Monte Rosso di Vertosan

Monte Rosso di Vertosan

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 45.76661°N / 7.16325°E
Activities: Mountaineering
Season: Spring
Elevation: 9656 ft / 2943 m


Normal route to Monte Rosso di Vertosan, seen from eastern base flank of Punta Leysser.

Red line: normal route. Yellow line: Leysser saddle route. Seen from Monte Rosso di Vertosan summit.

Monte Rosso di Vertosan (not to be confused with Mont Vertosan) is an amazing ski-mountaineering hike in the heart of Fallere Group. Situated north side of Punta Leysser, and not visible from Vetan, Monte Rosso offers great slopes for funny thrill descent expecially in springtime, when snow is perfectly assested. This ski-hike required perfectly assested snow, expecially attacking the unnamed pass at the begin of souther ridge. A good ascent technique with skis is necessary to get to the base of the ridge. The slope is very steep and ski-crampons are useful, expecially with icy snow.
Once arrived on summit, great sightseen on all Aostan mountains, expecially on Mont Blanc group.
Avoid Monte Rosso di Vertosan and Fallere after fresh snow, and in winter time: too much avalanche danger to be hiked.
Monte Rosso di Vertosan

Getting in Vetan (Saint Pierre)

Common road from Saint Pierre to Vetan
Vetan is a small village in Saint Pierre commune. There are a lot of possibilities to arrive here. The easiest is to drive to Saint Pierre, then turn onto SR22. Drive for about 9 km to reach the peaceful tiny village of Saint Nicolas. Once crossed the small village, arrived in a hairpin bend, turn right onto SR41 (la "Strada dei Salassi"). Ahead for about 2,5 kms until Persod village. Turn left for Grand Sarriod/Gerbore/Vetan: 3 km to Vetan. Park the car at the end of main paved road, exactly in front of Hotel Notremaison (parking free).

How to get to Saint Pierre
  • From Turin, Milan, Genoa. Follow Aosta direction on Motorway A5. Shortest and fastest way is to exit at Aosta Ovest (West Aosta), out of motorway follow Aosta - Saint Pierre direction, once on SS26 (main national free road of Aosta Valley), turn left. In a couple of kms, just under Saint Pierre Castle, turn right on SR22 described above.
    Please note: for all foreign drivers and for all italians not "Telepass" owner, if you exit at Aosta Ovest, paying cash or credit card, you'll be billed for whole ticket to Courmayeur, and this is very expansive. A true thievery! To partially f**k motorway owner, exit at Aosta E, cross Aosta on road SS26 Courmayeur direction. Pass Aosta, Sarre, go ahead arrived at Cogne/Motorway A5 fork. After this traffic light, 2 km to arrive at Saint Pierre.
  • From France (Petit St. Bernard, Mont Blanc). Drive onto road SS26 direction Aosta. Before arriving in Sarre/Aosta, in Saint Pierre, turn left onto SR22 road. It is possible to get directly onto SR41 (Salassi Road) from Avise (via Cerellaz, Saint Nicolas), but the road is very narrow and complicated.
  • From Switzerland (Grand Saint Bernard pass/tunnel). I suggest to descend in Aosta, follow Courmayeur direction (road SS26) until in Saint Pierre. Then turn right to SR22 for Saint Nicolas described above.
    For skilled drivers, arrived in Gignod it is possible to get directly onto SR41 (Salassi Road), from Excenez village, without descendin in Aosta. This road is a kind of labyrinth ... good area knowledge is required!
    Monte Rosso di Vertosan

    Red Tape

    No fees to be paid, car park free, dogs allowed ... Freedom for all!
    Skis stop here!


    Only in Sarre, about 20km from Vetan (generally closed in winter)
  • Internazionale Touring - 11010 Sarre (AO) - Località Arensod, 3 - Tel: 0039.0165.257061
  • Monte Bianco - 11010 Sarre (AO) - Località Saint Maurice, 3 - Tel: 0039.0165.257523

    Free camping not allowed in Aosta Valley. Only over 2500 mt. from sunset to dawn.

    Beds accomodation in Vetan

  • Hotel Notre Maison, highly commended. Wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful cooking ...
    Località Vetan, 4 - Saint Pierre (Ao) - Tel: 0039.0165.908960

    (lot of people use Hotel telephone number to get info about snow conditions for Leysser, Monte Rosso di Vertosan and Fallere)


    Map: IGC n. 4 - Massiccio del Monte Bianco, scale 1:50000

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