Isard region) to the Delphinate Alpes, Mount Blanc and Graian Alpes I suggest to visit this very documented site

Getting There

By the Italian Side: you can start from Cesana torinese or Fenilix. To arrive there from torino: follow the National Route SS24 Susa Olux, or the SS23 del Sestreire, then you arrive there. By French Side: form Brinacon drive thowards Mongenieve

Red Tape

It is an easy walking. No permit required In case you intend to visit the rouine of the fortress, keep with you a light torch, a helmet, maybe a roop and not be alone! You can arrive to the top by foot, skying or biking. In case there is still snow covering, mainly in the spring or autumn, look carefully for hidden barbet wires that could be dangerouse in case the old military root is covered by snow. Normal equipement, but not to be underexstimated with snow: avalanges! In the summer there could be no water aong the way up

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Miscellaneous Info

This region of the Alpes it was a key part of the border between France and Italy. After the Austrian-France wars during the XIX century, ended with the collapse of the Second Empire of Napoleon III, the political relationship between France and Italy turned to become "cold" and quite unfrandly. Italy joined in an alliance "Tripice Alleanza" with German and Austrina Empire (untill 1914) and France on the other side promoted the alliance with Great Britain and Russian Empire. This system of alliance it was responseable of the suddenly delagration of the I WW after the murder of Sarajevo, August 1914, when Franz Ferdinad was murdered by Gavrilo Princzip. All the region is full of XIX-century military buildings and even older. Since form the Middle Age and even before, this part of the border between Italy and France has got a key role in the history, mainly for the French Kingdom. Louis XIII and hs son, Luois XIV has built several important fortification along the valley Chisone, Dora and in Brianconne Please visit Brianconne then Fenenstrelle and other forteress in the region

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Rafa Bartolome

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hello, you can use the coordenates of summit of some of my pictures to edit the page (or you can find easily in google map).


eza - Aug 28, 2012 2:13 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: coordenates

I'd say something like 44.964290 N / 6.75160 E ? ;)

Rafa Bartolome

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Re: coordenates

something like that... but the mountain appear in google map and you can choose a big plateau in the summit to click (like real one)

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