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Male, 62 years old

Newark, California, United States

Power = 96 (Vote Weight = 79.29%)

Occupation: Contract / Rebate Coordinator (oh, god...)

Website: http://www.highsierrami.com

A Few Words: Proving that no peak is "too insignificant". Okay, so there might be a few...


Peaks Climbed
10/07/2017 Tassajara Ridge TrailTassajara Ridge HP Nora
9/24/2017 Ed Levin County ParkWeller Peak, Monument Peak North, Monument Peak Nora
8/27/2017 Garin / Dry Creek Pioneer Regional ParksWalpert Ridge HP, Tolman Peak Solo
7/19/2017 Crater Lake National ParkRed Cone Trip Report Nora and Matt
7/18/2017 Crater Lake National ParkPoint 7319 Nora and Matt
6/19/2017 Mount Konocti County ParkWright Peak, Buckingham Peak Trip Report Nora
6/3/2017 Henry W. Coe State ParkPoint 2040+, Point 2469, Willson Peak Solo
5/27/2017 Tilden Regional ParkVollmer Peak Nora
5/14/2017 Calero County Park, Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space PreserveBald Peaks, Fern Peak Solo
5/06/2017 John Muir National Historic SiteMount Wanda, Mount Helen Trip Report Nora, Matt, Hanna
4/15/2017 Ed Levin County Park, Mission Peak PreserveWeller Peak, Monument North, Monument Peak Solo
4/01/2017 Calero County ParkNone Nora
3/19/2017 Sunol Regional WildernessSunol Wilderness High Point, Vista Grande Solo
2/12/2017 Ohlone College LandsNone Trip Report Nora, Matt
1/28/2017 Russian Ridge Open Space PreserveBorel Hill, Mindego Hill Trip Report Nora
1/01/2017 Fremont Older Open Space PreserveMaisie's Peak, Knob Hill Trip Report Nora
12/17/2016 Morgan Territories Regional PreserveMarsh Benchmark Trip Report None
12/03/2016 Sunol Regional Wilderness, Mission Peak PreserveMount Allison, Mission Peak Trip Report None
11/20/2016 Garin / Dry Creek Regional ParkWalpert Ridge (Failed), Point 1400+, Point 1382 Trip Report None
10/22/2016 Garin / Dry Creek Regional ParkTolman Peak Nora
10/12/2016 Sugarloaf Ridge State ParkRed Mountain, Bald Mountain None
10/11/2016 Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Hood Mountain Regional ParkHood Mountain None
10/1/2016 Ed Levin County ParkPoint 2360+, Monument Peak, Monument Peak North None
9/4/2016 Round Valley Regional PreservePeak 1305 None
8/07/2016 Toiyabe National ForestPoint 9680 Nora
8/06/2016 Inyo National ForestJune Mountain (Failed) Nora
7/30/2016 Round Valley Regional PreservePeak 1140 None
7/16/2016 Joseph D Grant County ParkPeak 2844, Peak 2956 None
7/03/2016 East Bay Municipal Utilities District Watershed Lands Dinosaur Ridge, Cull Benchmark None
6/20/2016 Robert Louis Stevenson State ParkMount Saint Helena, Mount Saint Helena - East Peak Nora
6/11/2016 Golden Gate ParkStrawberry Hill Nora
6/04/2016 Sunol Regional WildernessMaguire Peaks None
5/29/2016 Henry W Coe State ParkBurra Burra Peak None
5/22/2016 Mount Madonna County ParkMount Madonna Nora
5/21/2016 Fremont Peak State ParkFremont Peak Nora
5/14/2016 Henry W. Coe State ParkBurra Burra Peak (Failed), Peak 2620 (Failed) None
4/16/2016 Ed Levin County Park, Mission Peak Regional PreserveWeller Peak, Mount Allison, Monument Peak North, Monument Peak Trip Report None
3/28/2016 Stockton Creek PreserveNone Nora and Matt
3/27/2016 Yosemite National ParkNone (East Valley Hike) Nora and Matt
3/26/2016 Yosemite National ParkNone (Upper Yosemite Falls) Nora and Matt
3/19/2016 Coyote Hills Regional PreserveS Red Hill, Point 280+ Trip Report Nora
2/27/2016 Rancho San Antonio Open Space PreserveBlack Mountain Trip Report None
2/14/2016 East Bay Municipal Utilities District Watershed LandsPoint 1280+, Point 1240+, Point 1261 None
2/06/2016 Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Los Padres National ForestMount Manuel (failed) Matt and Nora
1/30/2016 Henry W Coe State ParkKickham Peak (failed), Phegley Ridge None
1/02/2016 Los Vaqueros WatershedPeak 1272, Point 1200+, Point 957 Trip Report Nora and Matt
12/26/2015 Pacheco State ParkSpikes Peak, A Couple of Others None
11/29/2015 Ed Levin County Park, Mission Peak Regional PreserveWeller Peak (Point 2543), Monument Peak North, Monument Peak None
11/22/2015 East Bay Municipal Utilities District LandsPoint 1143, Ramage Peak (Failed) None
11/14/2015 Henry W. Coe State ParkPoint 2560+, Willson Peak, Point 2215 None
11/07/2015 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Fall Creek Unit)Point 880+ Nora
10/25/2015 Sunol Regional Wilderness; Mission Peak Regional PreserveMount Allison None
10/18/2015 Round Valley Regional PreservePoint 1142 Matt and Nora
10/11/2015 Almaden Quicksilver County ParkNone None
09/12/2015 Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space PreserveBald Knob Nora and Matt
08/23/2015 Coyote Hills Regional ParkNone (Bike Ride) None
08/11/2015 Crater Lake National ParkMount Scott Nora and Matt
08/02/2015 Santa Teresa County ParkCoyote Peak None
07/04/2015 Redwood Regional ParkRedwood Peak Matt and Nora
06/28/2015 East Bay Municipal Utilities District LandsPeak 1180, Point 1097 Trip Report None
05/30/2015 Montara Beach State Park / McNee Ranch State ParkMontara Mountain (North Peak, Point 1875+, Peak Mountain) Trip Report Matt and Nora
05/24/2015 Mount Diablo State ParkBlack Point Matt and Nora
05/09/2015 Las Trampas Regional WildernessVail Peak, Las Trampas Peak, a couple of others Nora
05/03/2015 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak North, Monument Peak None
4/11/2015 Coyote Lake County ParkPeak 1502, Peak 1390 Matt and Nora
3/29/2015 Mount Diable State ParkCave Point, Blackhawk Ridge HP None
3/15/2015 Almaden Quicksilver County ParkChurch Hill, Point 1603, Mine Hill, Point 1609 None
3/07/2015 Pinnacles National ParkNone Nora, Matt, several others (BSA hike and camp)
2/21/2015 Sunol Regional WildernessNone Nora
01/31/2015 Briones Regional ParkPoint 1405, Point 1420+ (“The Toof”), Point 1433 (Table Peak), Hills BM (Briones Hiills HP), NE Mott Peak, Lagoon BM (Mott Peak) None
01/24/2015 Garin / Dry Creek Regional ParkPoint 501 Nora
01/10/2015 Sunol Regional Wilderness / Mission Peak PreserveMission Peak Matt and Nora
01/01/2015 Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge / Coyote Hills Regional ParkPoint 120+, Point 40+ Matt and Nora
12/07/2014 Rancho Cañada Del Oro Open Space PreservePeak 1784 None
11/23/2014 Garin / Dry Creek Regional ParkPoint 501, Gossip Rock, Point 726 None
11/08/2014 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak North, Monument Peak None
10/18/2014 Morgan Territory Regional Park / Mount Diablo State ParkWindy Point Nora and Matt
10/04/2014 Mission Peak PreservePoint 1200+ Nora and Matt
9/28/2014 Garin Dry Creek Regional ParkPoint 1140+, Point 501 None
9/20/2014 Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space PreserveBald Peaks None
9/06/2014 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak North None
8/31/2014 Coyote Lake County ParkPeak 1374 (Mummy Mountain) None
8/31/2014 Henry Coe State ParkBills Hill None
8/14/2014 Yosemite National ParkSentinel Dome, Taft Point Nora and Matt
8/12/2014 Kings Canyon – Sequoia National ParkThe Watchtower (failed) Nora and Matt
8/11/2014 Kings Canyon - Sequoia National ParkBig Baldy, Moro Rock Nora and Matt
8/03/2014 Pleasanton Ridge Regional ParkPeak 1629 (Pleasanton Ridge HP) None
7/26/2014 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak None
7/12/2014 Sunol Regional WildernessMission Peak None
7/04/2014 Mount Diablo State ParkOyster Point Nora and Matt
6/21/2014 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak None
6/07/2014 Sunol Regional WildernessFlag Hill Matt and Nora
6/01/2014 Garin/Dry Creek Regional Park Point 501, Tolman Peak None
5/17/2014 Point Reyes National SeashoreMount Wittenberg Matt, Nora, many others (BSA camp and hike)
5/10/2014 Henry Coe State ParkVasquez Peak, Rock Springs Peak, Willson Peak None
4/24/2014 Coyote Lake ParkNone Nora and Matt
4/05/2014 Henry Coe State ParkPeak 2657 (Mahoney Ridge HP), Peak 2676 (Wasno Ridge HP) None
3/23/2014 Garin/Dry Creek Regional Park Garin Peak, Vista Peak, Several Others None
3/08/2014 Ed Levin Park Monument Peak, Monument Peak North None
2/22/2014 Henry Coe State Park Willson Peak Nora and Matt
1/26/2014 Garin/ Dry Creek Regional Park None Nora and Matt
1/18/2014 Henry Coe State Park Phegley Ridge Nora and Matt
1/01/2014 Mission Peak Preserve Mission Peak Nora and Matt
12/22/2013 Ed Levin County Park Monument Peak, Monument Peak North, Weller Peak None
11/10/2013 Mount Diablo State Park Mount Diablo Matt, Nora, Several others (BSA Hike)
11/02/2013 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak Nora and Matt
10/19/2013 Mission Peak PreserveMission Peak Nora, Matt and several others (BSA hike)
10/05/2013 Ed Levin County ParkMonument Peak, Monument Peak North None
9/14/2013 Sunol Regional WildernessPeak 2201 (Sunol Park HP), Point 2038, Vista Grande, a couple of others None
7/10/2013 Coyote Hills ParkNone (Bike Ride) None
7/06/2013 Sunol Regional WildernessFlag Hill, Peak 1423, Point 1545 None
5/12/2013 Sunol Regional WildernessMaguire Peaks (West Peak) None
5/06/2013 Yosemite National ParkNone Nora, Matt, many others (BSA camp and hike)
4/28/2013 Sunol Regional WildernessMaguire Peaks (East Peak) None
4/20/2013 Olone WildernessRocky Ridge Nora
4/02/2013 Mount Diablo State ParkMount Diablo Nora and Matt
3/23/2013 Coyote Hills ParkNone (Bike Ride) None
3/11/2013 Coyote Hills ParkNone (Bike Ride) Matt
3/09/2013 Mission Peak PreserveMission Peak Nora
3/02/2013 Pinnacles National ParkNone Nora and Matt
2/09/2013 Garin/Dry Creek Regional ParkNone Nora
1/19/2013 Lake Chabot ParkNone Nora
10/17/2012 Mission Peak PreserveMission Peak None
10/08/2012 Don Edwards Wildlife PreserveNone (Bike Ride) Matt
9/30/2012 Don Edwards Wildlife PreserveNone Matt and Tom Green
8/13/2012 Sunol Regional WildernessNone Matt and Nora
6/10/2012 Coyote Hills ParkNone Matt, Nora, and Madison Perry

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Mount Saint Helena (California County Highpoints)
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Kennedy Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Goat Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Koip Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
White Mountain Peak (California County Highpoints)
Excelsior Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Umunhum (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Willson Peak (Diablo Range)
Mount Allison (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Scott (Crater Lake National Park)
Windy Point (Diablo Range)
Montara Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Las Trampas Peak/Ridge (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Briones Peak/Mott Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Bills Hill (Diablo Range)
Taft Point (Yosemite National Park)
Sentinel Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Big Baldy (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Wittenberg (SF Bay Area Peaks)
"Warren Fin" (Tioga Pass Area)
Maguire Peaks (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Kearsarge Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Reinstein (John Muir Wilderness)
Hurd Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount LeConte (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Gemini (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Baldwin (John Muir Wilderness)
Panum Crater (Mono-Inyo Craters)
Dante BM (Death Valley)
Mount Russell (California 14ers)
Parker Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Williamson (California 14ers)
Mount Goode (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Lone Pine Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Peak 3994m (0.9 mi N of The Thumb) (John Muir Wilderness)
Twin Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Wood (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Tyndall (California 14ers)
North Chalone Peak (Pinnacles, Gabilan Range)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Gibbs (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Warren (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Moro Rock (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Monument Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Rogers & Bennett (California Desert Peaks)
Mount Hooper (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Dana (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Cedric Wright (John Muir Wilderness)
Clouds Rest (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Ritter (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Lassen Peak (California County Highpoints)
Dana Plateau (Yosemite National Park)
Mission Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Diablo (California County Highpoints)
Mammoth Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Camiaca Peak (Yosemite National Park)
El Sombroso (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Sizer (Diablo Range)
Split Mountain (California 14ers)
Mount Abbot (John Muir Wilderness)
Kaiser Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Loma Prieta (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Royce Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
"False White Mountain" (Yosemite National Park)
White Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
North Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Morgan (S) (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Morgan (N) (John Muir Wilderness)
Laurel Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Bloody Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Cardinal Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Middle Palisade (California 14ers)
Birch Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Matterhorn Peak (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Alta Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
South Guard (Great Western Divide)
Virginia Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Telescope Peak (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Mount Shasta (California County Highpoints)
Seven Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
Milestone Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Mount Conness (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Tom (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Johnson (John Muir Wilderness)
Red Slate Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Dunderberg Peak (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Mount Agassiz (Palisades)
Mount Winchell (Palisades)
Basin Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Goddard (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Haeckel (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Gould (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Midway Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Mount Young (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Hale (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Barnard (John Muir Wilderness)
North Palisade (California County Highpoints)
Mount Langley (California 14ers)

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