Corno di Pichéa

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Corno di Pichéa
Created On: May 10, 2017
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Corno di Pichéa m. 2147

Corno di Pichéa m. 2147, belonging to the Alpi di Ledro, a subsector of Prealpi Bresciane e Gardesane is a mountain lined up on the long ridge joining Bocca di Trat to Bocca dell'Ussol, between Lago di Garda and Giudicarie. This ridge is part of the Sentiero della Pace (Path of Peace, n.455), a western branch linking the Passo del Tonale to Lago di Garda. More precisely Corno di Pichéa lies between the Mazza di Pichéa 1879 m, a rocky summit dominating the Bocca di Trat, and Monte Tofino 2151 m.

Corno di Pichéa and surroundings annotated
Corno di Pichea and surroundings annotated

The ascent to the Corno di Pichéa can be performed in conjunction with the neighboring Mazza di Pichea or alternatively as one of the summits on the long crossing Bocca di Trat - Bocca dell'Ussol. Another option is to climb only Corno di Pichéa as a goal itself.
These peaks, like many others in the Alps of Ledro, have been a theater of World War I since they were very close to the Austro-Hungarian border with Italy. Still today, walking on the highest ridges, it's easy to observe what remains of the war-trenches and caves.

Corno di Pichea
Corno di Pichea

The view offered are really huge: from Lago di Garda to Tre Cime Bondone (to the NE), Monte Stivo and Monte Baldo (to the East), Monte Misone, Paganella and Brenta Dolomites (to the North), Presanella, Adamello and Carè Alto (to the West) and the neighboring Alpi di Ledro.

Getting There

Bocca di Trat and Mazza di Pichéa
Bocca di Trat and Mazza di Pichea

The starting point to climb the mountain is Bocca di Trat m. 1587.

Access: from the Brennero autoroute exit Rovereto Sud and take the road to Riva del Garda. From here follow the road to Val di Ledro, pass the tunnel, entering the valley and skirting the Lago di Ledro. Reach Pieve di Ledro, located at the end of the lake, where you must leave the main road and turn to right to Val Concei, getting to the small village of Lenzumo. At the end of Lenzumo turn to right again (signposts Rif. Nino Pernici), taking a 7 km. mountain road which rises with several hairpins to Malga Trat m. 1502 (about 50 km from Rovereto).

The road is closed in its last 500 meters, so leave your car in an obvious pull-out on the right side of the road. An alternative way to reach Bocca di Trat is starting from Malga Grassi m. 1056, which can be approached by car from the settlement of Campi, nearby Riva del Garda. This second possibility involves a significant increase in the level difference.
Will be described the shorter ascent starting from the Val di Concei side.

Route: Corno di Pichéa from Bocca di Trat

Corno di Pichéa from Bocca di Trat

Difficulty: EE
Difference in level: 500 m from the road to Malga Trat

Start of walk up Bocca di Trat
Start of walk up Bocca di Trat

Route description - From the parking lot at the altitude of 1440 m follow the gravel road leading to Malga Trat 1502 m. Take the path 413 rising inside the wood and getting to the large saddle of Bocca di Trat m. 1581. On the right and just a few steps from the saddle there is the Rifugio Nino Pernici 1601 m

Nino Pernici shelter
Rifugio Nino Pernici

It's lying in a fine location with good views to the rocky summit of Mazza di Pichea and Lago di Garda and can be reached with a short deviation to the left from our itinerary.
From Bocca di Trat take the path n. 420 Sentiero della Pace, rising and skirting the South-West side of Mazza di Pichea.

Ludwig Riccabona Cave
Ludwig Riccabona Cave
Ludwig Riccabona Cave
Ludwig Riccabona Cave
Ludwig Riccabona Cave
Ludwig Riccabona Cave

A brief but absolutely deserving digression leads to the WWI Cave "Ludwig Riccabona", where it fought a company of Tyrolean Kaiserjagers under the command of the Captain Ludwig Riccabona. Near the cave it has been recently built a copy of the Captain's war hut. 

Then we come back on the main path and soon we reach a junction. Above and rightward we find another short trail, another short digression leading to the rocky summit of Mazza di Pichéa 1879 m. The climb involves a brief scramble aided with fixed ropes.
If you decide to do the short but worth deviation, after getting the summit of Mazza di Pichéa, downclimb to reach again the junction and take the main path n. 420, skirting a rocky band and successively rising along the ridge of Corno di Pichea and
then, again with a short deviation from the main path 420,  the summit of Corno di  Pichéa. 

Corno di Pichéa ridge
Corno di Pichea ridge

Descent - reversing the route

Red Tape

Mazza di Pichea and Corni di Pichea
Mazza di Pichea and Corni di Pichea

No fees no permits required. Cars are not allowed in the last 1 km on the road to Malga Trat.

When to Climb

The best period goes from May to November


Rifugio Pernici and Mazza di Pichea
Rifugio Pernici and Mazza di Pichea

Different possibilities of accomodation in Val di Ledro
Along the route we find the Rifugio Nino Pernici m. 1601


Corno di Pichea map
Corno di Pichea map

"Prealpi Bresciane" by Fausto Camerini - Collana Guide dei Monti d'Italia, CAI-TCI

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