Tahoe Ogul Peak List

California/Nevada, United States, North America
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Update 06/09/21 - I have been granted ownership of this page by sierramtngoat and I look forward to bringing it back to life! I have started gathering the missing links in the list below and identifying the peaks that are missing their own pages. I will eventually make an effort at getting the interactive map back up and running. I would love to recruit some users to help produce missing peak pages, please reach out if interested or if you complete any.

Requesting feedback from any Ogul hikers on what the page may be missing, any input is welcome.

- Colin Gregory



The Ogul list was created in the early 1980s by a group of hikers and climbers in Northern California who were members of the Peak and Gorge Section within the Mother Lode Chapter of the Sierra Club. The list includes the most notable and worthy peaks in the area around Lake Tahoe. 

Ogul is the Washoe Native American word for mountain bighorn sheep. The Washoe Tribe hunted this agile mountaineer in both the Sierra Tahoe Region and the Basin and Range to the east. Though now extinct in the area, this once great mountain sheep is a fitting symbol for our Tahoe Ogul List.

The 63 Peaks

Adams Peak (8197')
Anderson Peak (8683')
Basin Peak (9015')
Black Buttes (8030')
Castle Peak (9103')
Desert Creek Peak (8969')
Devils Peak (7704')
Dicks Peak (9974')
Duane Bliss Peak (8658')
East Sister (10402')
Ellis Peak (8740')
English Mtn (8373')
Freel Peak (10881')
Genoa Peak (9150')
Granite Chief (9006')
Haskell Peak (8107')
Hawkins Peak (10023')
Highland Peak (10934')
Jacks Peak (9856')
Da-ek Dow Go-et Mountain (8990')
Jobs Peak (10633')
Jobs Sister (10823')
Lookout Peak (9584')
Lyon Peak (8891')
Markleeville Peak (9417')
McConnell Peak (9099')
Middle Sister (10859')
Mokelumne Peak (9332')
Mt. Elwell (7812')
Mt. Fillmore (7715')
Mt. Mildred (8398')
Mt. Patterson (11673')
Mt. Price (9975')
Mt. Rose (10776')
Mt. Siegel (9450')
Mt. Lola (9143')
Mt. Tallac (9735')
Needle Peak (8971')
Old Man Mountain (7789')
Phipps Peak (9234')
Pyramid Peak (9983')
Ralston Peak (9235')
Raymond Peak (10011')
Red Lake Peak (10061')
Red Peak (9307')
Reynolds Peak (9690')
Round Top (10380')
Rubicon Peak (9183')
Sierra Buttes (8587')
Signal Peak (7841')
Silver Peak (8930')
Silver Peak (10774')
Snow Mountain (8014')
Snow Valley Peak (9214')
South Sister (11339')
Stevens Peak (10061')
Tells Peak (8872')
The Nipple (9340')
Tinker Knob (8949')
Twin Peaks (8878')
Wade Benchmark (9367')
Waterhouse Peak (9497')
Wheeler Peak (11664')




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Bob Burd

Bob Burd - Apr 7, 2008 12:47 pm - Voted 5/10

Needs some work

Hey, whatever happened to finishing this page (I just added a link to Phipps Peak, and started looking at this again)? The interactive map no longer does anything, as far as I can tell.


davis13 - Jan 27, 2009 9:19 pm - Hasn't voted

Many apologies

Well, I have to apologize for abandoning this page. I got orders to Germany and left California for a while, eventually made it back for the birth of my daughter and then six months later got orders to move to Georgia. That's where we live now and I completely lost site of this page and summit post. Honestly I can't remember what I was doing to make the map interactive! It would be great if someone could take the page over. I don't have first hand info on the peaks anymore I was ticking through them one at a time when I lived in California.

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