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Location Lat/Lon: 40.24725°N / 5.29615°W
Additional Information Elevation: 8501 ft / 2591 m
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It is the most elevated mountain of Sistema Central, wich includes Sierra de Gredos and its Macizo Central. Some recent maps as CGE serie L (series M7814) sheet 14-23 of 2000 low the elevation of the top to 2.591 m / 8,501 ft ( The name of Almanzor has the origin when the arabs occupied Spain and recalls to Almanzor moorish leader. Between AD 900 and 1000 he camped up to the Sierra and next penetrated into it with some locals and his subjects. Then arrived to Laguna Grande in Circo (circus) de Gredos and put his eyes on that unnamed mountain. Climbed to a gap (portilla) next to the peak where they could see the great South plain. The name of Plaza del Moro Almanzor was then for Circo de Gredos and next was allot to its principal summit.

Almanzor is a very visited granite peak, almost like Circo de Gredos. It's located to the south of Cuchillar (ridge) de Ballesteros. The first ascent was in September 1899 by M. González de Amezúa and José Ibrián, and the first winter ascent would be in 1903 by the last one, Espada, Ontañon and Abricarro. In 1918 a letterbox was placed on his summit and in 1960 the present iron cross 1 meter-tall. Two gaps, Portilla del Crampón (2.544 m) and Portilla de los Cobardes (2.534 m), are on the trails to the normal routes. Both routes requires 2.5 hours from Refugio Elola, placed at Laguna Grande, and 4.5 hours from the parking called Plataforma. Portilla de los Cobardes is the easiest route in winter because of the less steeper slopes.

To reach Laguna Grande from Plataforma (1.780 m), follow a wide rocky track Wwards to Prado de las Pozas (1.902 m). Pass this meadow and the stream over a little bridge, up to Los Barrerones (2.183 m), to the right of a rocky buttress. Once there don't loose height to the right (attention in winter because of ice and on foggy days) and walk downwards to the North side of Laguna Grande. Go round Laguna by its left shore to Refugio Elola (1.945 m).

Maps and Sketches

Getting There

The most common and almost the only transport to get to Plataforma is by car.

Madrid is distant 188 Km by A-6 highway to Avila, C-502 to Venta Rasquilla (just before the bridge over Arroyo Arenillas), C-500 to Hoyos del Espino and then turn left to drive 12 Km more to Plataforma de Gredos. You can also get there passing El Escorial: drive by A-6 highway over 47 Km, C-600 to El Escorial and C-505 to Avila. Then follow the previous itinerary.

There are a lot of roads coming from the south and west as well as if you come from Toledo, Cáceres or Salamanca.

Red Tape and Refuges

Though there was no red tape an important change on leaving your vehicle at La Plataforma has been made since October 12th, 2012. It's having to be said that the price for private vehicles on weekends and holiday is 2,50€ having no closing time. You'll have to pay from 8:00 to 20:00 from June to September and from 9:00 to 18:00 the rest months of the year. But as I've said before it's only for paying on weekends and holiday. (Dec 8th, 2015)

Refugio Elola (1.945 m) open from June to October and weekends out of these period, also fest days except 24 and 25 of December or meteorological impossibility (a little part of the hut remains open). Bad service, don't try to buy anything in the morning if you haven't slept in the hut, you won't be served.

Refugio Refugio de Reguero Llano (1.910 m) is open all the year unless some days as Christmas Eve or 31 December.

Phones and Reserves

Tel. Refugio Elola: 920 20 75 76 or 920 22 83 93 (answer machine in Avila). Reserves are required to spend the night in the hut.

Tel. Refugio de Reguero Llano: 606 78 05 89. Note that it's a mobile phone, sometimes is out of covering so let a message. This is a private refuge hold by my friend Jose, so be nice with him and his dogs. He also will be friendly if you make the reserve until the arrive. Private, 60 places (many litters), without cooks, meals (only if ordering). It's placed on the NE side of Prado de las Pozas, only at 30 min-walk from Plataforma if you use the wide rocky track that pass besides Pluviómetro, or 20 minutes if you take the short cut straightly Wwards from Plataforma.


Camping is not allowed, it's forbidden in the Park but it's difficult that a ranger a ranger localize your tent out of the route to Laguna Grande and Circo de Gredos. Many people camp near Refugio Elola at nights but they could be fined it the ranger wants to.

When To Climb

From October to July you could find snow at Gredos. Therefore crampons and ice axe in winter are highly recommended as well as winter clothes because the temperatures can sometimes be under -15 ºC / 5 F. You could also practice ski-mountaineering during the winter and early spring.

AEMET weather forecast for Sierra de Gredos.

The new webcam on Refugio Elola.

Webcam of Macizo Central de Gredos.

Actual conditions on the trail to Refugio Elola, described by pics

Get informed of winter road conditions in pages 601 and 611 of "Teletexto" TVE.

Almanzor And Nearby 2000ers

01Almanzor259236Risco Negro2295
02La Galana256437Cuento Alto2272
03Risco de la Portilla del Crampón256238Risco del Fraile de Cinco Lagunas2272
04Cuchillar de Ballesteros255439Morezón Bajero2269
05Risco del Gutre254540Los Castillejos2264
06Cuerno del Almanzor*253841El Berrueco de Bohoyo2259
07Espolón Bajero del Gutre252242Risco de los Cachorros2249
08Cuchillar de las Navajas (El Sagrao)250843El Novillero2248
09Ameal de Pablo248944Risco del Fraile2247
10Canchal de la Galana247945El Durazno2246
11Cerro de los Huertos245946Molederas2241
12Cuchillar del Cerro de los Huertos245947El Butraco2218
13Casquerazo243748Peñas del Chocarrón2203
14Cabeza Nevada or Mogota del Cervunal242749Risco Pelucas2199
15Risco de Cinco Lagunas241850Picurucho2197
16Casquerazo Inferior241251Alto de la Barrera2174
17Meapoco239652El Raso2174
18Morezón238953Risco de las Hoces2168
19Punta Esperanza237454El Durazno2166
20Buitrera203855Risco de las Hoces Bajero2166
21Altos de Morezón236656Los Campanarios2165
22Los Cerraillos236457El Calvitero2158
23Risco de la Ventana236358La Lanchosa2158
24Primer Hermanito234359Cabezo de la Solana2096
25El Perro que Fuma234260Cabezo del Cervunal2094
26La Mira234161Alto del Pajonal2089
27Segundo Hermanito233962El Artiñuelo2084
28El Asperón233763Sabinal2069
29Risco del Francés or El Riscazo233764Esbirladero2045
30Tercer Hermanito232865Piedras del Beso2042
31Risco de las Hoyuelas231866Peña Rayo2032
32El Enano231567Punta de la Casqueruela2020
33Risco de la Campana231468Peña de Chilla2011
34Plaza de Toros231369Risco Redondo2009
35Cerro de la Cagarruta2299*Could be a subsidiary summit of Almanzor

Lakes in the area

1Laguna Grande19308.632Laguna Cimera*-5.75
3Laguna Galana*-1.794Las Lagunillas*19801.22
5Laguna Bajera*-1.216Laguna Mediana*-0.50
7Laguna de Brincalobitos*-0.508Laguna del Novillero18400.49
9Laguna de Majalaescoba18400.3810Laguna del Gutre23300.17
11Lagunillas del Gargantón20200.0612Laguna del Morezón22200.03
*These lakes form Cinco LagunasNote: 1 hectare (ha) = 2.471 acres

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    Info of hotels all over Spain.
  • Dirección General de Tráfico
    The web for knowing more about the winter road administration (vialidad invernal) in Sierra de Gredos.
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    Web of Desnivel (Spanish publishing company of mountain books) where you can obtain information about climbing in Circo de Gredos. In Spanish and English.

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Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Nov 30, 2004 9:36 pm - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

Fuente (drinking fountain) de los Cavadores has been lowed some tens of meters to the NE and the trail to Los Barrerones from near Pluviómetro has been remodeled. They have put many planks on the slopes and rocks on the verges of the trail, so in some places (as in Prado de las Pozas) sometimes the water doesn't run and forms mud in the trail.

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Feb 10, 2002 4:32 am - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

Don´t forget or bury rubbish. Carry it where there is collection service
Don´t camp anywhere. There are free camping sites.
Respect the meadows. Don´t destroy the ground diging holes or pits.
Don´t pull up flowers or branches, also don´t upset animals.
Dogs must be tether if animals or cattle are in the area.
Respect and take care of springs and water courses. Don´t spill on them detergents, pollutant products or waste.
Don´t shout and throw stones: it can cause accidents or produce slides.
Careful with fire. Don´t light it and, despite all, if you do put out its embers. Don´t throw cigars on fire.
Don´t pour lubricant oil or wash your car at rivers or springs.
Close large doors, hut doors or iron gates to impede passing animal or cattle.
Don´t flatten agricultural lands or sown fields, always follow the paths. Respect the walls.
Don´t drive through the countryside.

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Feb 10, 2002 5:17 am - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

GREIM (Grupo de Rescate en Montaña de la Guardia Civil), Rescue Group. Barco de Avila (Avila) 920 34 00 10
EREIM (Equipo de Rescate en Motaña de la Guadia Civil), Rescue Group. Arenas de San Pedro (Avila): 920 37 00 31
Intstitututo Nacional de Meteorología, Meteorological Information: 906 36 53 65 (Better:
Dirección General de Tráfico, road conditions: 900 12 35 05
Federación Española de Montaña, Spanish Mountain Federation. Alberto Aguilera, 3. 28015 Madrid. Phone: 91 445 14 38
Federación Castellano Leonesa de Montañismo, Local Mountain Federation. Polideportivo Canterac. Carretera de Circunvalción, s/n. 47012 Valladolid. Phone: 983 22 64 00
Servicio Territorial de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio, Environment Territorial Sevice. Monasterio de Santa Ana, Pasaje del Císter, 1. 05001 Avila. Phone: 920 35 50 01
Servicio Territorial de Cultura y Turismo, Local Turism and Culture Territorial Service. Palacio de Bracamonte, Plaza Fuente el Sol, 1. 05001 Avila. Phone: 920 35 50 92
Hotels in Spain:
Bars, restaurants, leisure in Spain:

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Feb 14, 2002 3:53 pm - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

From Madrid to Avila (by train): there are more than 30 by day.
From Madrid to Avila (by bus): there are more than one company that does this travel from Estación Sur (Méndez Alvaro).

From Avila to Gredos: the bus company "Muñoz" has one to Hoyos del Espino (Avila) at 17:00 except Sundays and holidays.

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Oct 14, 2002 4:05 pm - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

Some trail works have been happening on Los Barrerones slopes, even a wood bridge have been built over the stream coming from Fuente de los Cavadores. The trail now surround this water source and another drinking fountain has been built on Los Barrerones W slope.

October 12, 2002

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Nov 30, 2004 9:36 pm - Hasn't voted

Untitled Comment

Fuente (drinking fountain) de los Cavadores has been lowed some tens of meters to the NE and the trail to Los Barrerones from near Pluviómetro has been remodeled. They have put many planks on the slopes and rocks on the verges of the trail, so in some places (as in Prado de las Pozas) sometimes the water doesn't run and forms mud in the trail.

Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Oct 15, 2012 9:25 pm - Hasn't voted

La Junta hace públicos los precios por aparcar en la Plataforma de Gredos y los empresarios su oposición

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