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Rocky Alps
Me and my hiking buddy on Grandeur Peak

Rocky Alps

Male, 35 years old

Utah, United States

Power = 156 (Vote Weight = 89.51%)

Occupation: Engineer

Day Hike Wish List:
* Coxcomb Ridge Peaks (Wasatch, UT)
* Box Elder Peak (Wellsvilles, UT)
* Cherry Peak (Bear River Range, UT)
* Reids Peak (Uintas, UT)
* Notch Peak (House Range, UT)
* Mount Peale (La Sals, UT)
* Harrison Peak (Selkirks, ID)
* Hyndman Peak (Pioneer Range, ID)
* Table Mountain (Tetons, WY)
* Mount St. John (Tetons, WY)
* Wheeler Peak (Great Basin, NV)
* East Partner Peak (Gores, CO)
* Engineer Mountain (San Juans, CO)
* Golden Horn (San Juans, CO)
* Wetterhorn Peak (San Juans, CO)
* Pyramid Peak (Elks, CO)
* Mount Agassiz (Sierra, CA)
* Mount Whitney (Sierra, CA)
* Dragontail Peak (Enchantments, WA)
* Mount Siyeh (Glacier, MT)
* Mount Fairview (Banff, Canada)
* Mount Temple (Banff, Canada)
* Faulhorn (Bernese Alps, Switzerland)
* Breithorn (Pennine Alps, Switzerland)

Potential Backpacking Trips:
* The Cathedral (Uintas, UT)
* Castle Peak (White Clouds, ID)
* Mitchell Peak (Wind Rivers, WY)
* Pigeon Peak (San Juans, CO)
* Crestone Needle (Sangres, CO)

A Few Words:
"For life–which is in any way worthy, is like ascending a mountain ... you find as you ascend that ... you not only get a clearer view of Heaven, but that you gain a wider view of earth, and that your horizon is perpetually growing larger."
-- Endicott Peabody
"You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art to finding your way in the lower regions by the memory of what you have seen when you were higher up. When you can no longer see, you can at least still know."
-- Rene Daumal

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Provo Peak (Wasatch Range (South))
South Thunder Mountain (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Chipman Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Upwop Peak, UT. (Wasatch Range (Central))
Pfeifferhorn (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Devil's Castle (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
White Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Red Baldy (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Red Top Mountain (Wasatch Range (Central))
American Fork Twin Peaks (Utah County Highpoints)
Gobblers Knob (Wasatch Range (Central))
Mount Raymond (Wasatch Range (Central))
Circle All Peak (Wasatch Range (Central))
Thompson Peak (Sawtooth Range)
Sugarloaf Peak (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
The Butterfield Peaks (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Buck Mountain (Teton Range)
Capitol Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Sunset Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Evans (Colorado 14ers)
Deseret Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Sundial Peak (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Willard Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Ben Lomond (Wasatch Range (North))
West Mountain (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Step Mountain, UT. (Utah Western Desert Ranges)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Longs Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Sneffels (Colorado 14ers)
Holy Cross, Mount of the (Colorado 14ers)
Middle Teton (Teton Range)
Hallett Peak (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Bald Mountain (Western Uinta / Lakes Roadless Area)
Mount Nebo (Utah County Highpoints)
Mount Superior & Monte Cristo (Wasatch Cottonwood Ridge)
Mount Baldy (UT) (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)
Cascade Mountain (Wasatch Range (South))
Reynolds Mountain (MT) (Glacier National Park, MT)
Mount Olympus (Wasatch Range (Central))
Balmhorn (Bernese Alps)
Y Mountain (Wasatch Range (South))
Lauberhorn (Bernese Alps)
Angels Landing (Zion National Park)
Ensign Peak (Wasatch Range (North))
The Wrekin (South Shropshire Hills AONB)
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South Ridge (Hayden Peak)
Triple Traverse (Mt. Dromedary)
Robinson Variation (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
Bullion Divide (American Fork Twin Peaks)
North East Ridge (Mount Raymond)
South Couloir (Thompson Peak)
East Ridge (Buck Mountain)
The Cables (Half Dome)
The Keyhole (Longs Peak)
Southwest Couloir (Middle Teton)
Broads Fork (Broads Fork Twin Peaks)
East Ridge (Pfeifferhorn)
Jacobs Ladder (Lone Peak)
Cardiff Pass (Mount Superior & Monte Cristo)
South Ridge (Cascade Mountain)
Southwestern Talus Slope Route (Reynolds Mountain (MT))
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Goblin Valley (San Rafael Swell)
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Wasatch 11,000 foot peaks (Wasatch Alpine Ridge)

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