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Punta Kurz
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Punta Kurz

Punta Kurz

Page Type: Mountain/Rock

Location: Europe

Lat/Lon: 45.95545°N / 7.53525°E

Object Title: Punta Kurz

County: Italy-Swizzerland

Elevation: 11470 ft / 3496 m


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The final ridge.
The final ridge

Nice mountain situated in a not very specific area af Pennine Alps on boundary Italy-Swizzerland.

The name of it is dedicated to the famous swiss ski-climber Marcel Kurz(1887-1967).
Is not easy to named this area because this with other summits aren't a part of chains or mejour mountais as the neighbour Grand Combin and Dent d'Herens.

This area may be called "Collon area",by the important Col Collon pass,often crossed by many routes.

Other important summit of this area are: Gran Becca d'Oren, Eveque, Mont Collon, La Vierge, Mont Brule' and Dents des Bouquetins.

It's almost totally covered of ice(impressive the serracs on the north side), and it's connected by the east ridge to the near Mont Brule', and to Becca della Vannette by the south ridge.
Col collon
North wall

Who's Marcel Kurz and the origin of cross-country skiing

The origin of cross-country skiing
The theories of the origins of cross-country skiing are different: there who want even be traced back to prehistoric times when hunters from the Bronze Age is addentravano in the Alpine valleys with snow moving on leather shoes, following the retreat of glaciers and who content to find in the more recent history of "Esquimesi" or that of Italian Alpine troops during the WW1.
Without trying to go but those that are more than anything else the origins more or less of an ancient search tools to move the snow, there is a specific date that conventionally takes birth as a ski mountaineering: 1893.
The affirmation of ski mountaineering, intended as a real sport, it is usually done to coincide with the publication released in 1923, a famous book: "Alpinisme Hivernal" by Marcel Kurz.
At the patronage of the mountain during the winter was very timely topic. Kurz's book was a revelation for many, and scored the final development of the practice of mountain skiing.
"It was only in January 1893-recalls that the author-Christopher Iselin of Glaris and three of his friends managed to overcome ... the hill of Pragel (1554 m), crossing regarded as the origin of mountain hiking in ski ".
In the same year,in Davos,were born of seal skins,then the famous knives Bilgheri,sticks.
Kurz recalls the history of mountain skiing from the precursors to the first hesitant to use experience of skiing in the high mountains and the next triumph with the completion of major crossings like Chamonix-Zermatt:the fascinating saga of what the same Kurz called "second conquest of the Alps.

Who's Marcel Kurz
(1887-1867) was born in Neuchatel,where he lived and where today the seat of the foundation that bears his name.He was the father Louis,passionate musician,explorer and mountain climber,to start youth in the high mountains.Topograph engineer,Kurz followed in the footsteps of parents working with him to the realization of the first paper scale 1:50.000 in the region of Mount Blanc and the "Guide de la Chaîne du Mont Blanc", which would be transformed over time in the famous guide Vallot.
He entered a student became part dell'Akademischen Alpen Club of CAS, turned his mountaineering activities especially to four thousand:between 1907 and 1920 went up all those Valais. Kurz gathered his experiences in the book "Alpinisme Hivernal"fundamental work for the development of mountain skiing.Later he published three volumes of "Guides du skieur dans les Alpes Valaisannes" and four of "Guides des Alpes Valaisannes.
Related book:http://www.liberonweb.com/asp/libro.asp?ISBN=8878081124

Getting There

Area reachable from Italy and Swizzerland.
Route from ITALY:via Valpelline-Comba d'Oren-rif Nacamuli.
From Turin, Milan. Leave motorway A5 in Aosta Est, then follow Grand Sant Bernard tunnel direction.
Once passed Valpelline village,take the direction to lake of Place Moulin.
Route from SWIZZERLAND:via Arolla.
From Geneva,Sion. Arolla is the topmost village of the uppermost valley of the Val d'Hérens.
In former times, you could reach it only on foot. Now, there exists a road. You reach Arolla by car
from Sion via Evolène and Les Haudères.


Very good place fo ski-mauntaineering.The very famous hauteroute
Chamonix-Zermatt,passes through this region with same variants.
North wall (Ugo Manera 10/08/1962) 500 meters of ice.The route change every year.
Many serracs and ice falling warning.Difficulty D+
North-east flank The normal route both caming from Swiss or Italy.The route usually start fro ref.Nacamuli.
Also goog with ski.Difficulty F+/BSA
South-west ridge .It's a very long rocky ridge.Unusual route.Probably goog if connected with
the ascention on Becca Vannette.Difficulty PD
East ridge Ice ridge linked with Mont Brule',short and easy.Pay attention
to the north side.


The ref Nacamuli.
the ref. Nacamuli

Italian side
Ref.Nacamuli-Col Collon
60 places.2828m at the head of Comba d'Oren,3-4 hours from the dike of Place Moulin.Open summer and spring for ski-mauntaineering.Difficulty EE

Swiss side
Ref.Des Bouquetins
25 places.2980m at the head of Glacier d'Arolla.3-4 hours from Arolla.Open summer.Tel0041 21 845 63 21.Difficulty F
Cabanes des Vignettes
125 places.3160m,situated near the "Col des Vignettes".3-4 hours from Arolla.
Tel.0041 27 283 13 22.Open summer and spring.Difficulty F

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