Trdinov vrh - Sveta Gera

Trdinov vrh - Sveta Gera

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 45.76034°N / 15.31752°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3865 ft / 1178 m
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Trdinov vrh from west

Trdinov vrh (on Slovenian) or sv. Gera (on Croatian) it is a highest summit in large ridge Gorjanci (Slovenian) or Zumberacka gora (Croatian). The whole main ridge is on a border between Slovenia and Croatia and so is some natural separation line for people on each side of mountain. With the highest summit of 1128 m isn’t some high mountain, but on each side other part is very low (only a few hundred meter over see level), so from distance this massive seem to be larger as it is in reality.
All slopes are covered with forest, from both sides it is also a road to a top of summit. On summit it is rest of old church (reason for Croatian name Sv. Gera), in neighbourhood is also an open chapel (on Croatian side). But from farness we see on top a high tower with antennas (summit is a highest pick in this area).
Ridge of Gorjanci or. Zumberacka gora is limited also by two rivers: Krka on Slovenian side and Kupa on Croatian side.

Getting There


Mountain is on south-east part in Slovenia (north-west part of Croatia). The largest near cities are Novo mesto (Slovenia), about 30km away, and Zagreb and Karlovac (Croatia), about 40km away from summit.
Slovenian side:
Ascend from north is from village Gabrje (in Ratez is turn to Gabrje from main road Novo mesto – Sentjernej), from west form settle Vavta on main road Novo mesto – Metlika
Croatian side:
Ascend from south is from Sosice, a small village on south slope of Zumberacka gora. From Zagreb we can go highway to Jastrebarsko, than direction Krasic, Pribic, Medvedn Draga, Tupcina, Gornji Ojstrc, Restovo and than we reach Sosice.

Red Tape


Is no limitation


Dom na Gospodicni

1. Planinski dom Vinka Padersica na Gospodicni (Slovenian side): 57 beds, phone: ++386 7 302 49 20, open from April, 15-th to October, 15-th all days, on weekends all year
2. Planinarski dom na Vodicama (Croatian side), 70 beds, phone: ++385 1 33 62 725, mobile: ++385 98 95 71 177, e-mail: , open weekends from start April to end October

External Links

Top of sumit

Planinski dom na Gospodicni

Planinarski dom na Vodicama (only in Croatian language)

Tourist area: ALONG the Kolpa river and across the Gorjanci (pdf file)

Natural park Zumberak

Routes Overview

Trdinov vrh (map)

Slovenian side:
From Gabrje (2h)
From Jugorje (2h)
From Krvavi kamen (1h)
From From Gospodicna (1h)

Croatian side:
From Sosice (2,5h)

Other routes

Ruines of sveta Gera

Because fables and tales of this area are written by Janez Trdina, also a circular path (about 150 km) is made, with name “Trdinova pot” and part of this path go also over Gorjanci (with red T marked).

Miscellaneous Info

Gospodicna spring

Gospodicna Source: Situated under the Lodge is the source of the Gospodicna Spring, which achieved
fame after being mentioned in the book entitled »Fables and Tales about the Gorjanci«
written by Janez Trdina. The source is only a fem meters from Dom na Gospodicni away.
Short story:
An old lady goes out from castle in a forest. Other people think she die in forest, but she found a water source and she drink from this water. After she sleeps for a while and when she walks up, she was much younger. So the source get name »Gospodicna« (young lady).
Also now, many »old ladies« believe this story and they come to the source.