Clear Creek Mountain

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Clear Creek Mountain
Created On: Aug 15, 2012
Last Edited On: Apr 13, 2013


West Temple and Zion
Zion National Park from Clear Creek Mountain

Note: Because there isn't a "designated" area for this peak on Summitpost, I wanted to attach this page to the Zion page so it wouldn't get lost in all of the other random peaks. I have left the elevation off the main part of the page so as not to make people think this is the highest peak inside of Zion National Park. Instead, I will just have it on the body of the page.

Clear Creek Mountain
is a flattope 8,123ft peak located on the east side of Zion National Park, just outside of the park.  Clear Creek Mountain can be seen from almost anywhere in the area' including most places in Zion. Most people drive right by it on the North Fork Road in order to access canyons such as Englestead Hollow, Birch Hollow, Orderville Canyon, or the Narrows. Clear Creek Mountain makes for an awesome peak to do with some downtime or just for a change of scenery while in the area. Clear Creek's summit is very broad, so the views are spread out acrossed the entire mountain. Views of from this mountain include views of all of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Brian Head Peak, the White Cliffs around Mt. Carmel and much more! The summit does have a cell tower on top and roads going to the summit, but this peak is worth the hike due to the views of the surrounding area. Aside from the views, the hike up from the North Fork Road is a spectacular one due to the immense amount flora and fauna. Deer are everywhere and there are many stands of quaking aspen along with a few springs.

Hiking Info

Birch Hollow Drainage- From the Birch Hollow Trailhead, follow the drainage upwards up a creek bed (which flows early in the year and drys out in the fall). The vegetation might be kind of thick at times, but gradually do an ascending traverse along the hikers right side of the creek to avoid the denser vegetation. After about .5 miles, you will reach a road.
Along the Road
Hiking along the road at sunset

Follow the road left uphill from about .5 miles again through stands of aspen and around a big water tank to a opening and a meadow .

Water Tank
The water tank amidst stands of aspen
From here, looking upwards to the south you should see some cliff bands that bar passage. Look for the break in the cliff band to the hikers left and get ontop of the broad plateau of Clear Creek Mountain (.4 miles). Follow the ridge right across sand dunes (!!) and enjoy the views of Zion to the west.

Climbing the Cliff Bands
Hiking up the cliff bands..sorry for the out of focus photo

Follow this through mild schwacking until you get to a drainage. Follow it to the east in order to not loose elevation (.36 miles). There are two small forks to this drainage: an east and west fork. Cross of the the saddle at the top of the east fork and then traverse around to the saddle at the top of the west fork.
Following the Ridge
Following the ridge towards the summit

The vegetation gets kind thick again, but continue south through this to reach another road. (.33 miles). Follow the gradually ascending road towards the summit towers. The true summit is just north of the cell towers. (.75 miles).
True Summit
The true summit- buried in the manzanita!

Red Tape

The Summit Towers
The summit cell tower..probably off limits to play on
This area is dotted with private land. There is lots of private land on the west side of Clear Creek Mountain. By following the creekbed on the way up, you avoid the residences. Technically, the whole North Fork Road goes across private land. However, we didnt see any "to do" about it and people were camped all over the place. Just dont tresspass where it says not to tresspass and you will be fine. Winter months will make this road impassable. I would imagine that it is not plowed. After heavy rains, this road becuase a mudfest too, so plan accordingly and don't rut it out if you can help it.


Our Camp
Our camp with Clear Creek behind
There is camping all over the place. Many people camp where Birch Hollow crosses the North Fork Road. If you go a little bit further down the road to a little point, there is an awesome campsite there that we used.

Getting There

Nightime Flowers
Flowers along the summit ridge with Zion behind
From Mt. Carmel Junction- Follow HWY 9 towards the east entrance of Zion National Park. Pass Zion Mountain Ranch and the buffalo pasture and look for a sign on your right side saying North Fork Road and Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort (different from Zion Mountain Ranch). Follow this road 8.5 miles to where it crosses the Birch Hollow Drainage. Park here and follow the hiking info to the top of Clear Creek Mountain. 2wd cars should be OK on this road except for really wet conditions

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Weather Conditions
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If you have any more additional information or photos, please contact me or add them to this page. Thank you!