Malan's Peak and Basin

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Utah, United States, North America
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Malan's Peak and Basin
Created On: Sep 10, 2008
Last Edited On: Jan 4, 2009


Located west of Mount Ogden, Malan's Peak could be included in the hike.
It is a short, steep hike with a well - defined trail.

A bit further past the peak is Malan's Basin. There is a plaque describing the site.

1893 - 1913
site of
Including; two story hotel, sawmill, seven
log cabins and a club house
Board & Room $6.00 per week, single meal .35 & .50
Bartholomew "Tim" Malan & Louisa Malan
and Family
Placed by
Malan Family Decendents

Plaque in the basin

Nothing is left of the resort but a steam boiler, I assume ran the sawmill and some foundations of the buildings.

It is a nice spot with great views of Ogden City.

Getting There

Several trailheads can acess the route up, including 27th Street and 29th Street Trailheads.

The first mile is a good warm up for the long, steep switchbacks going up the mountain side. It's a good 2.5 miles to the peak, gaining 2,100' of elevation.

A loop can be done, starting from Beus Trailhead bagging Ogden Peak and down through Malans.

Doing this loop, the trail is very faint coming down off Ogden, so have a map and compass or the like.

Red Tape

The trail (and the basin) runs through private property, and the land owner has graciously allowed people up here. Be curteous, and don't disturb or remove anything.


There are camping spots with fire pits in Malan's Basin.