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Location Lat/Lon: 46.02338°N / 10.78891°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6263 ft / 1909 m
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Cima Sera 1909 m is a fine mountain belonging to the Alpi di Ledro and located between the Busa di Tione and the plain of Bleggio. The mountain enjoys a privileged panoramic position thanks to which it is possible to take a view on an exceptional number of mountains of the Trentino region. From the summit all the mountains of the South-Western Trentino are practically visible from near, from the Adamello and Presanella glaciers to the southern Brenta Dolomites, to the Ledro Prealps, to the Prealpi Venete e Trentine.

Cima Sera and the Carè Alto subgroup seen from Monte Stivo
Cima Sera and the Carè Alto subgroup seen from Monte Stivo

Farther to the East the view sweeps over the Piccole Dolomiti, the Western Valsugana mountains and the Lagorai. To the NE the Western Dolomites with the Marmolada and the Catinaccio Group are clearly visible. This itinerary also has a great naturalistic interest, particularly spectacular are the beechs of Malga Stabio.

Presanella South-Eastern side
Cima Sera and Presanella S-E side

Getting There

The starting point of the descent is the Passo Duròn, Bleggio Superiore at an altitude of 985 m. It can be reached starting from Tione di Trento.

From the Tione di Trento roundabout, turn in the direction of Trento and immediately after the bridge over the Arnò stream, leave the state road to turn right onto the  road 222 to Passo Duròn. After passing the villages of Bolbeno and Zuclo, the road rises towards the pass, which is reached after 5 km. Beyond the pass on the right there is a bar-restaurant and a parking lot.

Beautiful beech near Malga Stabio
Beautiful beech near Malga Stabio
Winter landscape at Malga Stabio
Winter landscape at Malga Stabio





Cima Sera Normal Route

Malga Stabio, detail of the old country entrance
Malga Stabio, detail of the old country entrance



Cima Sera Normal route from Passo Duròn

Summit quote: 1909 m
Difficulty: F in winter condition, otherwise E
Difference in level: 980 m
Exposition: North, then South
Passo Duròn 985 m

The route starts from a parking lot near the restaurant-shelter just before Passo Duròn where you leave the car. Take the road that passes in front of the restaurant and after a few dozen meters at a crossroads leave the forest road on the right and turn to left into the path SAT 463 to Malga Stabio. The wide mule track rises constantly in the beech-wood, sometimes steeply. At the second junction take the right direction. The itinerary continues to rise in the dense forest and higher up links up with the forest road that was left at the first junction. After a narrow bend to the right the route enters a wooden arch with the signpost Malga Stabio and soon after gets a new junction, where to keep the left, reaching the vast plateau of Malga Stabio, a wonderful place with a broad panorama of the Adamello groups and Presanella.

Reaching the wooden arch near Malga Stabio
Wooden arch on the route
Huge beech on Malga Stabio clearing
Huge beech
Reaching Bocchetta Piazzola on the way to Cima Sera
Reaching Bocchetta Piazzola
The wild Val Marcia and Gavardina group from Bocchetta Piazzola
The wild Val Marcia

Our destination, Cima Sèra, finally appears from the clearing to the left (East). It is worthwhile to stop at the beautiful alpine alm with a wooden portal country style and a room always open with a solid wood table, a stove and some beds. Between  Malga Stabia and a smaller building on the right are some in the middle of some majestic beeches in the middle.  Near Malga Stabia ignore the path SAT 463, which head to right towards Monte Gavardina. Instead start to cross the broad clearing in a South-East direction, at first along a slope in the open, then briefly inside the forest. reaching the terrace of the Bocchetta Piazzola 1520 m, located between Cima Sèra to the left and Monte Friscec to the right. The views to the the wild Val Marcia and the Alpi di Ledro with the tops of Dòss della Torta,  Gavardina and Cogorna are impressive. From the Bocchetta Piazzola the itinerary turns sharply to the left (North), re-entering onto the beech forest that that is followed for about half a hour along steep slopes. 

The clearing of Malga Stabio surrounded by the Adamello and Ledro Alps seen from above
The clearing of Malga Stabio surrounded by the Adamello and Ledro Alps seen from the summit ridge


At the end of the beech-wood the itinerary exits on an aerial and steep ridge. Climb it to get the small summit without any signal on the right. A little further on, on a Northern fore-summit, there is a big wooden cross with the book of climbs. The panorama is absolutely exciting and amazing.

Carè Alto close-up from the top of Cima Sera
Carè Alto close-up from Cima Sera



Descent: reversing the same route

Essential gear

From April-May to October-November the normal hiking gear is enough. During the winter bring warm clothing. Moreover in the winter period snowshoes, ski or crampons are required, depending on the conditions of the snow-cover.

Red Tape

No fees no permits required.


The itinerary crosses a beautiful beech forest with its dense foliage, almost impenetrable to the light, where therefore only a few species that bear the shade can live, such as the Helleborus niger or Christmas Rose, the Fior di Stecco and some orchids.
At the sides of the path the forest is scattered with erratic boulders that instead of being of limestone rock as Cima Sera are formed of a granite-like rock, the "tonalite", a rock similar to the granite, found only in the Adamello-Presanella massif and transported so far from the movements of the very ancient glaciers.

Helleborus Niger
Helleborus Niger
Beautiful beech near Malga Stabio
Beautiful beech near Malga Stabio

When to Climb

All year round. Winter ascents require specific equipment.


Several possibilities of accomodation in Tione, Comano and surroundings.

Summit views

Corno di Cavento close-up from Cima Sera
Corno di Cavento close-up from Cima Sera
Close-up of Cima Presanella from Malga Stabio clearing
Close-up of Cima Presanella from Malga Stabio clearing


"Zaino in spalla con le racchette da neve" - Fausto Camerini, Ed. Franciacorta

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