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Location Lat/Lon: 47.41113°N / 11.43848°E
Additional Information Elevation: 9019 ft / 2749 m
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Main summit of the Karwendel which is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the northern limestone Alps. The Karwendel is situated north of the Inn valley and the city of Innsbruck (capitel of Tyrol). The source of the Isar river (which runs through Munich) is in the Karwendel just south of the Birkkarspitze. The Karwendel features more than 125 summits over 2000m. Only a few are often visited. There are still very remote places. The easiest route on the Birkkarspitze is just a relatively simply hike (some cables close to the summit)

Getting There

Either Scharnitz at the west of Karwendel (train station - 2 hours from Munich) or Hinterriß (bus service in summer from Lenggries)

Red Tape

no permits, no fees, no closure

When To Climb

July to September. Best in autumn when it is most likely that the Schlauchkar is snow free. Is also done as a ski tour in spring.


no camping allowed. There is a hut, just at the foot (northern side) of the mountain: Karwendel Hut (Karwendelhaus): Web site

Mountain Conditions

Keeper of the Karwendelhaus, the hut which is situated at the approach from north Karwendelhaus

Route Overview

The Birkkarspitze can be climbed from north and south. It is especially interesting to do the north-south-traverse from Halleranger Haus to Karwendelhaus (very long 10-12 hours). 1) Final summit ascent starts at the Schlauchkarsattel, a high pass in the central Karwendel chain. Some cable, just 15 minutes to the summit. 2) The Schlauchkarsattel can be reached a) from north (Karwendel Hut) via Schlauchkar (fastest and easiest way, also with skis in spring and early summer) or via Brendelsteig (traversing the 3 Ödkarspitzen, see route Brendlsteig). b) from south (Hinterautal)

Overview: the important Karwendel summits

Complete liste of all Karwendel peaks ober 2000 mhier.
Birkkarspitze 2749 m Highest Karwendel summit
Ödkarspitze, mittlere 2745 m Neighbor of Birkkarspitze, traversed on Brendlsteig
Kaltwasserkarspitze 2733 m easiest ascent south ridge from Kasten in Hinterautal (II)
Bettelwurf, Großer 2725 m Highest summit of the Gleiersch-Halltal-chain
Großer Lafatscher 2696 m easy, but no path
Große Seekarspitze 2679 m I
Grubenkarspitze 2663 m no path (I) from Roßloch
Solstein, Kleiner 2637 m Highest summit of the noth or Inn valley chain
Speckkarspitze 2621 m East of Lafatscher Joch, often climbed from Halleranger Hut
Laliderer Spitze 2583 m famous climbs on the north side, easy from south
Sonntagkarspitze 2575 m South ridge (I) from Pfeis Hut, nice not often visited summit in Gleiersch-Halltal-chain
Pleisenspitze 2567 m Most western summit inKarwendel main chain
Stempeljochspitze 2543 m Nice summit close to the Pfeis hut
Solstein, Großer 2540 m Easy to climb from Solstein hut
Östliche Karwendelspitze 2537 m Hihgest summit in the
Vogelkarspitze 2523 m Neighbor of Östliche Karwendelspitze, seldom climbed
Lamsenspitze 2508 m Famous summit in the Eastern Karwendel main chain
Hoher Gleiersch 2491 m Most western summit of Gleiersch-Halltal chain
Wörner 2476 m II from Mittenwald
Sonnjoch 2457 m Main summit of a small Group
Gamsjoch 2452 m Main summit of another Group
Erlspitze 2404 m Main summit of the Erlspitze Group
Kuhkopf 2390 m Seldom visited summit in the Eastern Northern Karwendel chain
Westliche Karwendelspitze 2385 m Above Mittenwald, often climbed together with Mittenwalder Höhenweg
Steinfalk 2348 m Easiest summit of the small Falken group
Freiungen, Westgipfel 2332 m In the Erlspitz group
Suntiger Spitze 2321 m Nice easy summit with breathtaking views in the region of Halleranger Hut
Schaufelspitze 2308 m Neighbor of Sonnjochs, seldom visited
Soiernspitze 2259 m Main summit of Soiern group
Rotwandlspitze 2192 m at the southern end of Mittenwalder Höhenweg
Brunnsteinspitze 2180 m close to Rotwandlspitze
Schafreuter 2105 m Nice summit in the Karwendel Prealps
Torkopf 2012 m
Kompar 2011 m Easy summit above the famous maple grounds
Schönalmjoch 1986 m Nicce with skis or snowshoes

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